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So what we are looking at here is a four-seat sofa that comes with a chaise lounge just to add that extra homely feel. This sectional from Ikea is part of the Soderhamn series and let me just say that if you like the way it looks, trust me you will love the way it feels. 

Ikea Soderhamn Covers

Please do try it, I mean you have to try it you can never go wrong with it. The deep seats are what you will love most about this sofa. All in all, it has this modern look that makes it seem as if it deserves to be in a Hollywood movie. The moveable back cushions and suspension fabric make this seating very comfortable. 

Like every sectional sofa out there, this one comes with the option to create your very own combination. So you could literally change the outlay day in day out with the sections to create your own space how you like it. Wait for it, once you buy this sofa it will all be about the sit back and relax motto. 

Soderhamn seating series generally allows you to sit deeply, low and softly with the loose back cushions for extra support. You can sit in comfort with a slight, pleasant resilience thanks to the elastic weave in the bottom and high resilience foam in the seat cushions.



So according to the designers of this beautiful piece the idea with this sofa was that you build your own combination by putting together the different sections to suit your home. So generally it doesn’t have a specific style you may as well blend it in with what you have and you can definitely make it work. 

However one of the challenges in the design process which you can clearly note is bringing in environmental thinking. It has an environmental design but is definitely worth the start. So what they don’t directly show is the elastic webbing in the bottom of the sofa which works together with the seat cushions to give a soft, slightly springy feel. Which will also create the light, airy style to give the sofa the beautiful style it has. 


When it comes to size this seat series is mostly family managed. That means it is designed for families to sit and bond so generally that means it is a big sofa. You can however maneuver it and position it in a way to suit your space, but I would not recommend it for small apartments as it may take up more width space and make a room seem crowded.

So the height including back cushions is 32 5/8 ” with the backrest height sitting at 27 1/8 “ we have a chaise that is 59 1/2 ” in-depth, 112 1/4 ” in width. The seat depth of the chaise lounge is 48 ” and the height under furniture 5 1/2 “. You will find the armrest width at 2 ⅜”. Seat depth is 27 1/2 ” and the seat height at 153/8 “. 


When it comes to the feel of a sofa we have to look at the materials used in building the sofa as they determine the comfort issued by the sofa. So we have the frame, 3-seat section of the sofa being made from; Plywood, Fiberboard, Molded beech plywood, Felt liner, Steel, Solid wood. 

The back cushions consist of hollow polyester fibers, non-woven polypropylene. 

Upholstery material for the whole sofa is polyurethane foam with high-resilience polyurethane foam. There is also laminated wadding with hollow fiber polyester wadding and non-woven polypropylene. 

Bed slat holder is polypropylene and molded layer-glued wood veneer with a surface of birch veneer. Hook and loop fastener is polyamide. The total composition is 100 % polyester with the chaise frame plywood, fiberboard, steel, solid wood. 


With this sofa, they probably wanted to use materials efficiently and make a really comfortable sofa that also had a light, airy design. Which is exactly what they did.

The best part is that they actually made it and made it work as well. That’s why they did things a little differently than usual and put elastic webbing on the bottom of the sofa this gives the sofa a subtle look. 

It works together with the seat cushions to give a soft, slightly springy feeling. The sofa cover is made from Samsta fabric which is polyester and nylon. It has a smooth surface with a soft feel. The material is durable and the color has a modern look. The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed.

When we look at the cover of the sofa it is really impressive. This cover has an ability to resist abrasion and has been tested. You will find it capable of handling 40,000 cycles.  For furniture at home 15,000 cycles or more is suitable for furniture that is actually used every day so imagine how long you can stick with this one here. 

The cover has a lightfastness level of 5 which refers to its ability to resist color fading on a scale of 1 to 8. According to industry standards, a lightfastness level of 4 or higher is suitable for home use.


$1,030.00 for a sectional, 4-seat, with chaise and open-end not forgetting Samsta dark grays. Is a bit tricky to come to a conclusion here. However let’s look at the good side of things. You are given a 10-year limited warranty so definitely you know that for the next ten years this sofa is guaranteed to last and if it doesn’t you have a way back. 


Looking at the material composition of the sofa you could say that it does deserve to cost more than that. However logically speaking you can find other cheaper sofas that almost have the same look. 

Obviously not everything will be the same. If you are under a tight budget and you want a family sofa. I am certain you can find another option. Anyhoo… the choice is up to you. Do what you feel is right and I am certain that will be the best decision. Have you read our review of the Ikea Gronlid Sofa?

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