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If you have been working from home as I have, you may find that your usual desk has become inadequate. That’s what got me searching for an Ikea computer desk. A computer desk is among the most important furniture pieces in our house. While we spend most of our time working at a different place, we need to have our computers nearby. So we want to find a good model that meets our requirements. Several Ikea desks are available, and we have shortlisted several Ikea computer desks that you must see.

MICKE 111cm x 75cm

This computer desk is 111cm x 75cm. It has been made from a combination of particleboard and honeycomb paper. Users looking to be eco-friendly will enjoy this desk. It has been designed to keep your workplace safe by keeping the cables out of sight. It has an ergonomic design that can be mounted anywhere in the room. They have provided an opening at the back of the desk to allow your electronic gadgets to ventilate consistently. The drawers will not come out all the way and therefore can protect what they are storing easily. It has a synchronous design which allows you to combine it with another similar desk.

MICKE 73 x 50 cm

This is a bit of a miniature option that is sized around 73 x 50 cm. The acrylic paint and plastic edging on this product rule protected from being destroyed by insects. It also ensures that you can easily clean this table with a damp cloth. It is perfect for offices that do not have corners because the back has been covered. This means that you will be able to place the desk in the centre of any room. The design of the table will protect your cables because the outlet goes behind you.


Crafted from some very well compressed particle and fibre wood composite, this option comes in a size of 140 X 65 cm. Made primarily for electronic gadgets, it offers the user versatility on where they can place this desk. This is because they have included a panel at the back of the table that commonly directs cables and extensions safely away from the user. You can easily clean this product with a damp cloth due, and this is because it has been coated with paper foil and acrylic paint. 


This particle board-based table comes with three drawers and is about 90 x 52 cm in size. It is big enough to allow the user to store a normal-sized computer within the cabinet. This is made even more possible since the shelves are fully adjustable. This computer disc is finished with an acrylic paint coating that will help to drive it away from the product. This, therefore, makes it an excellent option to consider purchasing for any office or home workspace. The plastic edging on the sides of the table makes this product resistant to moisture and prevents rot. 


This is a very complex and intricately designed computer desk that is a standard purchase for anyone looking to build a gaming station. It has 185 X 74 X 146 cm and is made from steel and polyester powder coating. This means that it will be well protected against any corrosion or rust that may occur. The tabletop section has been made with melamine foil but works as a lamination to prevent scratches from occurring. It has several areas on which you can store items required for the computer. It also has specially built holes to direct the cable securely.

MICKE With Shelf Storage

This desk has been made from fiberboard and honeycomb paper filing and is therefore quite durable and reliable. It has a size of 111 x 75 cm, supported by four steel legs coated with polyester powder. The shelves are fully adjustable, allowing you to make extra room for important things such as books or DVDs. You will be able to safely guide cables out of sight and then close the extension holes. This should prevent you from tripping over them. The ventilation on this product is also reasonably practical and helpful for computers.

MICKE Corner workstation

This is a versatile desk that comes with a magnetic backboard. It allows for a very organized and professional approach to storing to-do notes due to the magnetic mechanism. It is about 100 x 142 cm in size and comes with adjustable shelves. This will be quite a comforting feature for people who need to use either the right or left hand two right. You will therefore be able to manage the space in your office quite effectively. The legs can be mounted in any direction allowing you to utilize your favourite side. It has been made from particleboard and fiberboard, which is 70% recycled. 


120 x 65 cm is the size of this computer desk. It comes in an all-white acrylic paint and has got both a draw and a cupboard. This cupboard is just big enough to allow you to fit a computer in there. The drawers have got a stopper on them that will prevent them from coming out. You can place this disc anywhere in the room because the back of it is covered. It also has an extension hole to allow you to secure the cables of any computer item safely. It is made from a reliable and durable fiberboard that is recyclable.

MICKE (Best Option)

This is a convenient desk that has been designed for cooperative efforts. There is a hole in the right corner of the table that will allow you to secure all the cables coming from your computer. It comes with two shelves that smoothly come out. It has an all-white bright paint job that is acrylic. The size of this desk is just around 142 x 50cm, making it big enough for almost two people. It is just made from recycled wood chips that have been compressed and, therefore, will thoroughly resist a little bit of moisture.


140 x 70 cm.

This is a solid pine computer desk that comes with two drawers and four steel legs. It is an ergonomic design that is quite durable and reliable. The drawers are quite big, allowing you to store what you need. The tabletop has a stunning wood finish that will offer some sparkle to the workplace. It is also staining resistant, making it easy to clean. It, however, does not have a covered back; therefore, where you position, it must be strategic. It is around 140 x 70 cm in size, and this is an adequate amount of workspace for the price offered.

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