Modern Nursery Glider: Our 5 Favourites

If you are an expectant mother or you already are a mother then you already have an idea of what a glider is. These chairs are definitely life savers when it comes to babies. A glider is basically a chair that moves back and forth to help you soothe your baby while attending to them while also allowing you to sit comfortably throughout the process.

We normally know them as rocking chairs but with slight twinge. Over the years there have been some modifications and slight changes to normal rocking chairs. Now they have upgraded to different nursing gliders with different features depending on the designer and the manufacturer.

You will find that armrests have become an important part of the glider as you know you will need your arms while breastfeeding or soothing your baby to sleep. At some point your arms will need to rest on something firm. So be on the lookout for such armrest. Be sure to note that a comfortable armrest is one that is spacious and with great padding for both your arm and your baby’s head.

In A Hurry

If you are in a hurry to get yourself one of the best gliders out there then follow this guide. After much research on some of the best out there i came up with these five gliders that have more to offer than just a seat in the nursery. So let’s begin shall we?


Upholstery Glider Rocker

After a pause and hard thought, I found this glider to be a tasteful and traditional aesthetic. Just by looking at it you can see that this glider blends beautifully with a classic living room decor. Complete with a matching ottoman, it exudes understated style and finesse. 

The soft and sumptuous beige microfiber is thick and comfy. The  padding feels fabulous to the touch and the chair and ottoman bases have striking wood construction for an unexpected touch of glamour. Be sure to check it out.


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Baby Relax Mikayla Upholstered Swivel Gliding Recliner

Baby Relax Mikayla Upholstered Swivel Gliding Recliner


First thing first, this glider here is designed to allow you to change your leg rest and your reclining positions to either full or partial by just a pull. It is unlike the other gliders where actual effort is required in making a change. With this glider you can happily support your arms on the armrest of the seat while nursing your baby as they have been designed to offer you comfort.

You will be pleased to know that with this glider you can nurse your baby in three different positions. Whether gliding or swiveling, you will always be comfortable thanks to the glider’s ball bearing tool. The mechanism ensures a smooth backward and forward movement when gliding, and a smooth rotation when swiveling. So all this will be in your hands.

The glider is stylish and matches up to any decor. You could have a contemporary home, a modern room or even a traditional outlay and this glider will still fit right in. The sofa is quite easy to assemble and you can do it on your own or with help from a friend.

It comes with cushions that are easy maintenance. The cushions are easy to clean and all in all this chair can support up to 225 pounds. So definitely you and your baby will be in safe hands.


  • Is very comfortable and allows you to switch to three positions
  • Requires very easy assembly
  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • Can support up to 225 pounds


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant
  • Can be harmed by sharp objects

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Delta Children Blair Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair

Delta Children Blair Nursery Glider


Coming to you in cream, charcoal and taupe is this beautiful glider. The wooden frame of Delta Children Blair nursery glider will grow with your child past their nursing age thanks to its durability. Please don’t assume that the cushions are not removable because they are.

Generally it is designed to make things easier and smoother for busy working moms. So you will find that it is easy when it comes to cleaning. As i already stated this glider is available in 3 different colors so you won’t have to limit yourself to one choice. You can find one that perfectly suits your home and decor.

This is one of the few gliders that is comfortable and allows you to bond with your baby as smoothly as possible. Also lets say you do not have enough space in your house and you are worried about crowding it up, then this could be the best glider for you.

It is designed to take up small space in your house hence can fit in most places. It has quiet movements thanks to the strong materials used to manufacture the seat. The fabric is durable and cleans with less hassle. 

It is also designed to offer a gentle and quiet glide and swivel to soothe both you and your baby. The seat has been thoroughly tested to offer safety for you, your baby and your entire family.


  • Is very comfortable and soft to the skin
  • The seat is very silent when you swivel, glider or when you are trying to stand up
  • The covers are removable and very easy to clean
  • It has comfortable armrests for easy cradling


  • Though easy to clean the glider’s covers are not resistant to stains
  • It is small in size and may seem crowded when you sit in it

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Dutailier Sleigh Glider Multiposition-Lock Recliner

Dutailier Sleigh 0398 Glider


I can guarantee that you will love the fact that this glider puts together the best of features to offer you convenience. Firstly it is made of 100% polyester so you even have to worry about the seat creasing or wrinkling up  every time you sit on it.

It  also comes with an ottoman so you can put up your legs and rock your baby comfortably. The backrest can be adjusted and it can also fully recline to make it more comfortable for your back. The cushions are thick and the armrests padded and all this is added to maximise your comfort.

The glider has been designed to lock in 6 different positions offering you comfort and making it easy for you to sit on the chair and to get off without waking up your baby.

It comes with metal bearings that are of high quality to ensure that there is no squeaking and that general movement of the glider is silent. So you get quiet and easy movement as you glide from one position to another and back. The cushions on the seat and the ottoman are well padded to enhance your comfort.

The 6-positions locking mechanism is a unique feature not found on most nursing gliders. The ottoman also comes with the seat so you won’t have to buy separately. For your safety as well as the baby’s there are no sharp edges nor any toxins on this glider. It’s a glider that is not only comfortable but is safe for both you and your family.


  • Comes with a 6 position locking mechanism
  • Comes with an ottoman which will come in handy for leg rest
  • Is a very comfortable glider with comfortable arms
  • The covers are easy to clean and maintain
  • The whole glider is top quality and durable


  • The covers are very visible when it comes to stains and it is not waterproof

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Upholstery Glider Rocker with Matching Ottoman Beige and Cherry


Coming to you in a beautiful microfiber shade of beige is this tasteful and aesthetic glider. With this glinder you will find it with the strength and the power and it blends beautifully with a classic living room decor.

Complete with a matching ottoman, it exudes understated style and finesse to your home and is suitable for literally any room from the lounge, bedroom or even nursery. You will find it soft and sumptuous with beige microfiber over thick, comfy padding feels that are fabulous to the touch.

The chair and ottoman boast bases come with a beautiful wood construction that leaves room for an unexpected touch of glamour. The glider comes complete with a tufted button seat back for added style which makes this set simply exquisite. If you are looking for a nursing glider that has put your nursing needs to thought then this one here has definitely done more than that.

The 100% polyester covering is strong and will dry easily after cleaning and you will be pleased to find that it is resistant to wrinkles. To add to the easy to clean material of the glider are the removable seat cushions which will make it easier for you to clean in case of spillage.


  • Glider comes with an ottoman
  • Is very comfortable and soft to the skin
  • Comes with very supportive armrests
  • Comes with metal bearings that give you and your baby smooth swivelling
  • Is not a noisy piece when gliding or swivelling


  • The cover is not waterproof or resistant to stains

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Leatherette Glider Recliner with Matching Ottoman Bone

Leatherette Glider Recliner


Coming to you in beige and in black is this beautiful reclining glider. The elegant look of this seat offers more than just style. It has thick padding and a rounded front that ensures comfortable relaxation by supporting your weight and that of the baby.

The padded ottoman that also rests on a firm steel elevates your feet to reduce foot pain and swelling. The ottoman’s base makes it easy to move it around the house. Just by looking at this glider how could you not want to sink into this comfy glider and ottoman set for a heavenly experience.

Lets just say this glider is one that you will live to pass on to your next babies.  The leatherette fabric ensures the durability of the glider. It was built for comfort and the armrests were placed on top of a steel frame to fully support your arms so don’t worry yourself about cramps and all.

The headrest is also designed to offer comfort for your convenience. The best part is that this glider is not only meant to glide but also reclines and swivels. It comes with plush padding and its contoured  seat and pillow back seat create a fabulous venue for resting. The matching ottoman extends its comfort level.

Generally this glider offers a versatile and stylish color to match virtually any decor and taste. This elegant set is a perfect choice for a study or den. Not to forget are the storage pockets where you can store things you’ll need while on the seat.


  • Has a reclining feature
  • Has a deluxe look and style that will fit in with your decor
  • Is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Has comfortable armrests that will provide you with necessary support
  • Is not noisy when moving


  • It may not be as lightweight as other gliders
  • Assembly is required

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Buyer’s Guide

Do I need a glider for my baby’s nursery?

Gliders like rockers are not really a must have, however to make things easier for you while you nurse your baby, it may be best to get a glider or a rocking chair. So basically gliders certainly aren’t a must have item, they can certainly come in handy. 

These nursing chairs let you rock back and forth, and this gentle movement can help soothe the baby to sleep. They’re also gloriously comfortable; a glider chair is the perfect place to feed a baby or sit when you’re up with your little one during the night.

What is the difference between a glider and a rocker?

When it comes to gliders and rocking chairs many people seem to confuse the two. However when you’re choosing a nursing chair for a baby’s nursery, you might need to know the difference so you know what you should be deciding between a rocking chair and a glider. 

Traditional rocking chairs have two curved bands at the base, while gliders let you move back and forth on a stationary frame base. If you’re not sure which style you prefer, it can be helpful to visit a store to test out different models in person.

What is the best glider?

The best glider would be one that comes with the following;

Durability: Nursing gliders can be used as resting chairs after your baby outgrows the nursing period. A glider with a strong frame will last longer giving you great service over years. This can be achieved by choosing a seat with a great and durable frame as well as a strong fabric on the cushion.

Easy to wash: Babies are naturally messy. Get a seat that will give you an easy time cleaning to save on time. This can be a glider with a detachable and washable seat cover or one whose cushion can detach from the seat for spot cleaning.

Storage pockets: Although this is not a must-have feature for the nursing gliders, it will be convenient to have one. This way, you will have an easy time while nursing. While it could not be large enough to fit as many items as you would want, it sure is convenient as it can hold your magazines, remote controls, your baby’s toys and much more.

Locking mechanism: Not all nursing gliders come with this feature but it is good to have. A good locking mechanism will make the seat steady and keep it in one position as you recline. It also ensures you have a balance so you can easily get onto and off the chair.

Is versatility necessary on a glider?

Gliders are important when you are a nursing mother. You need a seat that comes with reclining, swiveling and gliding mechanisms. For reclining seats, go for those with different reclining positions for maximum comfort. Be sure to have a locking mechanism at each recline for steadiness. 

A swiveling chair is also great as it gives you a great 360-degrees view of the room. This way, you can continue doing other things such as conversing with your family sitting in the lounge area and watching Tv while attending to the baby. So you will find that a versatile glider could be beneficial.

Are leg rests necessary?

Your feet will need a place to rest as you lie on your gliding seat. One option is an ottoman. It works magic for swollen legs and leg pains. Always ensure you get an ottoman that matches the glider height so that your leg does not bend or hang when you place on it. Other seats do not have an ottoman but have a leg rest that props out of the glider which works just fine.

Given the importance of leg rest, you will need to incur an extra cost and buy one separately in the case your glider does not come with one.

Final Thoughts

Given the diverse features of the different gliders, it is easy to pick one that will not suit your needs exactly. The important thing is to understand how they are important to you before actually thinking of getting one. 

The same way breastfeeding has evolved over the years so have these gliders as some even come with innovative ways and designs to make the whole process better and more comfortable for both you and the baby. Well i guess i’m done here. Enjoy your shopping. 

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