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La-Z-Boy performance fabric overview

La-Z-Boy prides itself on using modern performance fabrics that improve the quality-of-life people enjoy with their furniture. Given the high cost of purchasing these products, the spills and stains that happen can be very disheartening. Many people end up highly discouraged and avoid buying expensive furniture for this reason. Modern upholstery fabrics need to be able to deal with everyday accidents. La-Z-Boy ensures the sophisticated designs they use are resistant to sun fading. These strengths are advantageous because they do not cost you comfort. Instead, they are staining-resistant and durable for providing years of wear. Fabrics that come with these properties from La-Z-Boy are defined as part of the High-Performance Stain Protection Group of products they produce.

Lazy boy iclean overview

La-Z-Boy has introduced its iClean range of furniture. This collection of recliners features its new and innovative stain-repelling fabric. These features automatically make it into a high-performance fabric. The material is made with a complex chemical formula designed to protect and surround each fiber. It is an active fabric that always repels spills before drying into stubborn stains. You can expect increased longevity and reduced maintenance when you purchase this product. Dealing with inevitable spills is a problem of the past. 

The science of the fabric is that they are first wholly immersed in a stain-resistant solution. After a period, every single fiber will have been treated. The treated cloth will now have a concentrated barrier of protection. The good thing about using this method is that the recliner fabric remains comfortable and luxurious. Overall, the material is stained-resistant, easy to clean, and soft to touch, and it comes with a 3-year limited warranty. 

Price comparison

It is only logical that this self-protecting fabric option would cost more than the High-Performance regular fabric sold by La-Z-Boy. iClean™ will cost you a pretty substantial amount, but it is worth it in the long term. You will recover these costs through reduced maintenance and repairs.  

Buying a La-Z-Boy sofa that has been designed with High Performance™ fabric will set you back in the region of around $500-$800. 

Buying a La-Z-Boy recliner or chair that has been designed with the new iClean™ fabric will be $300-$600 more than what you pay for the High-Performance regular fabric.

Feature comparison

High-Performance fabrics often handle a few stains in their entirety, whilst with the new iClean™ material, you receive a more comprehensive range of protection. This brand is available in almost a hundred colors. This means you can easily find the fabric to match your style. This protection covers all types ranging from classic to modern. This makes it a versatile option that also protects the environment. The new iClean™ fabric offers double stain protection while still using environmentally sustainable material. The High-Performance regular fabric made by La-Z-Boy does not have all these advanced features as found in the new iClean™ fabric range. 


La-Z-Boy manufacturers have worked hard to ensure that the material used on iClean™ fabric is not toxic. Even though the material is soaked in chemicals to establish a protective layer, it still doesn’t give off any gassing. This material is high quality and durable because it is not oil produced. The more advanced recliners move towards polyester because it does not absorb anything but can be used as a repellent. This eco-friendly material is essential for environmentally conscious consumers.


The durability of the High-Performance recliners is much higher than the regular options. They are made with a sophisticated chemical solution that makes the material stain-resistant. This feature means that you will not have to clean the sofa very often. The harsh chemicals used to clean recliners can reduce the product’s overall lifespan. 

Ease of Cleaning

These products are designed for easy cleaning. To deal with the soiling in general, you will need to perform frequent vacuuming or light brushing. Doing these activities for 5 minutes a week will remove dust and grime. If you have paid a large sum of money and wish to keep the sofa pristine, you can consider using a professional furniture cleaning service. The iClean™ fabric will be much easier to clean than the rest of the La-Z-Boy High-Performance material available.

For effective cleaning, you need to know the type of fabric you buy. These products come with a corresponding cleaning code. The cleaning information can be found on the tag attached to the furniture. This info will help guide you on best keeping the product clean.

To clean your cushion covers, you should remove and launder them. Since the material has been soaked in a chemical hot water extraction or steam cleaning is not a good idea. Do not use solvents to spot clean.

Size comparison

You can purchase both types of materials in any size you like. These will correspond with the size of the recliner that you choose.

Key Similarities

Both of these materials are made to protect against the everyday problems experienced by consumers. They are both stained-resistant and won’t fade in the sun over time. 


The critical difference between the iClean™ fabric and the High-Performance generic option is that the iClean™ fabric is more advanced. It covers a broader range of stains, is easier to clean, and comes in more fabric colors. You will also receive a 3 -year limited warranty on this whilst getting a 1-year warranty on the generic options.

Which is better

For obvious reasons, the iClean™ fabric is better. This ranking is because it is the latest and most advanced fabric that La-Z-Boy offers. It lasts longer and protects against most things that can go wrong in the home. You will be able to clean it with minimal effort, and it is still soft-to-the-Touch.

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