Leather Sofa and Loveseat: Our Absolute Favourites

Are you looking for a leather sofa and loveseat set? Are you trying to do away with the one sofa style? Buying a leather sofa and loveseat may be one of your best decisions yet. With a leather sofa and a loveseat, you have added 2 complimentary pieces into your home. There’s a normal saying, “behind every great sofa is an equally great loveseat”. 

ImageNameWhat We LikeLink
FLASH FURNITURE ASHLEY ALLISTON LIVING ROOM SETLeather upholstery is easy to clean and maintain
It is waterproof and stain resistant
Will last longer than a regular sofa set
FDW SECTIONAL PU LEATHER MODERN SOFA SETIs a luxurious family sofa set
It has a strong frame that will offer you a long term of service
The sofas are waterproof
POUNDEX BOBKONA ARIA 2 PIECE SOFA AND LOVESEAT SETBoth sofas are easy to clean and maintain
The cushions are foam and spring filled for durability
The sofas are both durable and long-lasting
Both sofas are durable and strong
The sofas bring a classic look to your home
GTU FURNITURE CONTEMPORARY BONDED LEATHER SOFA AND LOVESEAT SETComes in different colors from red, black and grey
It is a modern sofa set and will blend in easily
Has a removable back for easy cleaning

Now imagine having both greats in your home. Imagine the luxury and the elegance that will fill your home within just a day. It’s commonly known that leather is one of the very materials that actually manage to add intensity to a home. By adding a leather piece at any time or anywhere you are adding sophistication, elegance and style to your home. Even if the leather comes in a neutral color, its rich accent will still make a big difference 

If you have kids or pets you will want to be more careful with leather. It’s easy to maintain but also depending on the grade, it could be easily ruined as well. So all that aside, today we are looking at the leather sofa and loveseat sets out there. 

They come with a normal standard couch which may either be a 2 seater or 3 and loveseat which will be slightly smaller. It’s the best way to go especially if you have kids and are a busy person. Cleaning and maintenance will be easy. With the right mindset let’s find you the perfect set for your home. 

Are you in a hurry to find yourself the best leather set to suit your home? Well look no further, here is a guide with 5 of the best leather sofas and loveseat sets out there. From different colors and styles, we will be sure to find you one that’s perfect for your home and will suit your tastes quite well. Don’t worry about anything else and let us guide you through this journey. So without wasting much time, let’s start this shopping journey and see what we can get for your home


After extensive research and reasoning, we chose this FDW Sectional PU leather sofa amongst others. It’s the perfect sofa and it comes with everything that you’d want in your home, from the set being sectional, meaning you can as well rearrange it until you find a setting that feels like home. Looking at this sofa, one thing that will not come to your mind is simplicity. This modern couch is perfect for a classic and elegant interior. It’s even better if you are trying or in fact if you want to add a touch of sophistication to your household. 

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This set looks very simple but is very supple and soft. Perfect if you love cool and soothing sensations when relaxing. Though it’s not as aesthetic as you would expect from this leather set, it comes covered in weathered leather and very comfortable wrapping. It comes with handsome lines and will create an amazing cozy spot in your home for you and your family at all times.

This set comes with one regular and standard sofa and a loveseat set. It’s a contemporary style and would be perfect for modern houses and traditional decors as well. It has soft foam-filled back and seat cushions with the back cushions having a tufted accent design. 

It sits on a wood frame with solid wood legs that sit low but still give it a very sturdy feel. The armrests are extra padded just like the back cushions and will definitely grant you nothing but exquisite comfort from head to toe. So if you are looking to add a homely feel this sofa set is the one for you.


  • Leather upholstery is easy to clean and maintain
  • It is waterproof and stain resistant
  • Will last longer than a regular sofa set
  • Leather is timeless and stylish


  • It's not exactly visually appealing or aesthetic


This FDW sofa set is the perfect definition of luxurious family time. Coming to you in PU leather, this set has a three-seat couch and one love seat, both sofas coming in brown PU leather. 

It is a lovely set if you have both kids and pets, and if you are generally busy and don’t have much time to always watch out for stains and spot clean the couch. It’s the perfect addition set for a living room, family room or even the basement for those Friday family nights. 

It’s supported with quality hardwood materials making it last longer. It’s a comfortable set that comes with cushioned back firm paddings. Allowing you a more relaxed time when you sit on it. It’s very easy to assemble and transport. Plus it is a sectional sofa that will fit right through your door. 

The loveseat is enough for two people whereas the couch can manage to support 3 or even 4  people depending on their size and age. It’s a very beautiful set that requires assembly and the instructions required will be given as well as the hardware


  • Is a luxurious family sofa set
  • It has a strong frame that will offer you a long term of service
  • The sofas are waterproof
  • The sofas are resistant to stains
  • The sofas are easy to clean and maintain


  • With time the upholstery will age
  • Like all leather, direct sunlight will deform it


Coming to you in black, beige and espresso is this beautiful and glamorous 2 piece from Poundex. It comes with a regular 2 seat sofa and one loveseat both being upholstered in durable and strong leather. 

The seating of both sofas is perfect for modernly designed homes that have a touch of contemporary or traditional styling. This set comes with a high rise back on both sofas, giving it more than just an elegant look. The sofas have a stylish giving that will set any room aflame. It will definitely turn your room to your dream escape. That’s why it deserves to be in that room that you want as the centerpiece in your home. 

So this set comes with a regular 2 seat sofa and one loveseat. It comes in black, beige or espresso leather and a grey linen one. The cushions are plush with accent tufting and light stitching to define its style and design. 

It’s modernly designed with a wood frame and has a twist on the legs. The seat cushions are filled with foam and inner springs for both durability and comfort guaranteeing that they will not lose shape, deform or sink in. Note that both seat and back cushions are loose making it easy to move around and clean the sofa. 


  • Both sofas are easy to clean and maintain
  • The cushions are foam and spring filled for durability
  • The sofas are both durable and long-lasting
  • Both sofas are waterproof and stain-resistant


  • Leather is not resistant to all weather elements


If you want an iconic furniture piece in your house then yes this is definitely what you are looking for. It will impress not only your guests but everyone including yourself will be shocked and amazed by its beauty and sophisticated look. 

This is the perfect set for those hot summers when you just want to sit back, lounge and enjoy a cold drink or beer whilst watching a movie or reading a novel. It’s the perfect set if you have kids or pets or you always want to have friends over and have endless midnight chats. 

Welcome to your home elegance and comfort. What we have here is a 2 piece sofa set that will offer you both style and comfort and will brighten up your home and your room. In any room you put it in this set will definitely make a statement and leave you appalled at the new shine your room will have. 

Looking further into detail this set comes with 4 accent pillows just to bring you additional comfort and warmth to your living room. Both sofas have a nail head accent trim on their arms as well as their bases. The back cushions are loose and plush. For both sofas, the back cushions feature a pillow double barrel styled back with the seat rest cushions trimmed in nickel finished buttons to add glare. 

There’s a twist on the legs to add style and flair to your sofas. Both sofas have a classic appeal that you will appreciate especially in the confines of a living room. They will work well with contemporary decors and modern styles as with the right surrounding furniture this set will bring light and life to your living room or family room.


  • Is very comfortable
  • Both sofas are durable and strong
  • The sofas bring a classic look to your home
  • Both sofas are waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Both sofas are easy to clean and maintain


  • Leather is not fire-resistant


This beautiful family lounge set comes to you in 3 colors, ranging from black to red and finally grey. This set is very modern with a contemporary style. The colors are all deep with either a calm or vibrant feel and it’s all up to you to choose which touch you want exactly. 

This amazing set allows you, in fact, it forces you to flex your style by making this lavish addition. Obviously you can tell that it is quality, mix that with the sophistication of leather and there you have it, a beautiful home setting that will have your neighbors jealous and friends falling in love with your home. 

This set features clean and sleek lines. The PU leather cushions create a comfortable and relaxing sitting experience. The legs have a chrome finish and a wooden frame. All that combined with a plush foam fill to give you a durable and long-lasting sofa set in your home. 

It has an ultra-modern finish to bring out the utmost captivating look for your interior. The back is removable, so don’t worry about how you will get the sofa through your door. It’s all been accounted for in the design. The set requires minimal assembly, with the instructions and tools all provided. 


  • Comes in different colors from red, black and grey
  • It is a modern sofa set and will blend in easily
  • Has a removable back for easy cleaning


  • Assembly is required after purchase
  • It is not fireproof

Buyer's Guide


Leather does not require much when it comes to its maintenance. There are commercial solutions specifically designed for leather that one can buy. Following the manufacturer’s direction would be best. But generally with leather, simple vacuuming and wiping with a dry cloth to remove any build-up would leave it clean and shining. 


However, if you feel like doing a deep clean on your leather couch, you could try the white vinegar solution, by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water you just dampen a soft cloth in the solution and wipe the couch. 



When it comes to leather though the look is very satisfying and the comfort you get is worth it, the smell may be as disdainer. Naturally leather gives a slight odor which fades with time but if you feel like you need the smell to go faster, you can clean the sofa regularly with scented leather solutions or wipe it down with a whiter vinegar solution. Not only does vinegar remove stains and dirt from your couch but it will also settle the leather odor bit by bit.



A loveseat is a sofa with a seating capacity of 2, it was not designed for lovers to sit together as its name entails. Originally it was designed for women back in the 17th century to sit as they used to wear fluffy dresses that took up much space. But nowadays they just refer to small sofas that have the seating capacity of 2



Well, sofas are meant for sitting, so unless it is a convertible sofa, constantly taking naps on it will probably result in a few deformations such as sagging, flat cushions, or a weak frame, leading to a wobbly sofa or a deformed shape.



Well if you have a waterproof material sofa you really don’t have to worry about stains. If you, however, have a fabric couch, the struggle is real and the best solution would be to buy a stain guard or waterproof covers for your sofa. 



Genuine leather will last about 25 years or more unless in the case of natural casualties such as direct sunlight, fire or floods. Also depending on how you clean and maintain it would be wise to avoid cleaning with fabric chemicals or water.



To avoid any pain at all sitting on a sofa with a good posture is the best way. Make sure your knees and hips are at the same value, make sure that your back is supported properly and keep both feet flat on the floor. This is what any doctor would tell you. If you’re prone to feeling aches avoid sitting without support and don’t cross your legs or sit with them bent on the couch as well. 



On average a sofa will last about 15 years depending on the framing and material used. However if heavily used and poorly maintained it could last for 10 or even fewer years. It also depends on the upholstery, quality leather will get you up to 25 years or more if properly maintained.

Final Thoughts

Well, this is the end, and I hope our picks help you make a decision that will satisfy both your visual and comfort needs. Sofa shopping is one of the hardest because it’s a long term commitment to the piece. Getting something you’ll regret later on is obviously one of the hardest things to take in and accept. It’s pretty much hard and confusing as you have to figure out which material you want, the style and size and other variables that come with the task, but if your preference is leather I’m sure this guide will help you find what you’re looking for. Enjoy your shopping!

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