Mateo Mid-Century Palm Springs Style Leather Match Sofa

Now before we even start, I want you to imagine classic cars, swaying palm trees, pink flamingos on your lawn. That makes you think of a house in Palm Springs right. Well, Mateo Mid-Century sofa is a Palm Springs Style leather sofa. 

It is reminiscent of Mid-Century Palm Springs and is crafted from hand-selected Top Grain Leather Match. Featuring slanted wooden legs treated with a light stain, it is one of the most coveted pieces that will truly leave you in awe!

Mateo Mid-Century Palm Springs Style Leather Match Sofa

Should I even start on the quality of the sofa? I mean you read it yourself, So watch the space, and let’s look at what this sofa is all about. 

Firstly let’s start off with the basics. This is a top grain leather sofa. Meaning that it is the sofa that you can already count to still be in your life within the next 25 years or so. It is not only well made, but it is visually stunning with its mid-century look and style. 

You can definitely fit it in any room at any point. With the wooden legs, you can easily buy floor protectors if you are worried about your floor being stretched. All in all, it is a long sofa that will transform your home to that elegant and sophisticated style that anyone would want in their home. 

The backrest and the armrests come both lean and at the same level giving your sofa somewhat of a European look. However, that’s not all this sofa is about, the comfort is just as delicious as the stunning setting on it.


  • It is a visually stunning sofa
  • It comes off as easy to clean and maintain
  • It is waterproof and stain resistant


  • The top grain leather may not be resistant to all weather elements
  • The sofa is not resistant to sharp objects



Well talk about looks, this sofa has to be one of the most stunning sofas ever created. It comes in black, brown, or caramel, and all colors are perfect and just as stunning for any room and any house interior. 

The sofa is long and comes off as a three-seat sofa but for its length, it could probably sit more than three people. The seat cushions come off with tufted detailing which makes the whole sofa look just as elegant but with a dash of modern class.

Mateo Mid-Century Palm Springs Style Leather Match Sofa

You will find that the back cushions are slightly higher than the backrest giving you more support in that you tend to be a tad bit taller than average people. The sofa whether in brown, black, or caramel beige comes with slanted legs that bring and give it sturdiness and steadiness. 



Well let me just say, this is not a small sofa. However, it still doesn’t qualify to be termed large. In a way it is your average long sofa, that can seat three people or more. It even comes with divided seat cushions probably for proper allocation. 

If you have a small home or small space that you are trying to fill up, I wouldn’t advise you to get this sofa. It actually needs a lot of space for you to comfortably appreciate it. 

You will find that it comes at a dimension (Hx W xD):34″ x 96″ x 33″ which again shows that it may not be a large sofa but it is definitely long and maybe not fit in all rooms unless you decide to set some at a diagonal setting.


Coming to you in top grain leather, one thing I can tell you is that unless you put a fleece or a warm cover on your sofas those winters at first but are going to be harsh on you since leather is known to have a cool natural stance unless you heat it up first which is not advised. 

All in all, this is a comfortable sofa that provides a cool and firm feeling if you know what I mean. I don’t actually think you can find a sofa that has leather and is fluffy so its to be expected. 

The back cushions are slightly softer to allow you to be supported and cozied up at the same time while you enjoy that summer breeze. It is a great sofa that will not hive at any time soon as the frame itself is made from strong and natural wood that should probably last a very long time.


Now let’s talk about durability. Now when it comes to taking care of leather the process is not even hard. Just a damp cloth and you are done. You can even go on to use some leather conditioner to make it smell nice and all. 

As long as you keep it away from direct sunlight and too much heat this sofa is set to last you a long time. Now on the frame, the sofa is made of a wooden frame, natural and strong they say. Unless you have a termite infestation in your home, you are definitely set and good to go for the next maybe 25 or more years.


‘Top Grain Leather’ this is definitely no ordinary sofa, it is that sofa that will transform so many things including you the owner. Jump, sit, or lay down the sofa will never topple. 

It is the perfect sofa to add in any home with any decor even traditional decor as with the right accents you could create something unimaginable in your home. 

After all this, I’m sure you can tell that it is designed to offer comfort and luxury. It does come at a high price but the sofa is definitely worth it all.


Leather comes in four grades, and top grain leather just as the name suggests is at the top. You can even see the grains and some imperfections if you look at it closely. Which is good, that shows you how close it is to be natural. 

I’d highly recommend this sofa for anyone who is looking for a sofa to settle with. That long term buddy that can be an heirloom, anyhoo, try it and I wish you the best of luck.

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