Ikea Balkarp Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas have become a common feature in homes lately. Mostly because of their double functionality at the price of one functionality. Sleeper sofas are now more practical than a regular sofa because they really can save you from a lot of hassle when you decide to have guests over. 

ikea balkarp sleeper sofa

Today we are looking at the Ikea Balkarp sleeper sofa. It’s known to be Ikea’s cheapest sofa after the Solsta and I’m guessing that really doesn’t give it a good impression at all. However, there is always light at the end of the tunnel so buckle up and let me tell you what I figured about this extremely affordable Ikea sleeper. 

So there is basically not much to say about this sofa. It is more of a futon that comes with an adjustable back so you can decide whether you want to sit up straight, lie down, or actually sleep. It comes with a simple design in which it looks like any regular futon. 

The only difference is that it is from Ikea. Coming to you in Knisa black I think this sleeper would make the perfect addition to a start-up apartment or a studio apartment in the case that you have friends over and you may actually need a second bed. Besides all that it easily converts to a bed so there won’t be much of a hassle there. 


  • The sofa can easily convert to a bed
  • Is comfortable and safe to sleep on
  • Is easy to clean and maintain


  • The sofa looks like a regular futon with no distinctive features 



Well as I said before, there is really not much to say about this sofa because it is a regular futon and the only distinctive feature is that it is from amazon.

Anyways, the black color helps it to fit into any style in terms of interior decor. So whether you are going for the contemporary look or the classic look this futon will still fit the part quite well. 

Just by looking at it, this futon has one padding which may seem a bit uncomfortable. Also, the legs are not slanted to allow for it to stand at a directive angle and support all bodily weight without breaking down.

You will find that this sleeper will work well in almost any room you decide to put it in and almost any way you decide to accent it will definitely work. 


As a futon, you cannot imagine it to be a big sofa or anything. This futon is the perfect size for start-up apartments and will definitely fit in any room and in any space.

So if you are looking for something you could probably use in a small apartment either as an actual bed and sofa or just as extra bedding and seating in your home then I believe we have found it. 

The following are it’s measurements in case you would want to make sure. Width: 67 “, Depth: 33 “, Height: 32 “, Seat width: 67 “, Seat depth: 18 “, Seat height: 15 “, Bed width: 39 “, Bed length: 67 “. 

So as you can see from these measurements this futon can fit into any room, although as it does convert and fold out to make a bed it would be best if you also counted for allowance in the case that it may be uncomfortable in a room once you fold it out. 


As a sleeper sofa that easily converts to a bed, you would definitely be wondering what it feels like to lay on such a futon from Ikea. Well for once the price does somehow determine the comfort.

This Balkarp sleeper has thin padding which would be comfortable at first sit however if you continuously sit on it the padding may start to lose shape. 

Also sleeping on it as a bed for long hours may not be as comfortable as you think it would be. Given that already when sitting it is not as welcoming as you would think.

However, like extra bedding in your home for a guest, I think this futon would be okay for a one night rest not as a daily dose because I am certain you will wake up with aches all over. 


Besides, it’s slight lack of comfort this futon may not be one of Ikea’s strongest sets. It’s made from 100 % polyester which we all love and adore when it comes to the feel on our skins. 

The back seat as it stands as a futon is polyurethane foam 1.5 lb/cu.ft., Polyester wadding, Non-woven polypropylene, Particleboard, Plywood, Solid pine. 

The Legs are Steel and have Epoxy/polyester powder coating. It also has galvanised steel to hold it together. However continuous use day and night may result in it lasting a tad bit less than expected. The covers fade with time which is very much unlike other Ikea products. 


Going for $129, I would say this futon could have cost a tad bit less but it is still a good price. I mean it also comes in Vissle grey, the same product just a different color.

However, at least there is a change in color. I feel that if this futon were to cost more, I would not recommend it. Already known as the second cheapest Ikea sofa, I believe it is at the position for a reason


All in all, I would say if you are hoping to buy an actual sofa that you can use in your home day and night as extra bedding or seating. I would not recommend this sofa.

However, if you are on a tight budget and you just need something to get you by for a while as you save up for something else then yes I think this futon could be a lifesaver and your lighthouse in such a case. 

Although I wasn’t as impressed by this futon, it still does deserve props on its practicality and functionality. So to some extent, I’d say give it a try.

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