Is a Handheld Steam Cleaner Worth it?

How do they work?

A handheld steamer is an electrical appliance that functions through the process of heating water into steam. This heated steam is projected towards the fabric to loosen the fibers and make it easier to straighten or clean. This is a trendy on-the-go option that works quickly and efficiently to remove wrinkles without unnecessary heat. With the handheld option, you can place your clothes on a hanger and steam them as they are. You will find that within a few minutes, whichever item of clothing you were steaming will be completely wrinkle-free and smelling fresh. 

What are the benefits?

If you have any stains that are very persistent and difficult to get off through regular cleaning methods, then you will find this appliance to be a gift from God. The steam is scalding and powerful, which means it can penetrate through the fibers and loosen any dirt particles that have planted themselves on the item of clothing. It is, therefore, a safer alternative to purchasing harsher chemicals to clean those clothes.

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This appliance is much safer to use than an iron. A large number of household fires occur every year because people forget to switch off the iron. All the disadvantages you can expect from using iron are issues that you will not experience when dealing with the handheld steam cleaner. It makes use of less electricity which means that you’ll be reducing your household expenditure. It also heats up faster for the times when you are in a rush and need to get a wrinkle out of a shirt before work.

What are the downfalls?

For this impressive form of cleaning technology, you will have to part ways with quite a large sum of money, and that is one of the leading barricades to people purchasing this option. If you compare the cost of this with buying a simple traditional bucket, mop, and iron, you will find that this one item costs more than all of these combined most of the time.

Even though the device is safer than using an iron, the steam is still scorching. Apart from being very hot, it is also quite pressurized, meaning that a severe injury can occur in the hands of a child. Therefore, you must ensure that there is always supervision when this product is used, and it is not left around the house aimlessly.

Most handheld steam cleaners have a small area that they can cover at a time. This is due to the practical nature and size of the nozzle. This means that if you also want to use the handheld steam cleaner to clean larger surfaces, this will require more effort and time. In this scenario, you might be tempted to grab a bucket and mop.

When to use a handheld steam cleaner?

Cleaning the bathroom

If you go for a very long time without pressure cleaning your bathroom, then you may notice a large amount of unpleasant mold that may begin to accumulate. Using a steam cleaner is one of the most hygienic ways to deal with bathroom mold and dirt. You can expect that after using this appliance, the entire bathroom will be highly sanitary. The nozzle on a handheld steam cleaner is much smaller in size; therefore easier to get into those hard-to-reach places such as corners. Another great advantage of this is that it will be able to cover all areas of the bathroom. This includes shower doors, bathtubs, toilets, and also any mirrors that you have around.

Clearing grease from appliances

Cleaning the oven after making a delicious family roast can be quite a daunting task for anybody. You will need to get a pair of gloves on and scrub Aggressively. The advantage of using a handheld steam cleaner is that this process becomes quite streamlined. You should be able to easily brush off any remaining grease from all of your appliances. Once done, all you will need to do is wipe it down.

When not to use a handheld steam cleaner?

A handheld steam cleaner is not appropriate for cleaning the entire house, and the whole square area is way too large for such a small nozzle to handle. Therefore if you plan on buying this appliance to clean all of the carpets in your house, then there is a good chance that you will wear out your steam cleaner and yourself before you complete the job.

Are steam cleaners suitable for showers?

These are particularly excellent for showers. If you have some shower cleaner spray it all over the shower and give it 15 minutes to set. Once this process is done, bring your handheld steam cleaner and clean the battery off the chemical. You will notice at the end of this; the shower will be very hygienic and sparkling clean.

How do I choose a handheld steam cleaner?

You’ll have to make some critical decisions when choosing a handheld steam cleaner.

  1. What do you plan to do with it?

These appliances are often tiny and therefore designed to be quite mobile. They do not have a tank with a large capacity meaning that you will only be able to use it for short and powerful periods at a time. This makes them highly effective for any emergencies that may arise. This can range from accidental carpet stains right up to a quick de-wrinkling of an item of clothing.

  1. Battery-powered or wired?

There is no doubt that the battery-powered option will be more expensive, but the extra portability Will be more convenient. This will provide you with a greater reach for those hard-to-access areas.

Which handheld steam cleaner is best in the UK?

The BISSELL SteamShot Hard Surface  Steam Cleaner is perhaps the best steam cleaner in the UK. It is an excellent high-pressure steam cleaner that works on demand. It comes with a trigger that makes it very easy to use and is 100% chemical-free. You can therefore rest easy knowing that no harmful fumes are being sprayed all over the house. It has different accessories for the nozzle, meaning that you should clean a broader range of items.

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