IKEA Accent Chair Reviews

No need to worry about your couch looking raggedy all of the time. We’ve done all of the legwork for you and handpicked the highest rated and best selling IKEA Accent Chairs to help you find the perfect piece for your living room.


Made from a combination of plywood and polyurethane, this chair is 100% recycled. It is effortless to clean with a vacuum and comes with a non-removable cover. It is made from corduroy fabric that is very comfortable and cosy. You can expect a 10-year warranty with the purchase of this product. It has an excellent abrasion resistance of up to 50,000. The legs on this chair are made from solid Beechwood that can handle a reliable amount of weight. The chair has fantastic back support and comes with two armrests. It comes in four different colours.


The composition of this chair is 100% polyester. This is one of the reasons why it is pretty easy to clean with a damp cloth. The fabric itself is 55% cotton which adds a substantial amount of comfort and cosiness. The frame of the chair is made from solid beech and highly resilient polyurethane. This should help prevent rot even in damp conditions. It comes with two armrests that are pretty high up, allowing for a comfortable recline. It can withstand abrasions of up to 30,000 cycles. A 10-year warranty further backs this up to provide you with peace of mind.

EKERÖ $129

The frame on this product is made from recyclable particleboard, meaning it is eco-friendly. The supporting fabric on this chair is 100% polypropylene which is quite durable and safe to breathe over time. It comes with a reversible back cushion that will allow you to gain additional back support as you need it. This versatility will enable you to position it to your liking. The material feels very firm when you touch it due to the polyester fabric. It can survive up to 35,000 abrasion cycles and comes with a 10-year warranty. 

KOARP $179

This is a solid wood chair that is made from a combination of highly resistant polyurethane foam. The legs on this chair are made from stainless steel and polyester powder coating. This will help prevent rust and rot from occurring in the chair. The back panel is 100% nylon and nonwoven polypropylene. This means that it is both comfortable and safe to be around. The zig-zag springs within this chair are made from steel and can support quite a heavyweight. It has a low centre of gravity, allowing you to feel connected to the earth and comfortable at the same time.


This is one of the more expensive options that you can purchase on the market. It has been made from plywood and particleboard, meaning it is both reliable and eco-friendly. It can turn your home into a calm and natural space. The seat cushions have been designed to offer excellent resilience. This means that even after consistent usage, it is unlikely to deform. The legs on this chair have been made from solid Oak material mostly. They also have a little bit of steel and Oak veneer. This makes them quite durable.


The seat cushions on this product are made from polyester wadding combined with polyurethane foam. You can therefore expect excellent back support from these cushions. The product’s frame is made from a combination of solid pine and fiberboard, which is 100% recycled. It is effortless to clean, and this can be done with just a damp cloth. The cover on this material is a high-grade chenille quality which gives the area a positive sheen and feels. It has a fixed cover that cannot be removed and comes with a 10-year warranty.


The frame on this product is highly durable because it is made from a combination of steel and polyurethane. This is a cold foam that can handle on its own up to 65 KGS. The cover is made mainly from polyester that has been recycled. At the base of the chair, you can expect solid Beechwood and polyamide plastic. It has a very sophisticated look that is based on classic chairs. It only comes with one base cushion, and the rest of the back support comes from the chair’s frame. It has two open armrests and is close to the ground.


The fabric on this chair might appear like genuine leather, although it is made from a combination of polyester and polyurethane. This material is not necessarily straightforward to clean as you will require upholstery shampoo. The frame of the product is made from plywood which is very durable and reliable against rot. This has been further cemented with a particle board which is compressed wood. The legs of this product are made from solid wood and are stain-resistant.


This is a very cozy chair that will hug the user as they sit. The frame is made from plywood and solid Beechwood that is of high quality. On the seat cushion, you can expect polyester wadding that is a highway tolerance. The interline is 100% cotton for improved back support. The interior frame of this product is made from steel and polypropylene plastic. This mechanism can recline into three different positions adding versatility to the chair. If you need to clean this product, you can easily remove the cover and put it in the washing machine. It has been made children-proof. Therefore, it is safe for the home.


This is an extra-wide armchair that will allow the user to sink deep into the chair as they sit. This adds extra comfort and good neck support due to the steel springs they have included in the product. The chair has been made with a hard-wearing cover that brings together a host of materials such as cotton and polyester. It is machine washable and, therefore, relatively easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness. You can expect that the core pocket of Springs will be able to maintain its design and strength over time. It is made from a combination of plywood and solid pine, making it quite durable.

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