IKEA Karlstad Sofa Review

Are you looking for a beautiful sofa? This sofa is not only beautiful but comes as one of the most impressive pieces I have ever seen. The seat cushions are filled with high resilience foam and polyester fiber wadding provides great seating comfort. 

The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. When you buy this sofa it also comes with a 10-year limited warranty. And if you are not sure you can read about it all in their brochure. 

This Karlstad sofa is simple and comes with an elegant design that makes it a modern classic that will add an amazing flare to your home.  This classic living room sofa is quite simple. In any room, this sofa would probably force you to want to sit, relax, and just enjoy a movie or a snack. Nothing too hectic, nothing too vibrant, just a simple lifestyle with a calm routine. 

Now it’s time for the juicy part, this sofa is a classic sofa perfect for medium to large spaces, for small spaces it would take up much room as it is quite wide. This sofa not only combines a neat and simple style but throws in an elegant look because of the way it just sits and the way its colors are just neutral and calm. It comes in 3 colors; white, beige, and a light grey shade. Its design says it all. What else could you want


  • Is very comfortable and spacious
  • Is easy to clean and maintain 
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty


  • Has light colors that are very easy to stain
  • Is not resistant to water or cuts or fire



One of the best things about the Karlstad, and all ikea sofas, is that the covers are all removable and washable and we have to agree that this is something which is essential for a house with children or pets. 

I’m sure you’ve had some pretty major spills on a regular ouch, such as red wine, blood, and yellow curry, and with this sofa, all these can come out with a few sprays and a quick wash. 

This sofa can become the best purchase you could ever make. It is firm but comfortable. The fabric is durable and resilient even to cat scratches and the grey colour is just gorgeous. You will love the simple wooden legs, as they add more flare to the sofa. 


This is your typical medium sized sofa that comes at the following measurements; Width: 80 3/4 ” (205 cm)

Depth: 36 5/8 ” (93 cm),Height: 31 1/2 ” (80 cm), Seat depth: 22 ” (56 cm), Seat height: 17 3/4 ” (45 cm)


It’s a simple classic design that will easily blend in with your current decor hence a perfect non-stress addition to the living room or bedroom and to make it even better since it comes in different colors you may as well pick the one that matches most things in the room it is intended for. 

If you’re a person who likes one color furniture pieces then maybe try this one, besides the framework, the whole couch is made from one material from the armrests to the back cushions to the seating cushions it’s all one fabric material, but just in case let’s look at what else this sofa somes with. 

It’s a comfortable sofa that comes with polyurethane foam as well as polyester fibre. It’s warm and cozy and will definitely create a new aura for you in your home. So why wait when an adventure awaits with this sofa. 


This fabric sofa has to be one of the strongest sofas to exist out there. Once you start with Ikea you can never go back because they always take it a step further. Made with high quality and premium materials this sofa is set to change so many things about you and your life. 

Bringing its classic flare to your home and creating a beautiful flare that has cozy comfort this sofa is definitely worth every smile. What do you say about ikea?!? …cough cough. It will always be the best at what it does. 

Even after all daily abuse, the fabric will still look as good as it did on the day it first arrived. There will obviously be no fading, pilling, or loosening at all- which is pretty amazing for any sofa.


I think that this sofa may be a little expensive considering it is from Ikea and For the fact that you have to assemble it on your own is pretty much a downer.  With the high cost of living, I guess even Ikea can’t keep their prices low for some parts of the country. 

Anyhoo you can get this sofa at a price range of €399 but the sofa length is good, the back cushions are well-stuffed and the base is sturdy. So I guess we can say that to some extent it is definitely worth the struggle. Then again when it is finally in your house you will definitely not worry about anything. 


I have to say the journey was tiring but we made it, we’re done now. No wonder it is so easy to abuse these couches, the things we go through to acquire them, they will never understand. 

Through the ups and downs, we managed to get here, and hopefully, you now have an idea of what you want and maybe what you don’t want. I believe finding the sofa to suit your exact needs is now easier than when we started this journey, and I’m sure as we went through this Karlstad sofa you were able to pick up on the variables.

Happy shopping and I hope you find what you’re looking for, thumbs up to no regrets, and no liabilities. I believe that simple and classic sofas always have more to offer than the actual eye can see. So if you think you need something simple then this sofa is definitely it. Be sure to check out the IKEA Farlov Sofa Review.

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