Miso Contemporary Coastal Living Linen Sofa

Considering getting the Miso Contemporary Coastal Living Linen Sofa? Are you looking for that one sofa that can transform your home to that coastal dream house of yours? Well, guess what!! Today is your lucky day because I’m going to introduce you to this Miso Contemporary Coastal sofa that can and surely will brighten up your home in just a few seconds. 

Firstly this sofa will help you achieve two things in one go. First thing is that you will achieve that coastal goal even if you don’t live in a coastal area but that doesn’t mean you can’t have that coastal feel now.

Miso Contemporary Coastal Living Linen Sofa

Secondly, with this sofa, you can finally wear that mer-costume that you have been wanting to wear since second grade and not feel awkward about it. Besides that let me take you through what else this sofa has for you.

Well, it’s not a secret anymore that with this sofa you can make all your Coastal Cottage Dreams come true all thanks to this classic and cozy Miso collection segment. If you can’t tell this is an exclusive, soft linen upholstered sofa that comes in classically understated hues that become reminiscent of Coastal Living. 

It’s that sofa that will be a perfect match for any home. It also features a low profile club-style seat and (2) two accent pillows for extra comfort. You can easily match it with all products in the Miso collection and if not you can easily blend it in with your decor at home.


  • Is a very comfortable sofa to sit or nap on
  • It’s that sofa that can make your home have that coastal feel and vibe
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Can fit in with almost any interior


  • It is not waterproof and can easily stain



Imagine a little cottage by the seashore, feeling the windy breeze and that cool salty scent. Well if that is a feeling you would want in your home then this sofa can be just that dream come true. Coming to you in four colors that are blue, white, grey and black this sofa looks the coastal part and also plays the coastal part. 

Even the colors it comes in resemble the sea and ocean life. It’s that sofa you would want in that underwater hotel where you can relate and feel closer to the aquatic life more. Looking at this sofa you note that it comes with level armrests and backrest that are at par level with each other. 

Miso Contemporary Coastal Living Linen Sofa

However, it has back cushions which are slightly longer giving your back the full support that it needs. It has twelve (12) boxed legs that sit low giving your sofa that low hung club sofa style allowing you to fully sit back and relax. All in all, this sofa can fit in with almost any decor you mix it with. With its coastal feel, it can easily make your home as coastally comfy as coastally possible.



When it comes to size I have to say that this sofa right here qualifies to be termed under regular. It comes as a three-seat sofa but it can definitely seat more than three adults comfortably, but we wouldn’t want to burden it. 

This sofa is the perfect size for all homes and apartments, it can even be a great addition to a beach restaurant or club and trust me on this one, it would make your bedroom more comfortable and calming. 

It’s that sofa that you can put in almost any room as it comes at a standard dimension set at (H x W x D):34.2″ x 84.2″ x 31.9″, and if you can tell by these measurements if you are just under 5’9ft taking a nap on this sofa is going to be one of the best feelings ever.


When it comes to comfort, this sofa will firstly attack you mentally before going anywhere near actual physical comfort. Just by looking at it, you can already feel the calming breeze of a coastal homeland and that already can set your senses to believe that it is a comfortable sofa. 

Being made from linen already you know that this sofa will be smooth and soft on your skin, it won’t leave you feeling as if you were swimming in a needle sea at the same time you won’t exactly feel like you were floating on a cloud. 

All in all, the cushions are designed to bring soft and calming comfort to you and that is where this sofa will not and cannot disappoint. You will find that the back cushions will be a bit softer as compared to the seat cushions but both will give your body ample support as you take rest.


When it comes to durability we all know that linen can never let you down. This sofa comes with linen covering which is not as tough to clean as other fabrics. However, linen is not waterproof nor is it stain resistant so cleaning may become a necessity at times. 

Also, linen is not a fabric that can resist cuts or sharp objects so you may want to be aware of those. The framing is generally strong and can last you some years, the wooden legs that are quite low manage to help balance the sofa keeping it steady and sturdy to avoid unnecessary toppling. 

If you however decide to take some jump and somersault lessons on this sofa the lifespan may become shorter than expected.


Everything comes at a price they always say and good things usually come at a higher price. Though this sofa may not come as cheap as other sofas. It’s also not as expensive as you might think. Let’s just term it affordable and reasonable. 

If it’s not a sofa you can term under your budget you can gently squeeze it in and save up for it. What I can assure you is that you will not regret your money’s worth.


They also say all good things must come to an end. Our journey ends here, and I am sure by now you know what to do. I would highly recommend this sofa for anyone trying to bring a fresh breeze into their home as well as for all restaurant and club owners who would like to go with the coastal feel. It’s surely worth the try.

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