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This here is a high-quality sofa that will bring more than just comfort to your home. With an expensive feel, look and aura, this Natuzzi leather sofa will definitely set your home aflame. If you have an expensive taste in furniture and you will have an amazing feeling when you see this Natuzzi sofa. 

Natuzzi has generally been known to make expensive and equally beautiful sofas that match the billing of course. They don’t only make sofas in leather but I have to say one would have an acquired taste for one of their leather sofas. Coming in a deep natural brown color we have this three-seat sofa but just by looking at its size, you can tell that it can and will sit more than three people. 

It is a high-quality sofa that is set to match a high standard. It is a very nice leather couch and extremely comfortable. If you have this in your home you will have several guests telling you how comfortable they will be on the sofa.

You may even find it to be so comfortable that you will prefer sleeping on it than your blow-up queen-sized mattress.  Plus they always say when you sleep on a Natuzzi  sofa you don’t wake up with any back pain unlike other sofas and that is true



  • It is quite expensive and heavy


Natuzzi Sofas define Italian style by drawing inspiration on their superb designer sofas. From the beauty of form, the harmony of nature, the tradition of quality, and translating it all into comfortable seating that you will never forget. Maybe I just have a strong liking for leather but just looking at this sofa a set of new raw emotions flew in. 

From its elegant natural color that definitely sells out on its leather quality to the shape and the material used. It has a sophisticated look to it that will make your home look expensive. If you are looking for a sofa that could make an incredible centre-piece for your living space. 

You may just have your eyes on a true contender. It has an imposing look of luxury. Fortunately, it is not just in the area of looks that it excels. When you do get to use it, you will realise that this is a well-made product that is worth its place in your heart. 


 At 95 x 42 x 35 inches, you can obviously tell that this is no small sofa. Three grown and mature adults can actually sit and have a very decent conversation while drinking their doses of coffee. I’m not one to disrupt the natural balance of things but with this sofa’s size you can sit up to 4 people or even more depending on their sizes and they would still hold. 

It is that one sofa that can make everything seem small, not only because of its size but as well because of its flare. Now if you are planning to buy an expensive sofa for a small apartment this is not it. You will crowd up your room in terms of space and look because trust me, this sofa is an elephant. 


Natuzzi leather sofas come as tanned. This is done in Italy at their own facilities. Their tanneries have received an ISO 14001 certification for being environmentally conscious. Their designs love and draw inspiration from the environment and for these reasons they strive to keep it clean and beautiful. 

As I have been saying since I started. The Natuzzi sofa is very comfortable and it has a soft and slightly firm sitting. It is not one of those sofas that claim cozyness in link to sinking cushions. You can sleep on this sofa and wake up with no ache anywhere and be energetic and willing to sleep on it again. With leather upholstery I mean what else could you expect. 


Natuzzi Editions generally use squeak-free webbing for their sofas on most models. The seating construction style allows the designers to create beautiful shapes and still maintain consistent tension across the entire seating area. You will find that each soda is a frame that is composed of solid wood, and engineered wood that provides a strong base for them to finish with their gorgeous, long-lasting leather coverings. 

This is all combined to provide you with comfortable, beautiful furniture that will be with your family for many years. So you are definitely assured that this sofa will last long. Besides that, leather is a known material that is popular for not only its elegant look, but it’s easy cleaning and maintenance as well as durability. 


Under normal circumstances, if I see a sofa going for any price of about $500, I would be very skeptical about the worth. However, this Natuzzi sofa is going for a few thousand and I have nothing to say. It is very expensive, that is true, but with everything, there is to know about this sofa I would buy it as well. 

From its look to the natural flared balance, it sets I think I am in great favor of this sofa. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a top-quality sofa with top-notch design. Once it is there in your living room I think then you will notice that it was worth every cent. 


Leather has always been an expensive and elegant material. However, Natuzzi has managed to turn it all around. I mean you don’t know what to appreciate more. The sofa or the material, the design, or comfort. For that, they definitely deserve a win. To me, I will even recommend this sofa to myself. I don’t believe you will be wasting a dime at all. 

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