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dog laying on sofaAre you tired of your furry friend always taking up space on your bed or couch? Is it raining and the paw shaped mud stains aren’t really adding glamour to your couch. Maybe your dog has seen better days and jumping on couches and beds isn’t really an option any more. 

A straight solution would be to get your dog its own sofa bed, depending on the amount of comfort you’re willing to give it. They can vary in shape and size. Most if not all are designed to accommodate the different sleeping styles dogs use, from curled positions, stretched out positions to leaning positions. So don’t worry about the right choice of sofa bed for your dog, it’ll be as comfortable and as grateful as it was with you on that couch or bed.

An average adult dog can sleep for 15 to 17 hours a day, whilst puppies need about 22 hours a day unless if they need to feed. I know right!! And I thought I slept a lot. Well knowing this wouldn’t you want you furry best friend to sleep and nap in sumptuous comfort? In their advanced years you know they’re either not feeling so well or they’re having some joint problems. It’s aging and time there’s not much you can do to stop the pain accept offer the best comfort for it to have restful nights and naps

Like the typical sofa, shopping for a dog sofa is just as stressful. You may be particular with your tastes and styles, or simply worried about your dog’s comfort. You can’t sit on a dog bed to test the comfort, nor can you ask your dog what it’d want. The best way would be to assume and hope your dog will love it and set out to buy the best you can find out there.

In A Hurry

Since you here I assume you want to find the best sofa bed for your dog as quickly as possible. You really want your dog to move from your space but at the same time you want to provide it with the best comfort and support it needs? You’re probably worried its joints will hurt, or it would rather sleep on the floor or move back on the couch but don’t worry, here is a quick guide to some of the best sofa beds out there for your large furry friend. It won’t be able to resist, and might find it more comfortable than your sofa or bed you’re fussing about. So let’s take a look and see the best out there and find you what your dog needs. 


Our absolute favourite is the ENCHANTED HOME PET LIBRARY SOFA​. It is shaped like a proper human sofa. We also love the fact that it is elevated off the ground. That means the dog is kept warmer in the colder seasons. 


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Is your dog suffering from joint pains, and is it getting harder for it to jump on your couch or share you bed with you. Maybe it’s even resorted to sleeping on the floor just so it can lessen the struggle for a nap. Well don’t stress, here we have an orthopedic bed that will provide not only comfort but joint, bone and pressure point support to your dog. It comes with 3 walls to give your dog the best support in any  sleeping position and from any angle. 

Finally you can watch your dog sleep comfortably. You don’t have to feel sorry for it anymore it will be in perfect and comfortable hands now. You can now have that cozy sofa spot on the couch all to yourself guilt free watching your dog in it’s own cozy corner. If you’re particular about your interior and you feel that this dog bed will ruin it, don’t fuss, this bed comes in different shades, you may as well choose the one that suits your interior. Now go ahead  and spoil your dog. 

Further detailing is this bed comes in different shapes and sizes from small to jumbo and like we said it comes in 5 different shades; brown, red, silver, grey and navy. It has zipped covers hence is easy to remove. The fact that it can be washed in a regular makes it super easy to maintain and clean as well. It comes with orthopedic memory foam mattress providing your dog with joint support. It has a quilted surface and offers a sofa style for your dog to rest and nap in both luxury and comfort.


  • Easy to clean and has removable covers
  • Has orthopaedic mattress
  • Supports aching joints and pressure points
  • Is affordable
  • Will blend with any interior
  • Has 3 walls that offer support and a head rest


  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Is not waterproof

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Do you ever feel like maybe your dog deserves to relax in elegant style? Do you want your dog not only napping but lounging as well? Let’s take a look at this enchanted home pet sofa. It’s traditionally designed with tufting, covered buttons and brass nailhead accents. 

If your best friend is a lean sleeper then this is the perfect choice because it has extra cushioned arms that aid in supporting your dog’s head and neck. If you’re a clean freak and you hate seeing a speck of dirt then don’t worry about wearing this sofa down with washes. It’s made a strong fabric that can hold multiple washes without fading or wearing down. This sofa will make sure your dog is comfortable and warm as the 2” solid legs help avoid your dog feeling any draft. 

This classic dog sofa sits on 2” turned wood legs and comes with a storage pocket for bones and toys for your dog. The cushion covers are removable and are easy to clean as they can be machine washed. It’s made from plush fabric offering a slightly firm but comfortable feel. Dimensions for the bed are set at 40.5”*30”*18” and it comes at you with a seat depth of 33”*24” making it ample for medium to large sized dogs of any breed. Comfortable


  • Suitable for any breed
  • Has an elegant style
  • Does not sit directly on the floor
  • Zipped covers that are easy to remove and clean
  • Has a storage pocket


  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Prone to staining

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If you’re worried about your best friend’s joints and you want it to have best nights of canine life, then you need to look at this Pecute dog bed. It’s the perfect bed if you have a medium or large sized dogs but it can work well for small dogs as well. This orthopaedic bed  will allow your dog to sleep in a variety of positions and styles without having to worry about joint pain or pressure. 

It is specifically designed to support your dog’s cervical region hence protecting the spine and making sure it is well aligned. So like most beds this doggy is suitable for all breeds and sizes, from a mastiff, pitbull, pugs and labradors, all of them can experience the spacious comfort that this bed offers to them. 

In further detail this bed comes with a double sided design where on side is soft and warm making it perfect for autumn and summer seasons. The underside is made from ice silk fabric which is cool and breathable giving your dog full comfort even in hot summer seasons. The memory foam mattress of this orthopaedic bed is made from 100% environmentally friendly material. Besides it being high density the material is also suitable for long-term use without as much as an ounce of deformity


  • For all dogs sizes
  • Orthopaedic
  • Long lasting
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Set to protect your dog’s spine.
  • Made from environmentally-friendly material


  • Allergens may be present

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If you want to spoil your dog with comfort whilst looking to protect its spine then this doggy chaise lounge should be a perfect fit. It’s L-shaped and not only attractive in form but in functionality as well. This ultra plush, snuggly soft bed will cushion your furry best friend in an egg crate orthopaedic foam mattress that will soothe joint aches, and improve air circulation, at least now the snoring will be toned down. 

It’s L-shape comes with a dual-sided design giving it ample support for its head and neck to rest on. It comes in different size to accommodate all dog sizes and breeds so of yours is a big or large breed don’t worry, large and jumbo sizes are available. With this sofa, cleaning is not a problem it also comes with a dual zippered design allowing easy access to the mattress if it needs changing or if you simply want to wash the covers. If you feel like you have already found the perfect sofa for your dog, let’s see what else it has to offer. 

Coming at diff sizes, a jumbo and jumbo plus size sofa comes at dimensions of 44”/53” * 35”/42” *8”/9.5”. With the regular large coming at 36”*27” *6.5”. It has a 2 color tone design varying from the color you pick. The zipper design allows it easy access in case you want to change the mattress or filling or you just want to wash the covers to give you dog a clean space. It’s the perfect space for any sleeping position but especially learning styles as it offers full support in the hip joints. Unless your dog has a teething or biting habit, this bed will last long in your home. 


  • Orthopaedic bed for pets
  • Soft and ultra plush
  • Improves your dog’s air circulation
  • Dual sided design offering head and neck rests
  • Comes in all sizes and different colors
  • Has zipped covers that are easy to remove


  • Not suitable for dogs with biting habits as fabric may tear

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If an average dog naps for about 17 hours a day why not make sure that it at least naps in comfort, style and protection. This orthopaedic bed has the perfect memory foam that offers your dog maximum comfort and joint supports by keeping pressure aligned. Unlike regular doggy beds this comes to you with fireproof foam material which reduce the burning time or even delay the burning, that is, of course, in case there’s a fire. 

This bed has so many features that will benefit your dog  also making things easier for you. For example the removable cover material used to make this bed is waterproof making it stain resistant and easy to wash. Filled with PP cotton all the covers are breathable so your dog will still nap comfortably even during those hot summer nights. Before I forget as an additional feature specifically for your dog’s entertainment, this bed also comes with a squeaker toy in the case that it has a teething habit you’ll be more than glad for this toy. 


Other features entail that this bed comes at dimensions of  32”*22*7” with a sleeping area of 24”*16” making it a good size for small to medium or averagely big dogs. Filled with PP cotton which is two times more resilient than regular cotton material is breathable keeping your dog well aerated and comfortable. The memory foam offers joint relief and comfort allowing your dog to have restful nights and easy turnings. The look itself is simple and smart, no fallen furs or cotton balls can ever be found on the floor.


  • Comfortable and offers joint relief
  • Waterproof
  • Tear resistant and hard wearing
  • Removable covers hence easy to clean
  • Ideal for small to medium/averagely big dogs


  • Universal size may not be ideal for large breeds

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Buyer’s Guide


Depending on the age of the dog, they can either sleep for almost the same as an average human or more but never less. The average adult dog spends almost 17 hours sleeping if undisturbed. However this may be hard to notice as they can frequently wake up to play or snuggle up with their owner. Newborn puppies on the other hand can sleep for 22 or more hours a day waking up only to feed and as they get older they may need a few more hours to walk and play before sleeping again 



Don’t worry about getting a crate or a bed for a dog. Like humans dogs find even the oddest of places comfortable. So you can get either a crate or a bed and your dog will decide which is more comfortable could be the floor or the crate/bed. If not maybe you’ll see it frequently on one of the garden chairs.



Well though dogs can’t speak telling if a dog is in pain or uncomfortable is quite easy especially if you are close with it. If its uncomfortable it will either shift positions frequently or leave and find some place more comfortable to rest, or it could give you whimper and there so do something about it. 



Who wouldn’t want to rest and relax in a warm fuzzy and fluffy space, a dig would obviously love a fluffy bed. However some fluffy beds with time tend to lose shape and balance and may instead cause joint pains for dog.  Firm beds on the other hand are comfortable and most are orthopaedic and work well with older dogs. Firm beds are good in that they offer equal support to the whole body so it’ll be easier for your dog to shift or stand unlike on the fluffy bed. 



Its best to replace your dog’s bed after a year and when you can see that the mattress no longer holds your dog from the floor. However some beds are designed to last longer than just a year so when you can tell that your dog is no longer comfortable and the bed doesn’t have the same volume and look as when you first bought. That’s the best time to change. 



Getting your dog a bed is beneficial for both ends, and yes just like humans dogs need a bed. In any case if a dog has a bed it at least has a place to retreat to for a comfortable nap or when it just needs time alone and at the same time if it has a bed that will make sure you won’t find it sleeping where you don’t want it sleeping. 



Most dog beds are varied by size and not breed, as long as your dog can fit and nap comfortably that’s fine unless if certain material causes irritation to your dog then any bed is fine for your dog’s breed.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it, all the best beds and sofas for your large fluffy friends. You know your dog best and you at least have an idea of what it needs. Don’t hesitate to spoil it with the best and most comfortable bed out there. If its old and having some joint pains, there are so many orthopaedic doggy needs out there. Classy, stylish, firm and fluffy you name it, it’s all there. I hope by now you know what to get your four-legged family member. Let’s spoil that pet!! 

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