How to stop the ottoman bed from squeaking

An ottoman bed is a great space-saving solution that combines a bed with storage space. But over time, these beds can make noise when used, especially if they are poorly maintained or assembled incorrectly. A squeaky ottoman bed can be a frustrating problem that keeps you up at night and ruins your sleep.

The good news is that you can do a few simple things to prevent your stool bed from squeaking. In this article, we’ll look at the most common causes of squeaky stools and give step-by-step instructions to fix the problem. We’ll show you how to lubricate the hardware, fix the bed frame, and tighten the screws so you can sleep soundly at night.

With the help of this guide, you will be able to stop the squeaking and ensure that your Ottoman bed is working properly. This will allow you to continue enjoying the benefits of the extra storage space without having to deal with the annoying noise.

Do ottoman beds squeak

Yes, if not assembled ottoman beds will produce squeaks or knocks. Only expect noise from the lifting pistons as the gas expands and contracts. As the mechanisms ensure smooth movement, there will be no crash at the top or bang at the bottom. 

How to fix a squeaky ottoman bed

Another cause of squeakiness can be your floorboards. The irritating noise may come from your bed due to a loose or damaged floorboard. To solve that, move your bed and check the floorboards. If your floorboards make noise, arrange to repair or replace them and enjoy your bed.

If your floor is uneven, move your bed to an even surface. Uneven surfaces can cause twisting, which puts pressure on the joints and may cause noise.  Like metal beds, the most reason for squeaky beds is loose joints. Check and tighten any screws or bolts at the joints to ensure portions of the bed are not rubbing against one another.

Check your headboard and if the headboard is fitted tightly to the bed. If not, ensure that your headboard is the right size for the bed and has been attached correctly. Check the slats if your bed base includes wooden slats. 

One or more could be broken or could have moved out of place, leading to slats rubbing against each or broken pieces causing creaking when pressure is in that spot on the bed. To avoid putting up with a creaky bed, invest in a good quality wooden bed, as low-quality beds may be liable to break more easily.

Why does my bed creak when I move

If you hear squeaking from your ottoman bed, it will be because of the friction between the different parts of the bed rubbing against each other. Loose joints could also be a potential cause of squeaking. All beds have joints, including ottoman beds, regardless of if the bed is from metal or wood ( 

Sometimes the joints start to become loose, and this will cause the bed to start to creak or squeak. Squeaking noise will also become frequent when you get into bed and get out of bed. Squeaking could be friction between the joints. Every joint has mechanical friction force. The more you use the bed, the more friction is present.

Ottoman beds have two parts, the underneath part of the bed for storage and the upper half for the mattress to be placed on. The springs in the mattress sometimes snap or break. That causes the squeaking or creaking ( To fix this problem, purchase a new mattress.

There might be friction from the bed frame and the floor rubbing together when the floor is uneven, making the bed uneven, too. Friction will start to occur, causing the creaking to take place. It may be the material with which your bed frame is causing the problem. Metal beds can sometimes be creaky because of friction between the joints. Metal on metal rubbing can make a sound.

Tempur ottoman bed squeaking

You should know if the creaking is from the slats or the headboard. It may be due to insufficient tightening of fixings. Do not overtighten or strip the fixing. Remove the mattress and gently rock the bed to see where the weak spots are.

As for the straight slats, they tend to squeak if used on a wooden central support bar or sides. Using washing up liquid or hair conditioner to lubricate the adjoining wooded elements will stop any noise. Maintain your bed frame every three months when re-tightening the fixings again. Use this time to re-apply the lubricant.

Ottoman bed problems

Rotate your mattress if your mattress is squeaking. Try rotating it or turning it over or a mattress topper. When buying an Ottoman bed, look out for high-quality and sound construction. When purchasing online, read the descriptions carefully and only purchase from reputable retailers.

Know that your ottoman bed is solid and should lift between 40-80 kg. If you choose a poorly made ottoman bed, it is likely to collapse under the weight. For a well-made ottoman bed, the weight of the mattress will not impact the efficiency of the lifting mechanism.

Dreams bed creaking

Check the feet. The noise could be from the footing of your bed rubbing against the floor, especially if you have hardwood. Squeaky bed frames are fixed by checking and tightening fixings. It might be creaking or speaking because it has lesser-quality materials.

How to stop metal bed squeaking

Make sure all screws, nuts, and bolts are tightened, not during assembly. That can cause the bed to squeak. Over time the joints can become loose, so try tightening the bed to see if that stops the noise. Check bolts and any unseen factory fixings in case of slackening over time.

Ensure all fixings are tightened, and wherever instructed, washers or gaskets are fitted to provide a barrier between the two surfaces. Lubricate the joints, although this may only offer a temporary fix. Buy a bed with rubber gaskets to stop metal against metal friction.

How to stop the platform bed from squeaking

Place furniture pads on the legs of the bed frame to reduce noise between the frame and the floor. Ensure your bed is even with the floor. Add extra padding underneath specific legs to even things out. If the bed frame has wheels, use caster cups to reduce movement and noise.

How to stop a bed frame from squeaking

  • Check the joints. Loose bolts are reasons for a squeaky bed frame. 
  • Cushion the slats. Slats rubbing against the frame cause a squeaky bed frame. 
  • Oil the frame. 
  • Use cork.
  • Add floor padding. 
  • Purchase a new bed frame.

Ottoman bed sinking

What causes the Ottoman bed to sink is the weight of your mattress might not be substantial enough to compress the slats, so the rigid central support bar on your frame will become the dip. The solution is to lay a couple of MDF sheets across the slats bridging the central support bar to form a flat, even surface for your mattress. Add an old duvet as a cushion so your mattress will not sit directly on the MDF.

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