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Are you looking for the best sectional sofa on the market? The word sofa, which is usually interchanged with the word couch, is derived from the Arabic word sufah which dates back to 2 000BC. Roughly translated, it means bench. For thousands of years, the sofa has been in existence and has been used by kings and queens, emperors, and chiefs, peasants and lords alike. It has found itself firmly rooted throughout history. Although it has undergone numerous changes, the basic purpose has not changed, and that is to provide comfortable relaxed seating.

When they first came onto the scene, sofas were reserved for the very rich and elite. You would find them in castles and palaces, not in the average family’s home. In Rome, the chaise lounge look-alike was the favourite. The lower class of the Roman civilization would stretch out on stone benches. Much like some park benches that are still around today. 

This could not have made moving house very easy. The Roman Empire collapsing in the 5th century saw a decline in a lot of luxury living including the sofa. It went into an almost extinct state during these dark ages, for at least 1000 years. It was not until the 16th century that European craftsmen began to work on the sofa again. 

Designs began to emerge, that were opulent and carefully crafted. However, despite all these efforts, they were still not incredibly comfortable.  Cushions in this era were stuffed with horsehair and feathers and some were even stuffed with dry moss.

In A Hurry

Are you in a hurry but also want to know what goes into a good sectional sofa? First of all, you need to look for a sofa that will look good in your living space and complement your other furniture. Make sure you have assessed your room measurements so that you make sure you know if the sofa will fit in your space. Also, check to see how well it saves space for you. Does it provide any extras that may come in handy in a small space? 

Homelegance Platina

Our Top Pick

We have done our research and found some of the best picks and our favourite is the Homelegance Platina 103″ Sectional Sofa with Pull Out Bed and Ottoman. This 3-piece modern multi-purpose sofa Chaise is available in Chocolate fabric and has adjustable headrests for added support and comfort. It is framed in solid hardwood and covered in 100% polyester. One of the great things with this sofa is that it has a spacious storage ottoman. It also gives you easy access to a hidden pull-out Sleeper. Talk about value for money.



Homelegance Platina 103″ Sectional Sofa with Pull Out Bed and Ottoman

Homelegance Platina 103


No sane person could ever moan about having too much space on their sectional sofa. Provided space is not an issue in your home. This three-piece sectional sofa will be a perfect addition. It is marketed as a “multi-purpose” sofa by the manufacturer. Homelegance has given each section of this sofa an adjustable headrest. 

If you are not satisfied with having to work with the one that you are given, this might just be the one to go with. The surprising thing about having an adjustable headrest is that you don’t know what you are missing out on until you try it out. You will be pleased to know that this sofa’s charm is not just in the looks. It is built on a solid hardwood frame that is guaranteed to be durable. 

Beyond the comfort side, this is a functional sofa. It gives you a lot of storage room through the deceptive large ottoman. With all things stored away, it may be time to get some rest. Why not pull out the hidden sleeper? By all accounts, this is a great sofa to bring into your home.


  • It has adjustable headrests.
  • There is a pull-out sleeper.
  • The ottoman has plenty of room for storage.
  • Each seat can take up to 300lbs.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It is supportive and firm.


  • The plastic legs don’t look as good as the rest of the sofa.
  • It could be a little softer.
  • The colour is not as darks as images show.

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J and M Furniture 17981-LHFC Davenport LHF Chaise Premium Leather Sectional Sleeper

J and M Furniture 17981-LHFC Davenport LHF Chaise Premium Leather Sectional Sleeper


This came as the J&M’s most up to date development in the sectional sofa classification. The Davenport premium cowhide sectional is intended to boost both solace and adaptability. The Davenport can be utilized as a standard sectional or can be changed over into a twin-size bed with the dash of a catch. 

Upholstered in top-grain calfskin all around, and bolstered by a gunmetal dim legs, this sectional is intended to oblige any stylistic theme. Loaded in an impartial Element Gray, just as an amazingly striking Snow White. The J&M Furniture Davenport Sectional Sofa is intended to suit your refreshed way of life and chic tasteful. 

Brilliant highlights incorporate flexible headrests, a wide arm, and open side space ideal for keeping every one of your gadgets helpful. This advanced sectional couch is upholstered in top-grain calfskin and offered in your decision of accessible shading stories. It Converts to twin size bed. Made on a wood outline development.

If you are looking to introduce style and grace into your home, you simply cannot go wrong with this one.


  • The construction is very sturdy.
  • It has flexible headrests.
  • The design is easy on the eyes.
  • It is clearly a durable piece.
  • Made with premium Italian leather.
  • It is very comfortable to sit and to lay on.


  • It is quite pricy.

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Homelegance Falun 120″ Power Reclining Sectional Sofa with USB Port


If you would like a softer leather, this might be the one for you. As with other Homelegance sofas, the quality is not in doubt. This brings together the two key things, style plus comfort. One of the worries that we all have when there is a soft sofa, is that there is a no-sag seat construction. 

It ensures that you are not only comfortable but also given the support that you require. We absolutely love the power reclining system. The recliner provides support in whatever position it is that you recline it to. 

At the push of a button is a recline that lets you lay back. As with the other Homelegance sofa, this also has a USB port. We all love to lay back and plug-in our devices. The leather gel has been used to ensure that the sofa is comfortable. There is a somewhat spongey feeling to it in your palms. 

That is what your body will love. The material used here is easy to wipe down when cleaning. You will have noticed just how wide the sofa is. There is room for the whole family to come together. Or, perhaps for you to just lay across the entire thing alone. There are 7 pieces to this sectional.


  • It is a very wide sofa.
  • It is incredibly comfortable.
  • The product is very sturdy.
  • It has a USB port.
  • The recliner is powered.
  • The customer service is exceptional.


  • The sofa may tear in transit.

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DHP Emily Sectional Futon Sofa with Convertible Chaise Lounger

DHP Emily Sectional Futon Sofa with Convertible Chaise Lounger


Regardless of whether you’re a bustling proficient needing an ideal little space answer for your condominium or home or cool and utilitarian furniture for your residence or first loft, DHP has you secured. 

Our extraordinary and useful furniture shifts from futons (couches that change into beds), upholstered and metal bed outlines, lofts, daybeds with trundles, sleeping cushions and that’s just the beginning! We’ve been in the futon business for in excess of 25 years. 

Throughout the years, we’ve taken in some things about assembling up-to-date and pragmatic futons for little space living. We venture to every part of the globe searching for top materials and the most sizzling patterns, while never relinquishing solace. With futons in different shapes and hues, you can be certain that we have one to accommodate your way of life. Attempt a DHP futon today. 

Consider it a futon or consider it a couch sleeper, this DHP item advantageously and effectively changes over from lounge chair to bed in short order. With a simple and snappy gathering, and present-day plans at moderate costs, what’s not to cherish? DHP is a confided in a producer. Purchase with certainty!


  • This is a budget-friendly sofa.
  • Perfect for those with small spaces.
  • It is easy and quick to assemble.
  • It is a good looking sofa.
  • The couch length is perfect.


  • Warranty can be difficult to redeem.
  • Durability is not its strongest suit.
  • Requires a mattress topper.

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Rivet Revolve Modern Reversible Chaise Sectional


There is something beautiful about simplicity. This is perfectly captured with this sofa. It embodies everything that most of us would want from a modern sectional sofa. The first thing that you should probably be made aware of is just how sturdy the frame of the sectional sofa is. The design is clearly a modern one. 

To match the modernness are a variety of colours that you can choose yours from. You will also be pleased to know that this can take a weight of up to 450lbs. The seat height is average. Cushion sit airs on the soft side. The seat depth is somewhat deep. Just deep enough to give you comfort without sinking in it. While supporting your back, there is also relaxed back to it. 

Strong wood encircling and decreased legs pair with calfskin to make this solid couch. Cowhide is more than sharp. It’s remarkably down to earth simple to keep up, and ages well. Effectively care for this couch by cleaning it with a delicate, dry material. 

You’ll anticipate returning home to this cutting edge sectional couch, however, it might entice you to sneak more naps. The chaise can be moved to either end to suit your room format and it gives an additional seat to an organization.


  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • This is also quite easy to clean.
  • The size is perfect for small size rooms
  • It is a very comfortable sofa.
  • It is a very stylish sofa.
  • The sofa provides great value for money.


  • The zipper on the cushion could be stronger.
  • There are concerns about durability.

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Buyer’s Guide

It was in the 17th century that Thomas Chippendale began to document the designs of the time. Sofas stopped being a thing for the rich only and began to find their way into the average family’s homes. As this happened they became less flamboyant and more practical. 

They were no longer a statement piece, but more of functional sating that would have children and pets having their way with them. As the industrial revolution rolled by, it popularized the sofa even more, with the introduction of cheaper textiles and the ability to mass-produce the sofa. 

The sofa soon became a common feature in most households across the world. The sofa did not only evolve in functionality, but it also evolved in design and fabric texture and colour. Designers became bolder and began to use colours and patterns that were not used before. They also began to play with various shapes. Today we have so many different options to choose from when it comes to choosing sofas and this includes sectional sofas.

Sectional sofas have the great edge of a modern look. They offer a bit more seating unexpectedly. They are great if you have a big family or if you entertain a lot. The debate lies in whether you should go for a sectional sofa, over a regular one. Sectional sofas will save you money. 

This is because they offer more seating than a single couch. They will cost more than a single couch but way less than an entire sofa set. Depending on the sectional sofa you get, you can also get rid of the need to buy an ottoman which you use to double up on your seating. The other great thing about this type of sofa is that it helps save you space in your living room.

How do you split a sectional couch?

The great thing about sectional sofas is in the name. They are sectional and you can move the separate sections around to suit the living space in question. If you look at each section you will notice where one piece joins with another. It is at these joints that you can pull the sections apart.

How do you place a sectional couch in a room?

First and foremost, as with any other sofa set, you need to choose the focal point of your living room. This will help you set up your sectional sofas in a way that favours the focal point. The living room is the place where family and friends congregate and spend quality time together. You need to make sure that how you place your sofa, allows the smooth flow of communication, be it verbal or otherwise. Make sure the purpose of communication is not defeated by placing the sofa in a way that does not promote it.

Can I put a sectional in a small living room?

Sectional sofas are best used in small spaces. This is because they use the available space, providing maximum seating space. They tend to follow the shape of the room. Using several separate sofas can make a room look cluttered and smaller than it is. But when you use sectionals sofas, they skirt along with the room and provide a decent amount of space.

How do you decorate a living room with a GREY sectional?

Grey is a great colour to accessorize. It is easy and goes with a lot of vibrant colours. It is almost like working with a blank canvas.

How do I know if I need a right or left corner sofa?

Its pretty simple to distinguish between the two and yet there is a fine line between getting it right and wrong. The key is to visualize. Imagine you are standing facing your sofa head-on. If you want it to extend to the left choose a left-facing sofa. If you want it to extend to the right, choose a right-facing sofa. It is all about personal preference.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the different sectional sofas that are on the market, it will be easier to make your pick. When buying a sectional sofa for your home, it is important to remember to assess your room and know the amount of space you are working with. 

It is important to make sure that the sofa you are considering will tie in with the rest of the furniture you have. Visualize and plan before you make the most important purchase of your living space. Sectional sofas may come in different shapes and sizes but this is why it is even more important to know the space you are working with. The beauty of sectional sofas is that you can customize them. We hope our top picks shed more light for you. Happy shopping!

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