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The Linnmon Alex desk is a durable-looking 201cm x 61cm white desk. It has been designed to accommodate up to 2 people. The assembly of the product is fast and straightforward, and this is because of the lightweight fibreboard used to create the frame of the desk. The edges of the table have been reinforced with plastic trims, which will help prevent moisture from entering the product. 

This means you can expect this product will not rot or corrode over time. You can assemble the legs of the table in a versatile manner, and this means you can plant this table anywhere in the office safely. They have fully covered the back of the table, and this means that visitors will not see your legs. The table has been coated in acrylic paint, and this is a lively paint color that will not be difficult to clean. 

For an in-depth review of the main features of this desk, feel free to keep reading. We shall look deeper into the frame, filling, paint, legs, and table drawers. We hope to review these to give you a solid verdict on whether to buy this product or not. 


The frame on the linnmon desk is made from particleboard. Particleboard is a very eco-friendly type of material. To manufacture this type of wood, you combine a wide range of wood chips and synthetic resin and glue them together. Once they have glued them together, they flat press all the wood chips to form particle boards. 

This solution is eco-friendly because it does not promote the wastage of wood that is not being standardized. The compression of this wood will lead to it being more compact and solid, and it will also prevent it from quickly becoming rotten and therefore provide less value for money. One of the main disadvantages of this wood is that it is known to expand quite quickly. 

This is if you are to make use of this desk in a damp environment. Fortunately, the designers of this disc have added plastic edging to the sides of all the particleboard. This means that it is unlikely that moisture will find its way into the table, therefore, prolonging the life of the desk. 


The filling of this disk is made from honeycomb structure paper. This is another excellent material that is highly environmentally friendly. It is made from what is known as corrugated cardboard and can therefore be used to strengthen and reinforce many different furniture items. 

To demonstrate the strength of this product, you will often find it in crash helmets worn by cyclists. You can find it in a wide range of shapes and strings, but it is excellent for reinforcement in general. Another incredible advantage of this type of material is the fact that it is very light. This means that you will not have too much trouble transporting it to your office or bedroom when you buy the desk. It will also not be challenging to set up.


The paint used on this furniture is acrylic. This paint is notoriously easy to clean and will not give you any trouble with maintenance. If you wish to clean this table, all you need is a damp cloth and a bit of water. The paint is also very lively and bright; therefore, it can bring a bit of life to a modern workspace. 

Legs of table

For added strength, the manufacturers have made the legs of this table from steel. This should give you quite a bit of power when it comes to the table’s weight capacity. It will also prevent the legs from rusting over time. This is quite a handy feature because it will prevent you from losing any gadgets if the legs accidentally break. It has been made corrosion-proof by the addition of polyester powder coating. Not only will this prevent the steel from expanding, but it will also prevent any rust.


The drawers of this product have been designed so that they do not come out, and this will secure the contents of the drawer quite nicely against coming out. This means that if you have children who sometimes sneak into the office, they cannot accidentally throw all your gadgets on the floor. It is made from the same type of material that the rest of the desk is made from. It has also been covered in acrylic paint; therefore, it is elementary to wipe away any dust accumulating over time.


There is no warranty for this product.


You could say that the price charged for this product is justified. This is because it is made from very durable materials that will not quickly rot. It is pretty eco-friendly and has been built to protect the environment. The legs of the chair are made from steel and will not rust over time. The paint material used to coat this furniture is elementary to clean, providing the consumer with an easy maintenance routine.


In conclusion, this is a beneficial product for an upmarket office or workspace. It brings together all the modern aspects of furniture, such as being eco-friendly and low maintenance regime. The frame of this product is very durable, and it is made from particle boards that have been corrugated to prevent any unnecessary rot. 

Therefore, the table is very compact and solid, offering the user good versatility in terms of where they can store this table in the office. The sides of the table have also been reinforced with plastic to avoid any moisture penetrating the table. The filling is also quite impressive and has been made from honeycomb structure paper. 

This means that it is very durable and will provide you with additional strength in terms of the weight capacity it can handle. The acrylic paint used to coat this is also good value for money because it will not fade over time and easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Looking at all these features in conjunction with each other, it is safe to say that this is quite a reliable disk, and therefore, we would recommend it for entrepreneurs with small workspaces.

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