Is a Futon Good for College? A Student’s Experience

Futons are a terrific way to relax and stay warm when you’re not using your own bed. They’re not just for college students, either. Their plush mattresses and warm coverings make them a great choice for people of all ages. Some futons can be folded up and carried around, making them great for taking to hotels and other places.

Most college students live in dorms, which can complicate sleeping. Some colleges ask students to buy a bed. Most students can bring their beds. But is a futon good for college? That’s what this post is about. 

What is a futon

A futon is a mattress that traditionally is designed with a Japanese style. The most common ones you’ll find have a low lying frame which was mainly created to be laid down on the floor. Of course, over time, you will find that the more modern designs have found ways to add folding features to these futons. 

This offers the user extra versatility in that it can be converted into a futon that reclines. From a space perspective, this is one of the best space savers for small rooms. Once you are done with it, you can easily convert it into a sofa, meaning that you should have one piece of furniture completing two objectives. The portability of this furniture makes it very easy to accommodate more sleepers anywhere in the house.

How it is different from a bed

The mainstream of thought about beds and futons is that history is on the side of futons. Japanese people invented futons and have used them throughout the ages. Beds are a more western invention that borrowed many ideas from this concept. The key when making this decision is to consider all of the factors involved in your intentions for the product. 

If you wish to improve on the posture of your back, then you might be considering a futon because of its added stiffness. If you are planning to buy it for your children, it will help protect them from falling off the bed during restlessness, and this will save you from many three AM trips to the hospital. Futons are also much cheaper than beds, making it easier to purchase for families with more children.

How it is suitable for college

College dorms are notoriously small. Saving space is one of the most important objectives you have to achieve with any piece of furniture that you purchase. Therefore a futon is excellent for providing the customer with extra space because it can be folded up.

This means that you can sleep on the futon during the night and fold it up in the morning, thereby adding all that extra space to your room. You can also turn this into a couch. This should release unnecessary pressure off your student budget. Being able to purchase one piece of furniture that does two jobs will go a long way. 

You should also ask yourself how you are going to move the bed into your college dorm. It will require you to have assistance from a group of friends or family. You may even need to pay movers. This becomes even worse if your college dorm does not have an elevator and is on a higher floor. 

Therefore when you want to move your futon, you will find that it is many times easier than carrying a bed with a base. The same will also be the case when you move out and need to take it with you. It is pretty standard for college students to move out of their college dorm if they find a better place to stay. This will make it easier for you to move.

How to choose the right futon?

The composition of futons makes it relatively easy to roll up. They are quilted, and therefore you will not struggle at all to clean or wash them. These can even be dried up while hanging in the sun. There is no best futon that you can choose because all of them can be customized in a good way for you. 

You can select a futon that comes with all-natural foam, and this one will be much lighter and more compact. If you prefer more structure and stability, you can purchase a futon that comes with coil springs. The main idea is to be well aware of your intentions for the futon before you buy it. Since it is made entirely out of cotton, you should be able to utilize it in the long term for sleeping activities.

Things to consider when purchasing a couch for college?

  1. How long are you staying there?

The size offered to students moving into a dorm room in college is not very big. If you are fortunate enough to have a space that can accommodate a couch, then you will need to know that you are there for sufficient enough time before you need to move. If you have to move and the new room doesn’t have enough space, you may have to sell the couch.

  1. Combine bed and couch

Are you willing to buy a bed that also transforms into a couch? This is something many first-year students consider because it provides a large amount of space to their room. A futon can achieve this because it is pretty versatile and can be rolled up at a moment’s notice.

  1. Material

It is not advisable to go for something expensive if you are moving into a college dorm room. At this point, your coach might be exposed to many visitors, and any stains that accumulate on the sofa will drive down its selling value. Therefore when it is time to pass on the couch, you won’t get what you paid for it.

Advantages of a futon for college

  1. More space for your room
  2. Can take it with you camping/picnics
  3. You can convert it into a sofa
  4. Provides back support
  5. It can be easily transported when you move

Disadvantages of a futon for college

  1. Not very aesthetic
  2. Requires a sufficient amount of cushions
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