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One of the most popular furniture types at IKEA is their coffee tables. These are often sold in sets with matching end tables and feature an “open” design in which the tabletop and its base are two separate pieces. The table is often has a drawer for easy storage, and the base is often finished with a different color than the tabletop. Let’s look at some IKEA Coffee Tables.


91cm x 66cm is the dimension for this coffee table. It is made from particleboard which brings together a host of wood pieces that have been recycled and compresses them. This helps to prevent the chair from rotting over time. The sides of the chair have been covered with plastic edging. This will help prevent insects from eating the wood on the chair. It has been filled with honeycomb structure paper that is coated with acrylic paint. This means that the product is 100% recycled and very easy to clean. You will only need a damp cloth to wipe it clean. 


This is a slightly bigger option at 80cm x 140cm to consider. It makes use of separate shelves for better organization. It has honeycomb structure paper on the interior of the material. This helps to strengthen the product. It is the same material that you will often find on a bicycle helmet. The panel of these products has got melamine foil and clear acrylic lacquer. This is one of the laminates which does not come with wood in it. This will help to avoid any scratches from getting onto the table. This is a good thing for owners of pets. 


This is a tempered glass tabletop that will offer the user a straightforward cleaning maintenance regime. This is because it is staining resistant. It is 77cm x 79cm and is made mainly from steel and polyester powder coating. This will help to prevent rust from forming on the product. The legs are fully adjustable and will offer the user a steady balance even on uneven floors. It is an elegant product that needs to be handled with care because the glass used is very vulnerable. 


One of the cheaper options that you can buy on the market today. A bit smaller at 55cm x 55cm, this table offers a very light and easy move option as a coffee table. Despite the lower price you will pay for this option, it is still made from a combination of particleboard and honeycomb structure paper. Therefore, it is an eco-friendly product that is exceptionally durable against insects. It has been made relatively easy to clean, given that it is coated with acrylic paint. They have also combined this with the melamine foil that is weather resistant.


This premium tempered white glass table comes with both a shelf and a drawer for added storage. It is 97cm x 99cm in size and comes from a combination of fiberboard wood and polyester paint. This means that it is fully recyclable and exceptionally durable. The wood has been compressed to form an impenetrable surface that will not rot or attract any insects. It is quite a stylish option that offers people the chance to see what is stored inside. Therefore, it is a lovely table to purchase for display.


This is a solid wood Acacia table about 51cm x 100cm in width and length. The material is very ergonomic and natural. This gives it a lovely welcoming feeling to any household. It has a lot of valuable storage space that it can offer. The fiberboard material used to form the panel is very durable. It is an excellent option if you wish to store magazines for visitors to use in the coffee lounge. This is because it has got see-through holes in it, which are pretty practical. It is durable enough not to break even around children. 


A lovely low hanging table with size dimensions of 119cm x 60cm. It comes with a handy feature that will allow you to sit comfortably on the sofa whilst having a Cup of coffee. The table folds into two halves that can be raised slightly higher. It is an exciting mechanism that adds a bit of style and versatility to the product. This also means it offers additional space. It is made from particleboard which is eco friendly and durable. It has four legs and is very close to the ground, making it friendly for people who like to sit on the carpet.


This coffee table comes as a set of two different tables. One slightly bigger one of 50cm x 50cm adds another smaller one of 42cm x 42cm. These two tables have been sized this way to allow them to be combined from 2 shelves. This is quite a handy and exciting design that consumers will enjoy. It is made from a natural and renewable solid pinewood composite that is relatively easy to clean. The paint job on this product is clear acrylic which is quite bright and brings a modern taste to any living room.


This table has quite an exciting and complex design. It is about 43cm x 106cm in size and comes in one drawer. The rectangle shape of this product comes with a hole on one side to allow you to store magazines safely. This is a welcomed organizational improvement by many consumers. The drawers are effortless to pull out, and are children proof. The wood on this product is made from particleboard with the underframe being Chrome plated. The steel legs offer added durability to any weight put on top of the table.


This is a stylish and modern oak veneer table. It has dimensions of about 91cm x 92cm. It has been made to be quite durable, offering the user a stain-resistant surface that will not require a hefty maintenance regime. The central composite of this product is Oak veneer, although it does have a large amount of particleboard within it. This has been combined with clear acrylic lacquer, which will prevent any rust or rot from occurring. It has a stylish criss cross shelf design that you will not find on many coffee tables on the market.

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