Modular Sectional Sofa: 5 You Should See

Isn’t it annoying when you get one huge chunk of furniture that you can’t really do much with. I mean sectional sofas are cool and all, you can change the positioning into 2 or 3 styles that’s if you’re lucky. Most sectional sofas just come in 2 parts with an adjustable chaise or at times not. You’ll just be stuck with that one piece of furniture in your living room that you can’t do much with. What if I told you that there’s another option?


A modular sectional sofa. These come in blocks, meaning you can configure them into all possible idealistic positions you want. Modular sectionals are the next best thing for your living room. They are suitable for any room size, shape and interior you just need to have your imagination switch on and make the best out of it. They also come in different forms and fabrics, could be leather, microfiber, suede or some other fancy customized fabric you have in mind. they could be anything really, it’s all up to you and how you want them at that time. 

In A Hurry

Unlike regular sofa shopping, going to get a modular sectional sounds more appealing. This is a journey to enjoy and not stress about. Let’s compare this to buying multiple sofas in just one sofa. You just can’t wait to buy it and get home so you can try out the numerous possible configurations to see which one will suit your lounge best.

Don’t worry about anything else other than the material, color and size. Every other worry that comes with regular sofas is pushed away, without wasting much time, ladies and gentlemen, let’s see what the future holds for your living room.

However, I will say this again remember to consider the color, size and material. Though they can be configured easily you need to keep in mind that you’ll need to find one that fits well with your living room dimensions as well as the furniture that’s already in your room, don’t buy a couch without visualizing what it would like next to your furniture at home. With that in mind let’s start.


After much consideration, and it was not an easy task. Our top pick is, the Best Choice Products 3-piece modular futon. Not only is the design versatile, but it can fit with any interior. The matching ottoman can serve as a footrest or make the whole sofa a guest-bed in case someone decides to drop by unexpectedly. What caught our attention most was the reclining backrests and removable armrests. It’s a bed on a sofa and a sofa on a bed and still it provides quality comfort and a luxurious feel. 


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Coming to you today is a configurable ultra-plush sofa designed to smother you in luxurious comfort. It’s a sectional sofa that tests your creativity, it gives you the chance to explore so many possible configurations, plus it comes with a side tray and a coffee table. It’s a 4-Piece sofa that you can configure to suit your space and taste all the while saving space and making your place look more alive.

It comes in different colors so you might as well pick one that defines your personality and compliments your interior. This sofa is a lavish addition to any setting, be it a family room, lounge, office or even a home theatre it’s just what you need and may possibly be exactly what you want. After this you may as well be hitting that order button.

This modern configurable velvet sectional requires minimal assembly, but instructions and hardware will be provided so you won’t have to worry much. It’s durable and built to last with a solid wood frame and velvet upholstery. It’s modular capability allows one to move all 4 pieces around until they find the best and only the best arrangement for them and their space.

Dimensions: 35”H, 107”W and 70”D, With a seat depth of 26.5”


  • Can be configured to multiple positions
  • Can suit any space
  • Comfortable
  • Comes in different color choices
  • Durable solid wood frame


  • Is not waterproof
  • Is not stain-resistant

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The best part about this futon, not only is it modular but it’s also multi-functional. From lounging, sitting to sleeping. It’s definitely a 3 in 1 deal. As it’s modular it comes with 4 adjustable parts. The reclining 2 seat futon, the single-seat futon, the removable armrests with cup holders and a reversible ottoman.

If you’re looking to add this piece in your home, be certain whatever look you’re going for you’ll definitely get it. It oozes a modern style for lounging and relaxing with friends or family. Perfect if you’re a person who normally dozes in the middle of a movie as you can just adjust the seats to a reclining form and there you go.

Looking deeper into detail, this modular futon is customizable to any space. You can create an l-shaped sofa or separate the futons and set them at different angles and set the ottoman as a chaise lounger or use it as a coffee table or footrest.

So you can have a full lounge set with just this purchase. Apart from being comfortable and stylish, it’s crafted with soft padding and sleek, easy to clean faux leather that contrasts with the polished chrome legs, giving it the ultimate fashionable look. It sit at the following dimensions(L*W*H) ;

Futon dimensions: 30”*66*30.5”

Single-seat futon: 36”*31*31

Ottoman: 35”*20”14.5

All in all, this seater is perfect for guests and entertainment, the armrest have cup holders, and the backrests are designed with a reclining feature. Not forgetting that when you buy this, automatically you have an extra bed in your house. So don’t worry about guests staying the night, it’s all set for.


  • Easy to clean faux leather
  • Modern, stylish and comfortable
  • Can change the shape of the sofa or create a full lounge set
  • Is a 3 in 1 deal allowing for lounging, sitting and sleeping


  • Faux leather is not as durable as genuine leather and may not offer the same resistant

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Carolina Fabric Sectional Couch


This indoor sectional would make for a great addition to your living room, the sections test your creativity allowing you to create any setting suitable for your space and your taste. This Carolina couch is a modern fabric couch, great if you’re into simple and modern interiors. It comes in different shades of grey as well as blue.

The extra plush cushion offers a cheering comfort for you and your friends or family, allowing you to just chill, sit back relax and enjoy those late night chats and wine with maybe your favourite classic show screening.

Made from 100% polyester fabric this couch comes with 1 right and left arm chair, 1 corner chair and 2 armless chairs. It sits on birch legs that have a dark brown finish, giving it a solid and sturdy setting, so don’t worry about unwanted slides and skids. Though assembly is required, it’s minimal and instructions are provided. Otherwise, all in all, the set up and arrangement will be completely up to you. Lastly, its set at the following dimensions:(D*W*H) 

Armed chairs: 33”*27.5”*35.5”

Armless chairs: : 33”*24.5”*35.5”

Corner chair: 33”*33”*35.5”


  • You can arrange it to a setting of your choice
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for simple interiors


  • Has a fabric upholstery hence is not waterproof
  • Prone to stains

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This moon-shaped sectional sofa with it’s quaint and elegant design will definitely have your guests enchanted and wondering where you bought it. The style it feeds out is contemporary and can either act as the centerpiece for your home, or it can actually blend in with your current interior.

It’s a two-way thing with this couch, so whatever you feel like dishing out to your guests, just wait and let it do its thing. Like any other modular sofa, you can arrange the individual pieces to any design of your preference, play around with your imagination a bit until you find the setting that hits home.

Like the name suggests, this 100% polyester 6-seater comes to you with curved sectionals that will definitely accentuate and define comfort and style in your living room. The base is dark charcoal, with birch legs whilst the rest comes as an assembly of patterned cushions.

The cushions are deep with plush seating, whilst thick and offering optimal coziness that will have you wondering why you didn’t buy it before and your friends wondering where they can get theirs. Minimal assembly will be required but the instructions as well as the hardware needed will all be provided for. This piece will include 6 half round sectionals that will sit at the following dimensions(D*W*H):

Regular dimension: 30.5”*40.5”*33.5”

Seat dimension: 19”*20.5”*19”


  • Comfortable
  • Has a moon-shaped structure
  • Sectional and modular, can arrange them to desired setting
  • Have a modern and contemporary look, which will suit almost any deco


  • Is not waterproof
  • Is not resistant to stains

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Looking at this piece you can already tell that it comes with a minimalist style, perfect for small or large spaces. It has 3 components, that is one corner sofa, 1 armless sofa and an ottoman. Now don’t think that just because it has 3 pieces its styling will be limited. No, like any modular, you can configure it to a setting of your choice, mix and mingle with the rest of your furniture until you find the positioning that makes your heart flutter.

Unlike other modular sectionals, this one can be connected using concealed, integrated connectors which you can use on the underside of the sofa to securely keep the pieces together. If it’s not for your living room, don’t worry, this piece would work well in lobbies, break rooms, hallways and home offices as well, so let’s see what else this beauty has for us.

With a kiln-dried hardwood frame, this couch is upholstered with high resilience Polyurethane foam that is covered in Dacron wrap. The legs are ash and have a water-based clear coat finish. As a measure to protect your floor from damage, each leg has a plastic bumper and all joints are stress tested, so don’t worry about the couch giving out whilst you’re relaxing on it.

Injected into the cushions is a 9-gauge moulded spring clip system, so you won’t ever have to worry about your cushions giving in and sagging ever. Sitting at overall dimensions of 28.5”H*101”W*60”D, it comes with a seat depth of 16” making it perfect for those long-awaited end-of-day tv show sessions. 


  • Comfortable
  • Versatile and can be for small or large spaces
  • Will not damage your floor
  • Cushions will not sag
  • Is modern and has a contemporary style to suit most interiors


  • Is not waterproof
  • Is not stain resistant

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Buyer’s Guide

Modular sectionals come in blocks or cubes. They still have blocks that come with armrests so that could somewhat limit how those few pieces can be used. Let’s look at why a modular sofa would be a good choice for your home. 

  • Firstly they come in different fabric upholstery. You can even customize it depending on the company, and get one that will directly blend with your interior and your imagination.
  •  Secondly, modular sectionals have an interchangeable design, this means you can arrange them into different shapes other than the basic ‘L’ an ‘U’ shapes that have become too popular. They are so flexible to the extent that you could even make your own living room set, depending on how big it is. 
  • Lastly modular sectionals come with a versatile look. This means you can add other pieces to make them look better, maybe pillows, or throw over rugs, it’s all up to you. Depending on the durability of the material you use, you won’t even have to get a new couch if you want to change your interior, they will blend in with any interior deco out there, from vintage to classic it’s all in how you set them up, so why not give it a go. 


A modular sofa, is a sectional sofa that comes in individual sections. Unlike traditional sofas, these ones are made of multiple pieces that can be joined together to make a sofa of any design and a times even a full set. A modular is one of the most versatile sofas out there and would definitely be one of your best investments yet. 


A modular lounge could refer to a full set of pieces that can be used to make a complete sofa with your preferred outlook. They can either come with recliner end seats or reversible Chaise lounges for further versatility. Depending on the one you buy they can offer even more features.


A chaise lounge is essentially designed to offer a kick back relaxing feature to a sofa. With a chaise lounge you either have an extra seat, a footrest, napping area, or a versatile table. They mostly comes as a stool or block that can be moved to different sides of the sofa, but some are mostly attached to one end and can’t be moved. Setting the difference between a reversible chaise and a normal chaise. 


Therapist sofas mostly allow one sit back or even lie down whilst having their sessions. Depending on the therapist it could either be a reclining sofa to give the patient a relaxing feel. Or it could be an ordinary sofa allowing the patient to lie down fully. In modern French, Chaise can refer to any long chair or soda that allows one to lie back. In history, the chaise was normally used for psychological treatments and so many therapists still continue using it till this day. 


The Chaise is mostly associated with l-shaped sofas which can sometimes be referred to corner sofas. So the Chaise’s positioning will depend on whether the sofa is a right or left corner sofa. Also at times the chaise is reversible and can be moved around, and only then is it best to put the chaise on the side without much human traffic so that it won’t intercept people’s movements. 


Small corner sofas are best when you want to maximize any small living room. They would normally offer more seats than any regular small sofa because of the way they are set up. Buy also, if you buy a large corner sofa it may not suit or fit a small room

Final Thoughts

See I told you, that wasn’t bad at all. Buying a modular sofa, is one of the best investment choices you could ever make. Apart from it being versatile, nowadays the designs are very modest and easily manageable. For any shape and room size, modular sectionals are the best way to go if you think you’ll want to continuously change the look and shape of the sofa.

If its comfort you’re worried about, these sectional sofas come in different materials, from different brands, you may as well visit the stores and taste their comfort if you’re too picky. All I can say is, you can never go wrong with a modular sectional, whether it’s with color, style, size, these sofas are designed to suit and fix all your problems. So forget everything and go get yourself a modular sectional sofa today. 

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