Ikea Leirsund Bed Base Review

This is a wood veneer bed base that comes with over 42 individual metal slats. These slates are fully adjustable and will adapt to the shape and size of your body. You will get the feeling of your body being cradled as you sleep. It is very ergonomic and natural. 

The feeling of being close to the ground is relatively peaceful. The varnish on this product will help prevent it from splitting unnecessarily. The bendy nature of the base will ensure that it does not break when you move around, regardless of your weight. It is an eco-friendly product that has over 50% recycled materials. With the purchase of this product, you also receive a 25-year warranty. 

For an in-depth review of this product, continue reading below and take a closer look at the look and feel of the product. We shall also discuss the materials used and the assembly process. By the end of the article, you will receive a verdict on whether the product is worth purchasing or not. 

Top Features

Look and Feel. 

This is a very organic bed base that has been designed to make the person feel very connected to the earth as the rest. It has a wooden floor that is topped off with individual metal slabs that can catch your body as you sleep. It is a regular square shape that can fit up to two people. Each of the particular 42 metal slats has been designed to fit comfortably into the wooden frame of the product. It then has an individual slat that runs vertically to the multiple horizontal ones. 

This will be useful in providing additional support to the spine and neck of the user when they are sleeping. Space on the base has therefore been designed to catch every part of your body as you sleep. This is because there are an additional two individual vertical metal slats that are around the shoulder area. 

This should help massage your shoulders as you are resting and provide you with a similar feeling to attending a chiropractor. This is because the design of this mattress has been developed ergonomically to provide you with a Posturepedic sense. It is very close to the ground, quite like what you would find in a traditional Japanese bed mattress. These bed bases are well known for their humility and peaceful nature.


The mainframe and base of this item is a wood veneer. This is a very durable type of wood made from a composite of different layers that have been glued together. It offers excellent durability since it is pretty flexible. This means that even if you apply more weight than stipulated in the manual, it should bend rather than break. 

This is a handy feature for a bed because it needs to be practical. This wood has also been varnished to prevent it from rotting and cracking. Splitting is a significant problem with bed bases which leads to a lower lifetime usage. It has been wrapped with paper foil which is very good for the environment and will be recyclable once the product has reached its entire lifetime. This is an attractive option for people looking to contribute to being more eco-friendly and reducing their carbon footprint. 

The main varnish used on this product is an adhesive resin. This has been coated around the entire bed base to keep insects away from the product. This should help you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without any termites eating away at your bed frame. These bed holders have been designed with synthetic rubber that assists with flexibility. This is what will help your metal slats bend rather than break.

Assembling the base

Assembling this product will not necessarily be a walk in the park, but it is doable. It comes with a complete step-by-step manual that should Provide a chance for any DIY experts to test their skills. There are several steps involved, but all the materials required are provided within the product set. This mainly consists of setting up the bed frame and then screwing and attaching it to the metal slates. You must ensure that this is all entirely done before you put a mattress on. Otherwise, it could be potentially dangerous for you to sleep on.


A feature that many long-term homeowners will be looking forward to is the 25-year warranty that is provided on this mattress. This is a commitment by the manufacturer to show you that it is a very durable product that has been ergonomically designed to last and be eco-friendly.


The price paid for this product is well worth it because the manufacturers have taken the time to include numerous features to allow you the best possible night’s sleep. It comes with over 42 different slats that will be able to catch your body as you sleep. Over 50% of the materials are made from recycled materials, therefore, reducing your carbon footprint. It has specific zones that are fully adaptable to the size and shape of your body. It also comes with a 25-year guarantee which means that you can have peace of mind as you rest that this product will last you for a long time.  


In conclusion, this is an excellent option to consider for people looking to improve the quality of sleep they get at night. The bed base is based on traditional Japanese mattresses close to the ground and offers a calm and adaptable option to a night’s sleep. It has over 42 different metal slats that are fully adjustable, which means that it is not suited to one body. It has individual vertical slats that work to cradle your shoulder and spine, therefore, offering you a Posturepedic option when you rest. 

The mainframe of this base is made from a combination of wood veneer that has been varnished. This means that it is pretty flexible and will bend and not break even if you add excessive weight. This is very practical for a bed. It is a lovely eco-friendly option to purchase, which has been varnished to prevent insects from eating it. 

The main disadvantage with this product is that the assembly can seem quite complicated at first. However, this is still possible with the help of the manual provided. It also comes with a 25-year warranty which is very advantageous and offers good value for money. In conclusion, this is a great option, and we would recommend it for people looking to improve on the way they sleep.

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