Jasper Classic Victorian Chesterfield Review

Let’s say you’re making a cake, you want that elegant taste, with a pinch of sophistication. Let us not forget a few tablespoons of class, pizazz, and voila!. That is exactly what this sofa is. It is that cake that will have you tasting all the stated ingredients. 

The pleasure and the explosion are unimaginable which is exactly how this sofa will make you feel. Being a Chesterfield sofa you already know that this sofa is going to send you to oblivion.

Jasper Classic Victorian Chesterfield Bonded Leather Sofa

Leather is naturally a sophisticated material and once used on a sofa it becomes the majesty of all sofas. So imagine having a majestic furniture piece in your home, that’s exactly what you’re looking for right? Well step in and let us see what else you get from this beautiful sofa. 

Jasper is generally your old-time classic Victorian Style Loveseat with beautiful scroll arms that just enhance the elegance and sophisticated aesthetic that this sofa comes with. The tufted backrest with button details is an eccentric feature that will draw you and your guests every time they step into the room. 

You will find that it is upholstered in a finely-crafted, durable, and made-to-last bonded leather which is probably the best look you could ever expect to find on a classic sofa. Trust and believe that this sofa will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air into your home, office, or studio and will never get old to your eyes or to the room.


  • Is a very comfortable loveseat
  • Is easy to clean and easy to maintain
  • Is waterproof and stain resistant


  • Is not made from genuine leather
  • Sits quite low and maybe uncomfortable for tall people



When it comes to the looks, this sofa is highly unlikely to disappoint. Coming to you in black and grey you can already tell that this sofa was designed to fit modern setups and contemporary ones. In fact with these two colors, you can literally make this sofa work with any interior. 

With such a dogmatic pose this sofa will definitely be the star of the room in any situation. You will find this loveseat to be more than just a regular sofa. The button detailing in the tufted backrest is that look we all want but never know it. 

Jasper Classic Victorian Chesterfield Bonded Leather Sofa

Imagine having such a sofa in your foyer or an office? What else could possibly enhance the classic interior of any room? For a living room or studio, this loveseat will probably make your apartment or home look more expensive than it is and will definitely show off you are fine taste in furniture. So why go for anything less when you can have it all with just this majestic loveseat. 



As a loveseat, you will find that this sofa is not as big as your regular sofas but its also not as small as your everyday loveseat. Coming with a few extra inches off you could definitely have about three people sit comfortably on this sofa without feeling squashed. 

It comes at an overall dimension of (H x W x D): 17″ x 61″ x 21″ with the backrest standing at (H): 11″ and the legs giving off a clearance of (H): 5″. This sofa is perfect for any space whether small, big or large. 

It’s very functional apart from it being a very aesthetic piece it can also work as an extra piece of furniture and fill up an empty space that you feel is too lonesome.


We all know leather to be that cool material especially when it comes to your skin. Worse off if it’s in the winter season. However good thing is that the sofa warms up quickly so just feel the intense cold for a few seconds and boom, let the comfort sit in. 

So apart from all that, it’s no secret that the sofa is a bit low so it would be less comfortable if you are more to the tall side. But that won’t affect how it actually feels. Apart from being sleek and modern, this sofa comes with a strong wooden frame that can not roughly 2 people and with good chancing maybe three. 

However, you would want to watch out on its weight capacity given that its a loveseat. With 100% bonded leather you are guaranteed to enjoy your life with this sofa.


It really is no secret that leather is one of the toughest materials out there. Having been used even on shoes you will find that a sofa made from leather is likely to last longer than a sofa made from fabric. 

It is waterproof so in the case that you spill something a simple cloth will clean that right up. When it comes to cleaning the sofa a leather conditioner is wise or you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Sadly this is bonded leather which is one of the lowest grades that probably won’t last as genuine leather graded leather. Too much exposure to any weather element could result in the sofa peeling off and of course, it is not proof to sharp objects and depreciation.


Leather sofas are generally expensive because of the leather upholstery. However, with this Jasper classic here, it comes at an affordable price for any regular sofa out there. However, as compared to other loveseats out there, this one may turn out to be a tad bit pricey. So if you are on a low budget, this may not be the best idea. 


For love for anything leather, this sofa clearly deserves a round of applause for the consistency in majestic elegance. Its style is simply its main attraction followed but the upholstery and all rounding up to its majestic appeal. 

If you are looking for something elegant and compact for any room whether it’s at home or at work, then I’d recommend this sofa for you. With disappointment not being completely evaded on some features, this look on this sofa can definitely help you forget that it’s not as perfect. 

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