Luna Retro 70s-Inspired Velvet Sofa

Considering getting the Luna Retro 70s-Inspired Velvet Sofa? Now when it comes to Vintage aesthetics very few artists are even capable of pulling it off. However, this Luna sofa has managed to cut across that line and it has given us the retro-inspired aesthetic which is just as good as any vintage aesthetic that I have ever seen. 

With this sofa being rich in reference and fresh in execution it presents the aesthetic of original interpretation of traditional design, through the refined use of stylistic details, quality materials, and modern conventions.

Luna Retro 70s-Inspired Velvet Sofa

Just by looking at the sofa, you can see that it is a furniture piece that can best be described as timeless. Allowing you the possibility of time travel within your own home. This sofa has not only managed to impress me from its visuals but what comprises it is what gets me the most.

Now with this sofa comes the classiest way to time travel. You can just take a seat on this velvet stunner Luna, and see for yourself back in the ’70s with a rich cognac glass in your hand watchingSam Cooke on that greyscale TV box. 

This sofa comes with a beautiful, plush upholstery that is in rich fall hues and will take you back to the days of Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin in merely a moment. Luna is that sofa that comes with an attitude from the 70s. It is that retro-inspired sofa that comes with distinctive, square armrests and slinky chrome legs; a perfect companion to any piece in your home.


  • Is a very comfortable sofa to add to your home
  • Is easy to clean and maintain
  • The sofa can blend in seamlessly with and interior decor
  • Has a unique retro 70’s design


  • Is not waterproof nor is it stain resistant



With classy tufting throughout the seat and back which adds layers of luxury. As well as the sleek chrome legs that will blend into almost any decor seamlessly, this sofa could be exactly what you have been looking for. 

It comes in five beautiful colors ranging from blue, grey, green, orange, and dark grey. It is all in all a beautiful velvet sofa that will send your eyes spiraling out of control with love for it.

Luna Retro 70s-Inspired Velvet Sofa

The sofa in itself has a modern touch and can fit into any home decor ranging from classic to mid-century and to even the traditional decors. 

The sofa itself has a retro look that qualifies it to be the sofa that van has you traveling between timelines in terms of your decor. It’s perfect for a couple living together or roommates.



Coming as a three-seat sofa, you will find that you can easily and perfectly fit in three adults on this sofa and actually have some room left. It is the perfect sofa to have in an apartment if you are sharing with roommates or even if you have a partner or spouse. 

Of you are anything below 5’8 this sofa is long enough to accommodate you in a very sumptuous nap leaving a few inches as well. It comes at a dimension set at an overall measurement of (Hx W xD):35″ x 77.9″ x 30.7″ and as you can tell it could be the perfect sofa in any home small or large.


When it comes to comfort lets just say the 70’s style came with the 70’s comfort. The sofa itself is soft and comfortable based on the upholstery. It definitely deserves that award and a round of applause. However, at the same time, it has that firm form of comfort that some people may not find comfortable. 

It is not that sofa that you will expect to sink in. Instead, this sofa will grant you form support and comfort as you sit and enjoy your cup of tea. Likewise, the upholstery is made from Velvet covering, you can expect this sofa to give you a warm breeze and sensation on your bare skin. 

The velvet’s smoothness and warm feel will have you feeling like a retro vintage queen enjoy her favorite show from the ’70s. If that doesn’t sound like comfort to you then I don’t know what is. 


The durability of this sofa is quite impressive. I mean yes we know that sofas from back then were stronger and more reliable in the long term. With this sofa, it seems as if not only is its style retrograde, but the comfort and the durability as well. 

Being made from a wood and steel frame, you’d find this sofa to last longer than any other sofa out there with steel components. It is that one sofa that will have you moving into the next century still feeling that vintage energy. 

It comes with a velvet covering which is easy to clean and maintain as we all know. However it is not proof to stains nor is it proof to water, and constant staining or wettening could result in the velvet losing its plush temperament.


When it comes to style, this sofa definitely deserves an award they managed to mix retro with modernity allowing the sofa to fit in almost any decor. When it comes to the durability it is just as impressive. When it comes to price, it is just as pleasing as it is in any other department. It is an affordable sofa that you can fit into your budget at any time. 


Well, there’s really not much to say about this sofa. It pretty much says it all with its story. It is that sofa you can comfortably fit three adults on it. It comes with a one-button detail on the back cushions to give it this unique look and the velvet upholstery just does everything to send out and to give in to this sofa’s retro style. 

I’d recommend this sofa if you are trying to mash up your home with a vintage styling. This could be the perfect fit.

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