Jayne XL Oversized Mid Century Leather Match Sofa

Are you looking for an extra-wide sofa that can brighten up any room and make it the coziest center of your home? Does the Jayne XL Oversized Mid Century Leather Match Sofa pique your interest? Come with me and I will show you can expect from this sofa. Here we have a sofa they called Jayne.  It’s an XL meaning extra large sofa which comes oversized and all. It’s a leather sofa in general which can really grow to be more of a soft and cozy spot in the entire home. Leather is an elegant material that sets out sophisticated vibes.
Jayne XL Oversized Mid Century Leather Match Sofa
With this one right here you will manage to get the best of both worlds from elegant and sophisticated to welcoming and cozy. So let’s see what else this sofa has in store for us.  Coming to you in a large and oversized manner, this large and luxurious Jayne XL sofa is the perfect piece to get cozy with a friend, lover, or even a pet. It will be an excellent addition to any family or living room or even a bedroom, depending on how big your bedroom actually is.  You Will that this sofa is upholstered in a buttery soft leather match. Also, this Jayne sofa features a low profile so if you are one of those tall people, we may have a slight problem with comfort.  It has an extra-wide seating area and (2) two decorative pillows for extra comfort which probably covers up for the low profile right. If it was socially acceptable to lounge all day long, I wouldn’t blame you at all.



  • Is a large sofa that has a wide sitting area
  • Is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Is both stylish and comfortable for any home


  • Has a low sitting profile
  • Not ideal for small rooms


Well, talk about looking at this sofa here in five colors in which you will find black, brown, blue, grey, and white. All these colors for you to change your home to anything you want and at any point in time.  You will find that this sofa can fit into any interior decor by either blending in with what’s already available or it will instead take all the line light grabbing all the attention from the room to it.
Jayne XL Oversized Mid Century Leather Match Sofa
It is that sofa that you would want in a family room or in a living room just to make sure that all your guests see it and are just as grabbed by the elegance that shines from it. It has low arms when compared to the backrest and the cushions are not tufted in any way.  CHECK THE BEST PRICE


As stated by the name this is an extra-large sofa that comes in oversize. It is that sofa that you would want in a large spacing so it can take up a lot of room and not make the room lonely at the same time if you have a small room, the sofa may have trouble sitting well as it would probably make the whole room seem so crowded.  It comes with 12 legs that are situated and the ends and the center of the sofa giving it more balance and sturdiness allowing you to sit in any way you choose to sit without fear of toppling or breaking the sofa in half.  That alone should give you an idea of how big the sofa is. It comes at an overall dimension of (H x W x D):29.9″ x 110.6″ x 34.6″ and can be the perfect sofa in the right room.


When it comes to comfort, I always say that leather sofas can never let you down. It’s rare to find a leather sofa that has a soft and mushy feeling. Most if not all actually come with a stiff, if not firm but very comfortable stance which is quite cozy depending on your definition of cozy.  This sofa has a firm sitting and could be the sofa of your dreams if you decide to make it a napping area as well. The leather at first sit may be cold against the skin but that’s a general feel for leather, it has that cool and calm feeling on your skin.  At the same time this buttery soft leather may not be as smooth to your skin as you would think but only if you are very sensitive will you notice such.


When it comes to durability how could we even question leather sofas like that? Coming to you with a wooden frame that is not only made from natural and strong wood this sofa also comes with heavy-duty expertise.  That means you can sit nap and it would still last you a really long time. Leather is strong and natural and can resist a lot of weather elements such as water, and the cold but when it comes to heat, let’s just say it’s this sofa’s kryptonite.  Make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight and you’ll be guaranteed a sofa that lasts. Aside from all that this sofa is very easy to clean and maintain all it takes is a damp cloth and you’re good to go on the bright side of things you can get a leather conditioner just to make things more lavish for yourself.


Well, I am not going to lie to you, once you see the term leather on any sofa just know that it’s going to be a bit of a high cut price.  This sofa even though it is smooth and all, still comes as affordable in leather language for a leather sofa of its size you would expect it to be more expensive but it’s actually quite cheap and affordable.  That is in leather language, in real-world talk the sofa is pricey and may need you to stray from your average budget a bit.


Well, in conclusion, the sofa comes out as elegant and stylish, it is very comfortable and cozy and definitely it is not capable of disappointing you at any point in time. So good luck and enjoy shopping. 
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