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Affordable Ikea nightstands are a must-have piece of furniture for any bedroom, but you should look at the details before buying as with any good purchase. Some models are better than others, so let’s take a look at the four main features you should consider when choosing the perfect one. We’ll start with the most important: size.

IKEA bedroom furniture is available in different heights to suit every need. Tall beds require a high nightstand, while small ones can use a small or medium model. Having the right size nightstand for the right bed is important, as a small nightstand could result in a small bedroom (which is a bad thing).


This bedside table comes with two drawers and offers the user about 35cm x 49 square centimetres of space for the top drawer and the bottom. It is made from particleboard that has been further refined with paper foil. This means that the chest is eco-friendly and will not rot very quickly. It has been well combined with plastic edges to provide moisture from penetrating through the sides. It has been coated with natural teak acrylic paint and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. 


This is a white drawer that is 35cm x 49cm in size. It is best suited to be a bedside table. You should be able to store about five pairs of trousers in each drawer. It is made from particleboard material. This means you are purchasing an eco-friendly product. This is because over 50% of these products components come from recycled materials. It is well secured with plastic edges and will therefore not crack easily. It is coated in white acrylic paint that will not fade over time. It has a weight of 18 kgs which makes it a little heavy to transport into the bedroom. 


This is a solid wood drawer that has been made ergonomically. This means that it provides a very natural feel to the room. It is a hardwearing material bedroom that offers the consumer an excellent balance between durability and style. It does not provide the consumer with a large amount of space, but the operation of the draws is very smooth. You should be able to open the drawers very calmly and quietly. It is made from solid pine, and it has been coated with clear acrylic lacquer. This means that it will be easy to maintain with a mild cleaner. 


This is not a traditional bedside draw but is more of a shelf. It offers the consumer about 30cm x 47cm of space to place items. It is a very versatile product that is relatively lightweight and therefore easy to carry around the household. It offers the user a practical option to storing goods that need to be visible. You could therefore use this as a nightstand to store an alarm Clock. It will work well for people who do not have a large amount of space available to them. Does been made from a combination of steel and polyester powder coating, which should prevent it from rusting over time. Cleaning this product will be very simple and only requires a damp cloth.

HEMNES (Best Ikea Nightstand)

This is a smooth and sleek option that offers a high storage surface. The dimensions of this product are 37cm x 80cm.  It has been made from solid pine, which is quite a durable wood that should last you for quite some time. The drawers have been made from fiberboard and foil. This means that they have been compressed and will be able to guard against rot safely. The paint is made from Clear acrylic lacquer. This means that the paint will not scratch easily and will offer the user more excellent durability. 


With this product, you can expect a space of about 46cm x 56cm. The manufacturer has included a pull-out stopper that will make it very useful as a bedside table. This is because you do not want to drop any essential items accidentally. It should be able to offer about 10 T-shirts worth of space. They have been made from particleboard material that has been combined with both paper foil and plastic edging. This should prevent the desk from being impacted by any moisture. The backside of the drawer has been made from fiberboard, which is environmentally friendly. 


 The dimensions of this product are 41cm x 57cm, which is quite expansive compared to the comparable products. It is quite a modern disc that will offer you space to safely place your extension codes and charges. To add to this impressive feature, most of the product has been made from particleboard that has been combined with ABS plastic and foil. This makes it able to withstand small fires that electric cables might generate. The front of the product is made from tempered glass, which adds a nice aesthetic. 


This 48cm x 38cm table dead will offer the user one drawer worth of space. To create additional space, the users have added two shelves to this product. One on top of the drawer and one underneath. These have been made from solid Birch wood that is coated with clear acrylic lacquer. They have attached a leather handle that will offer a touch of style and sophistication to pull out the drawer. You should be able to clean this product with a clean cloth easily.


This traditional bedside table offers the user a small shelf without a door and a much bigger cupboard. It is 41cm x 57cm in size, although relatively, it is much bigger than this. This is because there are no sections within the drawer; therefore, you should hold more clothes. It comes with a cable outlet in case you want to store any electrical items in there. The material used on this product is fiberboard and paper foil. It is a very environmentally friendly product that comes with an acrylic paint job.


This is a very light and innovative product that has gone in a different direction from many tables. It is made from a wide range of other materials such as fiberboards and steel. The coaching of this table is made from acrylic paint. It does not have any drawers but mainly offers the user a surface to place gadgets or books. This product has been built for style rather than practicality. It is, therefore, an excellent option to consider for people looking up to spruce up their bedroom or office space.

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