IKEA Stocksund Sofa Review

What we have here is a real showpiece with tailored cover available in different textures. This sofa comes in 6 colors that vary in shade and in effect in the room. It has beautiful tailoring in which the material is sewn in piping and pleats giving it a general classic look perfect for any home. 

Stocksund Sofa

The turned wooden legs add to the detail. Plus it has a special power. Nolhaga is a hardwearing cover made of a thicker cotton and polyester fabric with fine details such as a two-toned effect. The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. Irresistible comfort with thick, soft, pocket-spring cushions. 

You get extra soft comfort and support because the thick cushion has a core of pocket springs and a top of cut foam and polyester fibres. 

Giving a general overview of this sofa I would say that it has a classic and very modest look that gives any room that historic vibes like in Victorian stories and historical palaces. This sofa is the perfect one if you are looking to add a look that will certainly turn heads in your home and leave you as the talk of the town. It comes in six colors that are black, grey, checked, blue, and caramel. All these make it the perfect fit for any modern or traditional home. 


  • It is very comfortable and spacious
  • Has a beautiful aesthetic feel 
  • Is very strong 
  • Comes in different colors


  • It is not waterproof or stain resistant 
  • It can easily be burned by fire



If you are a vintage fanatic like me then this sofa will definitely grab your attention. Let’s look at the obvious this sofa has that classic vintage flare that just gives any room that historic modest look.

I can see myself as a Victorian lady in waiting relaxing and taking my afternoon tea with my legs crossed. It’s probably not the best piece to add to a modern home.

Stocksund Sofa one seater

With the right accent and all, you could make it work but obviously on your own that could make things harder. It’s a good sofa and I’m certain it will definitely bring about change to your home. 


This is a three-seat sofa that comes with only two seat cushions. I know it may be a bit odd but the cushions are big enough to hold two people each so space can even carry more than three people. This sofa is not as huge as it may seem to be. It is the perfect sofa if you want to fill in a whole living room or set it in an office or waiting room. 

However, the tricky part is that this sofa may not be small enough to fit well in small spaces so if you have a small apartment and you want to set in new things after the sofa I don’t think it will be worth it with this one as it will take up much of your space. 

So it sits at a width of  81 cm with a Height at 38 cm including the length which is set at 195 cm. All in all the sofa’s weight is at 63.63 kg making it slightly heavy but worth it. 


Looking at this sofa you can already tell of its fluffy firm set up. It’s a comfortable piece that’s made from polyester, metal, wood, and some springs of course not forgetting some high resilience foam balls to make sure that even after sitting on it for long it will still get back in shape. 

This sofa is easy to clean and wash and is made from cotton that has been matured with less water, fewer fertilizers making it recycle-possible. It’s a good sofa if you are environmentally friendly. 


The core of pocket springs is durable and keeps its form and soft comfort for a longer time. The wider seat angle makes the sofa feel deeper and you sit more comfortably. The turned legs are made of solid beech. It comes with a ten-year guarantee. The sofa also comes with an amazing cover. 

Stocksund Sofa ottoman

This cover’s ability to resist abrasion has been tested to handle thirty-five cycles. Fifteen thousand cycles or more is suitable for furniture used every day at home. Over thirty thousand cycles mean a good ability to resist abrasion. 

The cover has a lightfastness level of 5 on a scale of 1 to 8. According to industry standards, a lightfastness level of 4 or higher is suitable for home use. So best believe me when I tell you that this sofa will last you a very long time. 


Looking at this piece I know it will shock you to realise that it is worth 499. With its size and capacity not forgetting the construction materials used I’m sure you were betting on it being and costing way more than you would have expected. Is the price really worth it? 

That is the thought on your mind right now but I’m here to tell you that this sofa is worth every cent that you pay and it will definitely not disappoint you anytime soon. So pull out your wallet and be ready to pay for the best furniture piece you could ever add to your home.


In conclusion, let’s ask the simple question. Should you go for it? I can’t tell you yes or no but I will tell you why you should go for it. So this sofa you see here is the perfect piece to add to your home. You can’t and you definitely won’t be disappointed. It has an elegant look that will obviously spice up the room you plan on placing it in. 

On top of that this sofa is spacious. So even though it’s a three-seat sofa I can guarantee that it can take up to four people or more. At the same time let me just say that if you are on a tight budget then this sofa is not really worth it. 

I mean you can always find a cheaper sofa that could actually be better and stronger and could definitely do more things and fit in well with your home. The final choice is up to you though. 

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