Ikea Norden Table Review

This is a modern and helpful desk that seats between 2-4 people. It is small and compact with three drawers for storage. The desk is very ergonomic and has a low carbon footprint. It is very eco-friendly and has been made from recycled and compressed wood chips. 

It is further laminated with melamine foil which helps prevent the onset of moisture rot. It has a strong undersection that has been solidified with birchwood. This will provide additional strength for whatever you place on the surface. 

The table is coated in acrylic paint that makes it very easy to clean. This is useful for a situation where there are many desks to clean. It is relatively straightforward to assemble. The accompanying instructions help. Who doesn’t like the little Ikea challenge anyway? 

If you are looking for an in-depth review of its main features, such as the design, materials used, and the maintenance involved, then continue reading. We shall analyze all of this and provide you with a conclusion on whether this table is worth purchasing in our opinion. 

Top Features


The design of this product is exquisite and classic. It comes in a rectangular surface shape with three mini drawers running down the center. It has been made to accommodate two people by combining separate mirroring spaces to fit two chairs. 

This, therefore, makes it an excellent option for people looking to perform tasks in teamwork pairs. It has been designed to fit into any workspace section as it separates two people down the middle. If it is required, then the table can sit up to a maximum of four people. 

The three draws on this product are smooth running and will not fully come out all the way. This should protect your gadgets and documents from any unnecessary damage. Each drawer has a finger space rather than a handle, allowing you to open the drawers without any hassle comfortably. 

It has been coated in bright acrylic paint that offers natural and modern office space. You can get this product in either bright white or a natural grain brown color. The height of this product is balanced enough to allow you to avoid any unnecessary back pains from slouching or slanting forward. It is more of a physical workspace than one designed for a computer because it does not have any electrical holes to guide your cables.

Materials Used

The top section of the table has been made from a combination of particleboard and melamine foil. Particleboard is a type of wood formed by combining different pieces of wood chips that have been compressed together. This is excellent for people that want to make use of recycled products that are eco-friendly. 

Once they have been compressed together, they are then vanished to prevent any rotting from occurring. It will also help to guard against insects eating the material. Melamine foil is a type of laminate that does not contain any plastic. Therefore, it is a very natural substance that works well for an ergonomic space. 

This seal will thus prevent any unnecessary moisture from penetrating the table. The underframe section of the table has been made from solid birchwood. This has been done so to increase the amount of weight that this table can handle safely. You can, therefore, rest assured that all the contents of your drawer and the surface of the table will be well preserved.

Assembly & Maintenance

The product comes fully assembled for your convenience, and this should allow you to get working immediately once the product arrives. However, the manufacturer recommended that, for your safety, you re-tighten all the screws on the table. 

This should help prevent any accidents that might have been caused by loosening during transport. The maintenance regiment of this product is very straightforward due to the acrylic coating that has been added to the table. 

This means that to clean the table, all you will need is a very mild detergent and a damp cloth. Wiping away stains should be most of the work you do to clean this product. This makes it very nice for office spaces with a lot of desks that need to be cleaned.


This is an easy product to keep safe and maintain; therefore, the manufacturers have not included a warranty on this product. It should, however, last you for quite some time, given his durable nature.


The price that you would pay to purchase this product is justified because it seats several people at its maximum capacity. This means that if you have an office space with multiple people who need to work on the same desk, this cost becomes significantly reduced. Not only that, but the table is also very durable and comes with a simple maintenance regime.  


In conclusion, this is a very modern and charming desk that the office uses a very functional space to conduct teamwork tasks. It can seat a maximum of four people and comes with three drawers for the safe storage of stationery and other documents. You can place this anywhere in the office where you are comfortable since it has a multidimensional design. 

Free-flowing workspaces will appreciate this due to the capacity for integrated teamwork that it offers. It is a fully recyclable product that leaves no carbon footprint on the earth. This is a bonus for customers who are looking to contribute to an eco-friendly workspace. 

Therefore, the materials have been varnished and will be safe against any potential rust or rot occurring on the product. The chemicals will also drive away any likely insects, thereby leaving your workspace clean and friendly. There is no plastic on this desk, which will effectively survive in normal working conditions. 

The maintenance and assembly of this product are straightforward. It comes ready to go and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth that has been combined with a mild agent. Looking at all the reasons connected, you could say that this is quite a modern and straightforward product to use in the workspace. It promotes teamwork and efficiency. For that reason, we would recommend this product for purchase.

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