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Are you looking for microfiber sectional sofa that will give your living room an amazing and elegant look? In any room, there’s always that one piece of furniture that will stand out from the rest, and if you’re thinking of adding a sofa in that room, best believe that sofa will be that “stand-out-feature”. A sectional sofa generally stands out on its own, because of its ability to save up a lot of space at the same time maximising its functionality.

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With a sectional sofa apart from standing out will also define the style of that room and accentuate the surrounding decor so you’ll want to be very careful with the style and type you choose lest you disappoint yourself and upset the aura in that room. Now you’re here because you want a sectional sofa, but these can come in literally in any style, in any color and in any texture.

Leather sectionals are very impressive and can definitely pass a touch of sophistication to any room. We also have chenille fabric, which comes with a shine to it that will most definitely light up a room. however, today let’s look at one of the most underrated fabrics out there, Microfiber is as beautiful to the eyes as it is to the skin.

What is microfiber firstly? Microfiber is a polyamide, made from polyester and nylon. The fiber is split so many times and it is way smaller than a human hair. with different weaving tactics, it’s used to make so many products from socks, scarves, gloves and even sofas. Today we want to look at a microfiber sofa.

Getting a microfiber sofa may be in of the best decisions to make for any long term asset in your home. A microfiber upholstery may not be as beneficial when compared to leather sofas, but it definitely will not disappoint you. It easy to maintain and clean, making your couch an easy piece to take care of. Also, it’s a very comfortable fabric, that is as soft on the skin as it is to the eye. so you will definitely love it.

In A Hurry

Are you in need of a quick guide to find the best microfiber sectional sofa? Luckily, we have a guide with some of the best microfiber sectional sofa you will find out there. follow us to finding your couch and we will lead you to the sofa of your dreams. Getting a microfiber sofa will definitely be one of the best decisions you could ever make, which is why we are very excited to walk you through it all, so without wasting much let’s get started and see exactly what we have here.


Here’s what one customer had to say, “Looking at this sofa, be it grey or brown, it would be impossible not to fall in love with it. It includes extra large decorative pillows in the same fabric, giving it a more uniform and unified look. it has a hardwood frame that is upholstered in an ultra-plush brush microfiber fabric which is very soft and comfortable.

Likewise, the colors are neutral and can have in your home decor. The adjustable headrests make it even more possible for you to relax after a long day at work giving you that extra push to sleep comfortably and enjoy a very relaxing nap.”

Just looking at that review we had to make this one of our top picks, it was literally everything that people look for in their sectional sofa. The fact that it is microfiber makes it even better because of its durability and all that. Check this one out it may turn out to be your favorite sofa as well.


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Here we have a classic brown three-piece l-shaped sofa. it’s a classic sofa that comes with a matching ottoman to accommodate all of your seating needs. You can either get it in grey or brown but either way, both colors are neutral and will fit into any house making your home warmer and more comfortable.

Just by looking at it you can tell that it’s a good quality sofa upholstered in suede fabric which is more comfortable and soft to touch and sit. with this couch in your living room, you will be giving your living room space and beautiful relaxing seating. this couch is sectional and will allow you to customise its configurations to suit the exact setting you want. With this classical l-shaped sofa you will definitely create cozy settings for your family and friends as well as your pets.

Getting deeper into detail now, this sofa comes with 3 seats, a reversible chaise lounge, a storage ottoman and obviously seat cushions and back cushions. it’s designed with an l-shape making it space-saving and capable to fit into cornered walls. It is built on a solid hardwood frame that is upholstered in microfiber waffle suede, with high-density foam and spring material.

It comes with a reversible chaise lounge which can be set either on the left or on the right depending on your preference. It also comes with a storage ottoman where you can store all your valuable things, say maybe DVDs to your favorite CDs. It also has built-in cup holders as well for multi-functionality. Dimensions are set as follows; (LWH in inches)

Overall Dimension: 101*71.5*34.5

Chaise Lounge: 71.5*32.5

Ottoman: 32*22.75*17.5

Though assembly is required it’s nothing you wouldn’t be able to handle with your eyes closed


  • It comes with a matching ottoman
  • Is built on a solid hardwood frame making it strong and durable
  • It is upholstered in microfiber waffle suede


  • The sofa is not 100% resistant to stains

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Coming to you in brown is this right-hand sectional sofa from Lifestyle. It is generally a spacious modern sectional sofa that comes with an ottoman for your convenience. It is stunning and will have your living room sparkling with a new style set up. It is very comfortable, especially if you’re the one who quickly falls asleep once seated or when watching a movie or tv show.

Made with premium quality materials, this sofa will last you a very long time of service time and may turn out to be exactly what you have been looking for this whole time. The design is classical with it being a right-hand l-shaped corner sofa. If you are not happy with a certain look you may as well make configurations until you are fully satisfied with the way it looks in your home.

Overly this sectional sofa is a good purchase as its ability to fit in on cornered walls. It’s a space saver and it is also very functional. It’s made from the solid wood frame and has microfiber and faux upholstery. Its a set comprising of 3 sections, firstly we have a four-seat sofa, then a chaise lounge and an ottoman.

Already with the chaise and ottoman, you know that you have an extra seat, a free coffee table or an amazing and comfortable footrest. The ottoman comes with a storage compartment, perfect if you still love renting CDs or movie boxes. For your convenience, you can use the ottoman to store other things like your snacks and all. Dimensions for this sectional sofas are set at 103″*73″*32″. Buying these sofas will surely guarantee you and your family comfort and luxury.


  • This sofa comes with an ottoman for your convenience
  • It’s a right hand facing sectional sofa
  • It is space-saving and very functional


  • Though sectional, the configurations may be limited

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Coming to you in four colors that are light grey, silver grey and two other shades of gray is this beautiful 3 piece sectional sofa, Looking at this couch you will immediately sense two things; comfort and luxury. This sofa was basically designed with you in mind. from its shape to functionality. It comes in three parts, a chaise lounge, an ottoman and a three-seat sofa. Already you have a table, footrest and a  lounger all three in one.

It’s designed with an l-shape, but the chaise lounge and ottoman can be moved around to spice up the look a bit. So if you feel like maybe you want to lay back and relax with your feet level, you have the footrest, if you want to however take a nap, then the lounger is available. Here is a classic sofa that will help with functionality and space-saving.

It is superior built with your needs in mind. It’s constructed with a durable, heavy-duty hardwood frame and inner springs for stability and durability. With that being said, just know that it will not deform any time soon. It comes with the classic l-shape design that we have grown to love and adore because of its space-saving tactic and functionality.

That being said, its design makes it very much capable of fitting into cornered spaces. All in all these sofas is very easy to assemble as it comes with very simple instructions with all required hardware being provided for. Please don’t worry it won’t even take much of your time. It’s a sectional sofa that you can configure until you find the position that suits you well. The following are its dimensions: LWH

Overall dimension: 104.7″*88.58″*30.9″

Ottoman Dimension: 33.07″*19.29″*18.5″

Seat Depth: 5.51″


  • Is a very comfortable couch
  • Allows you to continuously change configurations until you find one to suit your taste
  • Made from heavy-duty hardwood making it strong and durable


  • It is not fire-resistant

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Divano Roma Furniture Classic Large Brush Microfiber L-Shape


Here we have this unique sectional sofa that comes in 2 colors that are brown and grey. Unlike the other sectional sofas we are used to, this one actually comes with adjustable headrests. It’s a beautiful large and classic l-shaped sofa that will definitely have you drooling over your floors.

It is a modern sofa that can fit in almost anyplace including a traditional home set up. It’s perfect if you enjoy having your close friends and family physically close when catching up. It is very soft and plush and will definitely have you longing for it even before work hours are up. 

The light grey is very neutral so even if your room is bright or dim this sofa will still fit in perfectly. Ask yourself, do I enjoy naps on the couch, if so then this sofa will definitely be your next best friend.

Looking at this sofa, be it grey or brown, it would be impossible not to fall in love with it. It includes extra large decorative pillows in the same fabric, giving it a more uniform and unified look. it has a hardwood frame that is upholstered in ultra-plush brush microfiber fabric which is very soft and comfortable. Likewise, the colors are neutral and can have suite your home decor.

The adjustable headrests make it even more possible for you to relax after a long day at work giving you that extra push to sleep comfortably and enjoy a very relaxing nap. It comes with chrome finished legs to add a touch of modernism to the sofa and your space. The chaise is long and nice giving you ample space to spread your legs and take that long-awaited nap. Though assembly is required it is very minimal and all the required hardware and instructions are provided.


  • Is a sectional sofa that can be configured to different positions
  • It comes with adjustable headrests
  • Has a nice and long chaise lounge


  • The fabric used is not waterproof

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “leather”. Exactly, “sophistication is the term to use. Here we have a sophisticated but classic sofa. It’s practically designed to add a lavish style to your interior. 

This can even have your pet drooling before it can even shed a single hair on your couch. It screams style, luxury and comfort. It has two different side options for the chaise lounge, in which you can choose whether you want it in leather or in microfiber.

The ottoman has an extra storage space for you to hide those snacks and movies that you don’t want other people seeing or touching. Already you know have an extra seat, footrest and a coffee table depending on your mood and current need at that moment. If you’re looking to either add style to your home, or if you want to simply enhance the current style, then you should go for this sofa with the guarantee that you will not regret the decision.

So generally this sofa features microfiber and leather material with the option to choose a chaise lounge of either material. the frame is hardwood and is upholstered in microfiber plush fabric ensuring durability and hard wear-ability for your couch. 

The cushions and ottoman both have a modern button tufted design, with the ottoman coming to you with an extra storage compartment to either store your other necessities or actual hide a few things. the extra storage in the ottoman is basically designed to make it easier for you to organise your home. though assembly is required it is very minimal and all hardware and instructions needed will be provided for.


  • Is a combination of leather and microfiber
  • It has a modern design
  • Comes with an ottoman that has a storage compartment
  • Can be configured to different positions


  • The sofa is not 100% Waterproof or stain-resistant

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Buyer’s Guide


Microfiber is a synthetic fiber, usually produced using polyester, polyamide, or a combination of the two. It is used mostly on wipes and other household fabrics but it can also be used for furniture upholstery. 


Suede is a leather that has a smooth and velvet-like feel. It’s good on shoes, gloves, boots and other fashion accessories and at times furniture. Looking at microfiber, this is polyester, nylon and other materials that are combined to form this soft fabric. 


A sectional sofa is a sofa that comes in parts that are configured to form a full sofa. For example, an L-shaped sofa may come in 3 sections, the right-hand couch, corner couch and the left-hand couch which will then be combined to form a full L-Shape couch. 


Microfibers are not waterproof, but they do hold some resistance to water for a while. If you have a Microfiber wipe or cloth, getting it wet may actually require more effort. It is resistant to a certain extent to liquids but with time they easily absorb them. 


Sectional sofas are sofas that come in sections, it can be any sofa, from l-shaped to u-shaped sofas. However, a sectional sofa can be an l-shaped sofa it is not an l-shaped sofa. This is a reference to the functionality of the sofa. 

Final Thoughts

After a long struggle, we have finally reached the end of our journey. Sectional sofas are very much the most reasonable investment to make if you’re looking to save space in your living room. They are multi-functional as well and help you test your imagination but allowing you the possibility to configure your own positions until you find one that suits. Combining the benefits that come with microfibers and sectional sofas will give you an amazing setting and a style in your house that you never thought you could achieve. Well, this is the end, hoping that you found the sofa of your dreams, Enjoy your shopping and make sure you enjoy the results of it.

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