L Shaped Sofa: Our Top Picks

Are you looking for an L shaped sofa? I know they are literally the in thing at the moment for any household and the fact that they come in so many colors and with so many functions just makes things better and better. So tell me, why the sudden urge to introduce an l-shaped sofa into your home?

Are you in it for the style or are you in it for the efficiency either way what i can tell you is that with an l-shaped sofa you will definitely get everything that you could ever need. See with L-shaped sofas you can literally fit them anywhere and by anywhere i mean anywhere.

You know that with the shape that they have L-shaped sofas are very much convenient for all spaces from small to large and the best part about them is that no matter how many seaters it comes with you can always find a way to accomodate more people.

Now L-shaped sofas come under a group term known as sectional sofas. I’m pretty sure you already knew that but just to be on the safe side, not all L-shaped sofas are sectionals and not all sectional sofas are l-shaped. So this is how it goes, a sectional sofa comes in parts or in this case let me use the term sections.

You will find that if it is an L-shaped sofa it will have either two or three parts that you then join together to form your sofa clearly. So if you are looking for an L-shaped sectional sofa be sure to note the difference between it and a U-shaped one.

In A Hurry

So I’m guessing from the looks of things you want to get yourself an L-Shaped sofa and you want to be quick about it. I also want to be quick about it and not waste any of your time. Today I’m going to be looking at some of the best L-shaped sofas out there to make your job easier. I will make sure the vary in size, material and color but fact will remain that they will be the best. 


As it is there is always one that remains better than the rest and that’s exactly what i want to tell you when it comes to this sofa here. This sofa qualifies to be a sleeper, a futon and a sofa at the same time. It’s a fully multifunctional sofa that not only provides you with the comfort you need but extra services that other sofas may fail to give as well. Just be sure to check it out, you will not regret it at all. 


Our Reviews Of L-Shaped Sofa

Casa Andrea Milano 3-Piece Modern Sectional Sofa


This 3 piece Casa Andrea Milano modern sectional sofa comes to you in a hazelnut, beige, chocolate and grey form. Made with microsuede and faux leather upholstery this couch is the definition of luxury. It’s a spacious 3 piece sectional sofa that has a reversible chaise and an ottoman as well. It has an exquisite modern design and is wrapped in carefully selected soft microsuede and leather upholstery.

It’s designed to provide you with high-quality comfort and nothing but the best. Besides what it is made of, let’s look at the fact that it is a sectional sofa with so many endless possible matches and configurations. You can create your own lounge to suit your preferences. It has a reversible chaise and ottoman meaning you automatically have an extra seat, footrest and a coffee table.

At first sight, looking at this couch one may only notice the leather upholstery, but it’s actually more suede than it is leather. It’s a brown couch that has a four seating capacity. It is made with a durable wood frame base and used on it is fair grain woods and ultra-soft fabrics to bring you that luxurious smooth comfort. It has removable zippered cushions that are easy to wash and clean.

In the case of a busy week, you could just remove them, throw them in the washer and you’re good to go. The seats are filled with high-quality poly fiber and so are the back cushions with innerspring coils to provide support and comfort at the same time. Though assembly is required all the hardware, tools and parts needed are all provided for. They are also sent in a convenient home kit.


  • It comes with a reversible chaise lounge
  • Has ample space to accommodate people
  • Has leather parts to give it a unique design
  • It is very comfortable and soft


  • It is not waterproof
  • It is not resistant to stains

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Dallas Chocolate Brown PU Leather Large corner Group Sofa


Coming to you is this Dallas chocolate brown PU leather sofa. It comes in two colours that are brown and black but is definitely worth the buy. It’s a cosy large sofa that can accommodate 8 or more people depending on the sitting arrangements and their sizes. It’s a very beautiful piece and adding this to your home will give your interior an amazing feel and vibrant set.

This sofa, be it in black or brown, is capable of filling up a whole room, but since it’s an l-shaped sofa it will fit well at the walls and will be very space-efficient and fully functional. With its large size besides offering comfort, two people can actually cosy up and take these mid-day naps comfortably without intersecting each other.

Though it is a large leather sofa it still complies with the British fire regulations as it holds all required certifications held by the law to prove it. It’s a soft and rather firm couch that lasts longer than your regular l-shaped sofa. With this sofa, you at least know that you have pure leather.

In deeper detail, this large and comfortable corner sofa is brown leather. The seats are super thick and filled with high-density foam wrapped with fibre to give it that round shape and extra comfort. It comes with a matching footstool, which can act as an extra seat and give you the ideal setting for the perfect lounging set up. but you would have to purchase the stool separately.

The back cushions are silicon fibre-filled and the leather used on this sofa is very durable and very easy to clean. This means you may as well just wipe the dust-up with a soft damp cloth and you are good to go with your sofa looking as good as new. Plus the couch will still offer you a very long service time. The back cushions are removable and are helped in place by a velcro strap. Sofa dimension: 235cm*235cm*90cm


  • It is a comfortable and cosy sofa
  • It can accommodate up to 8 people or more
  • The seats are super thick hence very comfortable
  • It comes with a matching footstool
  • It meets the UK’s safety regulations


  • Bonded Leather is not as long-lasting as compared to genuine leather

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DHP Haven Small Space Sectional Futon Sofa


Made from wood and leather this green linen sectional futon will bring not only comfort to your home but will add a shine to your interior as well. It’s a valuable sofa that you’ll definitely fall in love with from day 1. It’s suitable for almost any living space to be small, medium or large. 

Though it’s a small sofa, I’m sure with the right surrounding and additional furniture it will fit right in. Call it a futon, call it a sofa sleeper, or just a sofa, it won’t change the fact that this futon is multifunctional. In just a few minutes, like 5 is actually a lot you can switch it from a regular to a bed, I mean who wants to wait a whole hour just so they can sleep.

The design is generally elegant and simple with a tufted back-rest, slim track arms and black legs. It’s a versatile sofa that comes with a chaise meaning you can put the chaise on any side and at any position to satisfy your visual sense. With all this said I think it’s time we take a deeper look into what it offers really.

Starting with the style, it has an elegant mid-century vibe to it. You will find that the backrest  for this sofa is  multi-positional meaning it can be reclined to lounging and sitting positions. Made from durable wood, okay let me say “robust durable wood” instead, this futon will be your bestie for whole lotta years to come. Its weight limit is approximately 600lbs.


  • Is convertible to 3 different positions
  • Has reclining backrest for lounging and sleeping positions
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Had versatile structuring and designing


  • Is not UV protected, hence direct sunlight will fasten wearing

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Meraz Sectional sofa with chaise and ottoman


This is an l-shaped sectional sofa that comes to you from Merax in blue or grey, brown, light blue and light gray. It is truly a beautiful piece that will help you rediscover your love for style and comfort. Its style is loaded with interesting features that will never get old in your living room earning it that timeless look we all hope for in our homes.

If you are one who enjoys family gatherings or hosting social gatherings this sofa may be just what you need. With its design, this sofa is made in such a way that it makes any room enjoyable and comfortable.

It’s a great piece to add in a dining room, living room, bedroom, hotel or even an office. It has a contemporary and luxurious look that is both appealing to the eye and welcoming to the body. With this sofa here, you are guaranteed 3 things: comfort, luxury and style.

So basically this sofa comes with a 1*3 seat sofa, 1 chaise lounge and 1 free ottoman as well as 6 pillows, with an additional feature of the ottoman having a storage compartment. From top to bottom, both the frame and the legs are made with solid wood making this sofa sturdy and stronger than other sofas out there.

The seat and back cushions are filled with high resilience sponge which is more comfortable to sit on and will actually last longer as compared to fibre-filled cushions. With suede upholstery, this sofa is very easy to clean and maintain as the suede is dirt proof. 

When necessary you may as well use a professional cloth cleaner. Assembly is required but as always, all the required hardware and instructions will be provided for and is not more than 30 minutes.


  • Cushions are made with high resilience sponge for comfort and durability
  • The suede upholstery is dirt-proof
  • The sofa is very comfortable and easy to clean
  • Comes with an ottoman that has a storage function


  • It requires assembly at first
  • Though dirt proof, it is not actually waterproof or stain-resistant

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Rivet Revolve Mid-century Sofa with Reversible Chaise


This is a beautiful heritage sectional sofa that comes to you in 8 colors, although for sorts this heritage shade makes it look more like a green sofa. It’s a basic polyester fabric sectional sofa that is not only comfortable but is constructed with the very best materials.

With solid wood framings and quality material upholstery, this sofa will also remain visually appealing for a long time. It’s an aesthetic piece of furniture that will have you looking forward to coming home on a daily basis. Its look is very modern and plush and will probably tempt you to want to take naps more regularly.

As it is a sectional sofa you can move it around and switch configurations until you find one that suits you best. It’s a great sofa if you enjoy sitting, lounging and napping as it is specifically designed for all those relaxing activities and positions. Let us see what else is there to offer.Coming to you at a dimension of 34.6’*79.9’*35.4′. this is the sofa only.

It also comes with a reversible chaise which you can move to either end of the sofas to accommodate your room space. With this ottoman attached your sofa will have a dimension set at 62.2’*79.9’*35.4′. It’s made with a sturdy hardwood frame with solid beech wood legs that have an office look.

The upholstery is a polyester fabric which will offer you a very soft and relaxing feel, be it when sitting, napping or lounging. As it has a reversible ottoman, you will have either an extra seat, table or lounger depending on the problem at hand.

Lastly, it is a modernly designed sofa that will fit modern decors and can blend in with either office or commercial rooms as well as home interiors such as basements, living rooms or even bedrooms.


  • Made from strong materials the sofa is durable
  • It’s very comfortable
  • It can be configured to different positions
  • Comes with a reversible chaise lounge which is multi functional


  • Polyester fabric upholstery is not waterproof or stain-resistant

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Buyer’s Guide


A sectional sofa is a sofa that comes in sections which can be joined together in different positions and configurations to suit one’s style and taste for that particular room. 


There is no fixed size for a sectional sofa as they come in different shapes and sizes and can be altered to suit the room size. However generally speaking any sofa should not be in length with the wall, there should be an 18″ space allowance between the sofa and the wall from all angles. With that in mind, I’m sure you can come up with an approximate sofa size for your room.


A chaise is a combined armchair that has an extended ottoman allowing one to lounge easily. It’s normally one-piece all in all and at times comes with a reversible chaise. An ottoman, on the other hand, is almost like a stool and is mostly used as a footrest in most occasions or as a footrest. 


Small corner sofas are best when you want to maximize any small living room. They would normally offer more seats than any regular small sofa because of the way they are set up. Buy also, if you buy a large corner sofa it may not suit or fit a small room


Sectional sofas are sofas that come in sections, it can be any sofa, from l-shaped to u-shaped sofas. However, a sectional sofa can be an l-shaped sofa; it is not an l-shaped sofa. This is a reference to the functionality of the sofa. 

Final Thoughts

Well that was fun. I’m sure i have tried to include a wide range of different sofas from color to material user and as you could tell most of them were in different colors choices. I’ve done my part and I guess it’s time for you to do yours. So get at it, have fun with your shopping.

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