IKEA Farlov Sofa Review

This is your best friend for movie nights and also the room’s centre of attention. They clearly tried to think of everything you could ever need when relaxing when they made this sofa. 

From the spacious comfortable seat cushion to the rounded armrests and soft covers this sofa will definitely be the new best friend. 

It comes with pocket springs that follow your body, the top layer of fibre balls and the soft, embracing feeling makes the sofa inviting and comfortable to relax in, for as long as you like.

The tall legs in solid wood make it easy to vacuum or reach toys and other things hiding under the sofa. It has yarn-dyed fabric with natural hints of flax that give the cover a texture that both looks and feels crisp. 

It’s the perfect addition to any household. Its white color is very neutral and calm giving it the ability to blend in and fit in with the rest of your furniture pieces. Its overall view is a rectangular shape with cornered ends giving it both the classic elegance you will love as well as the chic simplicity to blend in with literally anything. 

This could be your best contender yet but before we come to that conclusion lets just see what else this lovely sofa has to offer.


  • Is very comfortable 
  • Can seat more than two people even though it is a two-seater
  • Has an elegant look and style


  • Can easily be stained
  • Is not waterproof



It comes in various colors ranging from caramel, white and three other colors that are black and beige, so you may as well pick the one that goes along with your own style and one that will suit your interior quite well.

It is a sofa suitable for the living room especially in small-apartments or studio apartments, but it would also add a chic look in your study or in the hallway. 

However, if you really want to bring out its true value, this would make a perfect addition to your bedroom. It’s generally a long sofa and can manage to accommodate up to 3 people or more depending on the sitting arrangements. If you want, you can make it a bed for yourself and take those long slumbers while your favorite movie is showing on the TV. 


You have to know the appropriate size for the room it’s intended for, the colors that will blend with space, you also have to be very specific on the quality of material you need, the durability (groans) it’s such a stressful task, like high school all over again. 

The decision you make will have a long-term effect, now I don’t mean to scare you but imagine walking into a room every day for the next 25 years and looking at that one mistake you made all because you didn’t take your time in thinking it through. 

So this sofa comes at the following measurements: Height including back cushions: 88 cm, with the Width: 218 cm and the Depth: 106 cm, Free height under furniture: 15 cm, Armrest height: 61 cm, Seat width: 191 cm, Seat depth: 64 cm, Seat height: 48 cm


Let’s talk about comfort which is exactly what this sofa has in offer for you. But the question is how much this sofa can give you and what it was made from initially. So looking at the sofa it was made from Particleboard, Plywood, Fibreboard, Solid wood, Polyurethane foam, and Polyester wadding. All this is the overall view you get. 

The legs are made from solid beech, stain, and clear lacquer. The frame is a three-seat sofa that also has Particleboard, Plywood, Fibreboard, Solid wood, Polyester wadding, Polyurethane foam. The Seat cushions have Felt liner, Polyester wadding, Polyester fibre balls, Polyurethane foam plus Highly resilient polyurethane foam also known as cold foam. 

The back cushions are polyester wadding and fibre balls that also come with springs. Such a sofa will give you more than the subtle art of comfort. If you sit on this sofa I bet you won’t want to stand up. 


This Farlov sofa has a wooden frame that is covered in luxurious upholstery. It’s a very comfortable feel, be it you want to sit, lounge, or take a nap or even sleep to the fullest. Being made from premium resources I should tell that this sofa will probably last longer than you. 

Made from durable materials plus a 10-year guarantee should definitely show you how strong it is and how confident the manufacturers are with their sofa. So yes definitely this sofa is durable and can never fail you.


It’s basically a multi-functional settee that is suitable for normal sitting, reading, watching TV, and for taking your regular afternoon siestas. It comes with an ergonomic design in which it is upholstered, with sponge coating and linen covering. 

For the price it holds, this 2-seater is a grab, it’ll make for an incredible addition to your interior, it will last you long and the fact that it doesn’t sit directly on the floor makes it an even better piece if you’re serious about cleaning. 

So if you’re looking for something that will add style and comfort to your home, something that looks expensive will have a simple classy style, then you should definitely go for this sofa. 


If you’re looking for something classic with a plush of tradition and a pinch of modern then this sofa here is for you. It’s the perfect sofa for families who enjoy sitting together or if you are a fan of having friends over and bonding. 

Plus the comfort is definitely worth it so I say give it a go. You can’t regret such a sofa. So I am going to leave you to make that choice but as you can see such a sofa is not only high quality but also its strong and very cozy. Be sure to check out our Klippan Sofa Review.

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