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If you are looking for a good quality sofa at an affordable price then this is definitely the sofa for you. Kuka is the home leading furniture manufacturer in China and all its pieces have been known to be of high quality and have been revered for their ability to match high standards. 

With its high supply in living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and even kitchen furniture Kuka has been a popular brand worldwide. So this shouldn’t be a surprise to you when I tell you that this Kuka sofa that we have here is a high-quality brand sofa that will suit and match all your needs from its comfort to its looks and aesthetics.

It comes in a fashionable light grey that makes it very compatible with all interiors from contemporary, modern, classic, and minimalist. 

Just by looking at this sofa, you can tell of all the comfort that it will bring to your home. The seat cushions are not only fluffy when it comes to their look but they also hold a very firm feel when you sit on them to avoid that dreaded sunken feel that we have. 

You are able to sit or lie down for long hours without feeling any pain which makes it rather the perfect sofa to put in a waiting area especially in those busy companies. It has an oak wood frame making it a very strong and durable piece that you would love to have in your home


  • Is very beautiful and aesthetic to the eye
  • The achromatic color allows it to blend in any interior
  • Is big and spacious enough for one to sit comfortably and even take naps
  • Is easy to clean and maintain 


  • The light grey color makes all stains vividly visible
  • Assembly is required


When you look at this sofa you will find that it comes in a beautiful grey color that will not only make your home more lavish but is very easy on the eyes as well. It has a low seat structure in which its armrest comes at the same level as its backrest. It has big back cushions that allow you to rest back comfortably and if possible when lie down and take a quick name.

The design used on this sofa is the perfect one if you want to decorate your home with a classic and yet modern feel. I love the grey especially because of its achromatic stance it is able to fit in with any interior of any design line and aesthetic feel. I can guarantee that with this sofa in your home, you will be able to do so many things cozily without any trouble whatsoever. 


When it comes to size this Kuka sofa comes in the size of any regular sofa. It is not a loveseat hence cannot be classified as a compact sofa suit for small apartments. However, chances are the sofa will fit in well even if you have a small room but I can’t promise you that it will not be as overcrowded as you’d imagine it to be. 

Generally, this is a two-seat sofa, but from the width of it, it can seat more than two people comfortably in fact. The following are the measurements L 225cm x W 98cm x H 88cm x H 88cm with a weight of 71kg and a carrying capacity of more than 200lbs. So if you want to fill up either a small room, medium-sized room or even a large room this sofa should be perfect for you. 


When it comes to the comfort this sofa provides, let’s just say I could run out of words trying to explain to you the cozy warm feeling that it brings. Unlike leather, this sofa comes warm always, even in cold conditions you will find it to be rather warm which is a very good thing. 

Unlike velvet sofas, this one here may not be as smooth but it definitely is not edgy when it comes to your skin. All in all the seat cushions are firm so are the back cushions giving you that bodily support that you need when you are trying to relax. 


When it comes to durability there is really not much to say because we already know that Kuka products will never let you down. The material of the whole sofa is 100% polyester fabric. The feet are made from wood, specifically oak wood. 

We have the whole sofa’s structure being no-sag spring and polyurethane foam with a density of 16kg/m3. The seats and cushions are all filled with dense Polyurethane foam making them comfortable with a firm touch. 


Coming at a reasonable price. I have to say for such a sofa of high quality and high standards this should fall under affordable. You find that this sofa worth so much more if we were to consider every corner and curve of this sofa.

I bet we would find out that this sofa is worth so much more. From the ability to change an interior to its entire look as well as durability I would say this sofa definitely deserves props for its properties which are obviously to be expected 


As I stated above, when you are dealing with Kuka you have to understand that with it comes great pride In quality and standards. At this rate, you should not be surprised if I tell you to go and get this sofa as soon as possible. Is it even possible for someone to know about this sofa and not buy it? 

I mean who would not love such a sofa in their own home. If you are a fanatic for quality brand names and if you have high standards when it comes to your furniture then trust me the sofa is the one for you and it even comes at an affordable price for such a high standard sofa. So before you forget, go get this sofa and enjoy your shopping.

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