Large Dog Sofa: Top 5 Picks

Are you looking for a dog sofa for your large friend? Is your dog one of the large breeds or has it grown an extra size and has started taking too much space from your cuddle couch? Well don’t worry, just because your pawed friend has grown a size or two, doesn’t mean you have to move him to the floor. 

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You can get him one of the best sofas for dogs out there, in a large size obviously. Besides all the above reasons, your dog could be suffering from joint pain, arthritis, and it’s normal, don’t blame yourself. According to research, 80% of all big dogs either suffer from arthritis or have joint dysplasia, all the more reason to get your dog the most comfortable and supportive sofa.

Large dogs have it harder than a regular-sized dog. Their joints fail them earlier, most of them start to slow down early and we call it natural ageing but that’s not the case. Just like humans, as they age, they do get slower but with large dogs, their joints and muscles tend to give out earlier than an average dog. I mean look at how active dogs are, with its extra weight of course muscles and bones will start failing them at some point and that’s when the trouble starts. 

You’ll see your large dog start to limp, at times it’ll be less jumpy or always sleeping. It won’t jump on the couch like it used to, may even resort to sleeping on the hard cold floor. They can’t even show their pain, maybe a whimper there and there but that’s it. Most reported cases that went with their dogs to the vet were told one common course of action to take, amongst others as well. They were told to get their dog, a comfortable bed or sofa.

Back to human and dog relationship, when humans have aching backs, joints or muscles doctors normally recommend orthopedic mattresses right? Who’s to say it’s not the same for dogs. Dogs also need a bed to lie in. The same comfort humans need, is also the comfort a dog needs. They need more than just a mat, more than just a blanket. 

Why not get your dog one of the most comfortable sofas out there. Watch your dog age at a slower pace, enjoy the jumpy tail-wager for a while longer. Get your dog one of the best sofas and lucky for you we’re going to show you the best, and nothing but the best sofa for your dog.

In A Hurry

Perhaps you’re in a hurry to give your dog the best care and rejuvenate his jumpy character, don’t worry we’re here for you. We care about your dog as much as we care about you. We understand that if your dog is happy, you’re happy and if you’re happy then we’re happy as well. We promise to help you find the best for your dog so trust us to lead the way and we’ll have you done in no time. If you need a quick guide, you have it, let’s get started so we put a smile back on your dog’s face


After thorough research, with nothing in mind except to find you the best dog sofa/bed. The Big Barker 7” pillow top certainly matched our needs and definitely scooped our hearts in the process. The comfort it gives is immeasurable. It’s made to match human standards and is tried and tested by both humans and dogs. If you want to give your dog back its golden years or you want him to rest comfortably. Trust us, go for this one you will not be disappointed.


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Are you ready to modernize your pet? Is this whole sleeping on the couch thing getting a bit too out of hand? Large dogs can take up a whole lot of space and we know that. Well, PetFusion comes to you with its ultimate dog bed. Finally, you can reclaim your couch and your bed letting your dog have its own lush and comfy space. This solid memory foam bed is perfect for dogs of all ages, but especially the mature ones that need joint support and comfort. 

Coming in all sizes and colors this bed will suit any breed and any household so don’t worry about style, just choose a color that fits your interior and you’re set. Unlike most dog beds, this one is designed to last longer as it’s designed especially for large dogs. With premium materials and quality construction, this bed will do you and your large pal justice. 

With waterproof lining, this bed comes with a removable outer cover, making it easy to clean, spot and remove fur as well. It has a smart design with bolsters that act as a bed rest or wall for your dog giving it a sense of security as well as support. The material used is water-resistant and tear-resistant, so don’t worry about your dog’s teething habit, it won’t ruin anything at all. 

The premium materials used on this bed will offer your dog full support and comfort especially if it suffers from joint and pressure point problems, it will improve your dog’s health and mobility, and it has a calming effect that will definitely reduce your dog’s anxiety so those nervous peers will be no more. It’s just the ideal bed for your large breed, so come on, spoil your dog and get this bed.


  • Made especially for large dogs
  • Water-resistant and tear-proof
  • Easy to spot fur and clean
  • Will improve your dog’s health
  • Has a calming effect on dogs to reduce anxiety


  • Is not fire-resistant or resistant to other weather elements

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This is a large Orthopedic bed that comes with a 7” pillow/headrest. It’s designed specifically for large dog breeds, but may be used for other household pets if deemed reasonable. With this bed, you and your dog are guaranteed maximum support and comfort with the notion that this bed will not flatten out. It’s big enough for a human to have a restful night, so imagine what it will be like for your dog instead. 

This bed, I mean this large bed, is made from therapeutic American made foam, hence your dog will never sink and chances of it flattening within a 10-year span are 0 as it has proven to sustain 90% of it shape within that period, talk about long-lasting. 

It’s a durable bed that comes with a 7” pillow top, providing your dog with the perfect headrest or paw-rest at times. Your large dog is not limited to any sleeping postures, it can go through its wildest dreams in any posture but will still be support head to tail. So let’s get deeper into detail with this bed. 

If you want this bed, please be prepared for a long-time investment because this bed will not age nor flatten out any time soon it comes in 3 sizes, Large, X-L and Giant X-L. That’s why it’s specifically for large dogs. Calibrated for big dogs with American made therapeutic foam, it won’t flatten anytime soon. 

Since large dogs suffer most from skeletal problems because of their weight, this bed will help your dog’s joints rejuvenate making its joints last longer than they normally would. If you want your dog jumpy and happy as it was in its younger smaller days, try this bed, and see let it work its magic.


  • Calibrated for large dogs
  • Made with therapeutic foam
  • Will last over 10 years and not lose shape
  • Will rejuvenate your dog’s joints and offer skeletal support
  • Comfortable even for humans as well


  • Not suitable for smaller breeds and there are no sizes for smaller breeds

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Coming in multiple sizes and colors, this sofa will accommodate any dog with and sleeping habit. From stretching to leaning to even curling this bed will still manage to grant your dog the support and comfort it needs. It’s made from high-quality memory foam mattress and washable colors that are fur-resistant so even if your dog is a shedder, just shake the fur off and you’re good to go. 

Another great feature about this bed is that it’s made with your dog’s interests at heart. We know dogs love to play as much as they love to sleep, so this bed here comes with a free toy for your dog to chew on or play with until sleep takes over. So are you still wondering if this bed will do? Let’s check other features out then

The thick memory foam bed makes it comfortable for all dogs since it will support all joint and pressure points, but it’s especially great for those dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis and other structural pains and aches. You can easily combat accidents and stains as the covers are easy to remove and wash making it easy to keep your dog sleeping in a clean bed. 

It comes in various colors, for various interiors so don’t worry about mismatching your home, just choose any neutral color that comes to mind and your interior will not be disturbed at all. Sitting at different dimensions for different sizes, this sofa will definitely have your dog wagging more frequently.


  • Comes in all sizes and various colors
  • Made especially with your dog’s skeletal maintenance in mind
  • Comfortable and supportive for any sleeping position
  • Covers are water-resistant and machine washable


  • Can be affected by extreme weather conditions

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This Orthopedic bed comes to you with a modern style so you already know it will suit your house’s interior. It comes with a fluffy bolster and a wrap-around gusset so your dog is both warm, cozy and comfortable. The added bonus is it’s an Orthopedic bed with memory foam, so you’re guaranteed that won’t flatten out any time soon. It has ample sleeping space for your large dog, so whatever posture your dog is in, it will be well catered for. 

This modern sofa comes with 3 couch arms, providing your dog with a pillow, headrest and paw rest as well. Before we look at the features in detail kets note that this bed is also a non-skid, so no matter how much your dog moves or plays around the bed will at most just move an inch. 

Now for the features, this bed is made from faux linen fabric. The outer cover is stain resistant and will not absorb liquids easily so if your dog happens to be a bedwetter, it won’t seep through. The bed is also versatile and can be put in any room or crate without much of a hustle. Since it is made for comfort, the memory foam will provide the perfect amount of softness and support and its capable of soothing the aching joints of your furry baby. 

It comes with a 3-sided zipper design on the outer cover making for easy removal on laundry day, and it’s just as easy to put back on. Don’t worry about it flattening out, it actually designed for heavy use, so will last you quite a long time. Watch your dog sleep in peace and wake up fully rested and happy with this PetSure bed.


  • Comfortable
  • Water-resistant and will not absorb any liquid
  • Does not stain easily
  • Easy to wash and remove as well as outback
  • Soothes aching joints allowing your large dog restful nights
  • Has a modern design fit for any house


  • Is not fire resistant, nor will it stand all weather elements at extreme measures

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Well this dog-bed, is definitely a bed inclusive of a bed rest. This makes is one of the best if your large dog is a leaner or a stretcher. It’s made for literally almost every dog out there. A drooler, shredder, arthritic or even the ones recovering from surgery this bed would do justice for your dog. 

Made from premium materials, this heat-sensitive bed will support your dog’s bone structure all the more allowing for it to have restful naps and relaxing nights. Like any bed, even for humans, it can be used for a long time, but it comes with extra covers in case your dog is a bit more careless. It’s generally an Orthopedic bed designed with your dogs’ comfort and health in mind. 

Further details entail that this bed will work as a prudent preventative measure for younger dogs of breeds known to suffer from joint dysplasia. It’s a bed basically designed to keep your dog’s joints stronger, younger and able for longer durations before age takes its toll. 

It’s also a therapeutic bed that will provide support and comfort to dogs suffering from different skeletal problems; hip joint problems, arthritis, patellar luxation and so forth, just know whatever your dog’s condition is, this bed will be of great help and support to it. 

Made with high-density memory foam, this bed comes in removable, waterproof covers that are fur-resistant, easy to remove and easy to clean. You can either shake the dirt off, vacuum or throw in the washer that’s how easy they are. 

Dimensions: 40” * 25” * 6”

Headrest: 4”


  • Comes with a headrest
  • Covers are water-resistant and fur-resistant
  • Covers are easy to clean
  • Is an Orthopaedic and therapeutic bed
  • Comfortable and offers support
  • Suitable for any dog breed


  • Is not fire-resistant
  • Is not so suitable for small weight dogs

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Buyer’s Guide


Just like humans, dogs need beds too. For naps during the day, and actually resting and sleeping at night. For a variety of reasons getting your dog, a bed is one of the best things you can do for it. On the plus side, if your dog has its own place to rest and nap, it won’t rest and nap where you don’t want it napping. 


The norm would be to replace it at least once a year or when the mattress and cushions flatten. It would really be uncomfortable for your dog if certain parts of the mattress are stiff while others are flat out the same with the floor. 


During summer times, or when the heat is a bit tough dogs will look for a cooler spot to rest on. So if the bed or sofa feel a bit stuffy for your dog, it will resort to the floor or the porch where the air seems to be moving more and the setting is cooler


Dogs are very sensitive and protective when it comes to their family. So if your dog’s bed is in the living room and you sleep all the way upstairs your dog might not be as restful during the night. However, putting the sofa or bed closer to you will have your dog more secure as it’s able to watch over you and sleep comfortably at the same time


If you feel more comfortable with your dog, then why not, there are really no rules when it comes to sleeping with pets. If you want to have your dog close and you feel more comfortable with it, then, why not. However, your dog may decide to change sleep venues there and there. So it’s up to you and your dog and how well your sleeping arrangements suit individual needs. 

Final Thoughts

Let’s look on the bright side of getting your dog a bed. The reasons could be depressing especially if you have a large dog breed. However, if your dog is still in perfect condition, let’s look at the benefits of getting your large poodle a sofa.

  • Your couch and bed are definitely free and safe if your dog has its own sofa.
  • Dog sofas and beds keep your dog warm and comfortable.
  • Sofas will support your dog’s joints, pressure points and muscles, making sure your dog is youthful and active for a while longer
  •  Like humans, dogs need their space, with a dog bed or sofa, your dog can take time out and have their own space.

Getting your dog its own sofa could possibly be the best thing you could ever do for it. Apart from feeding it, your dog will be more than grateful for this. Enjoy your shopping! 

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