How to stop dog jumping on the sofa

Dogs are man’s best friend, but let’s be honest: they can sometimes be pretty annoying. While that tail-wagging bundle of energy you love can brighten any day, they can also be a pest. Dogs can be pretty jumpy, and jumping on furniture is just one way they can show their excitement. While we can’t stop dogs from jumping, here are several ways you can prevent your dog from jumping on your furniture. This is even more problematic if your dog doesn’t have a sofa of their own.

Why do dogs jump on furniture?


Dogs enjoy the same comfort as we do. They often wish to escape the uncomfortable floor and enjoy the warm sofa. When you combine this with your scent, it makes the couch feel homely for your dog. 

Copying the owner

If you haven’t trained your dog against sitting on the sofa, they will likely do it because you do. Pets often want to mimic their owners’ actions to get closer to them. If you see your pet doing this while you are on the sofa, then there is a chance they mainly want to cuddle with you. This behavior is most familiar with puppies who still seek attention from their owners due to their young age. Your pet will view you as a place of security and reassurance. 

Yorkshire terrier on a sofa

Seclusion from other dogs

If you have multiple dogs, your pets might use it for some alone time. Your dog may retreat to the sofa if they wish to get away from the other dogs. This action is expected when they have some treasure they want to enjoy alone, such as a bone or a toy. 

Watch TV 

The sofa has the best view of the TV. Pets will often use this opportunity to enjoy the entertainment without straining their necks. This behavior is most common amongst small dogs. They prefer the higher ground because it allows them a rare chance to see their surroundings. This choice is more likely to happen if the sofa is near a window. 

When do dogs learn to jump on the couch?

Six months. This timeline is around the age by which dogs begin to mimic their owners. It is also the age by which the rind legs are now strong enough to attempt higher jumps. By this point in your dog’s life, the concept of permission becomes essential. They will be looking for signs of permission to sit on the couch, especially when you spend a lot of time on it.

DIY ways to keep dogs off the couch

Comfortable sleeping area for your dog

If you can glamourize where your pet sleeps, it will likely discourage them from getting on the couch. Dogs are pretty like children because they are fickle and like shiny things. If you get your pet a very appealing dog bed/couch, they will likely not see any appeal in sitting on the house sofa. This method works because the bed/couch will provide the dog with a location to be warm and secluded if they want to be.

Prevent access to the couch

If you are not around, there is a good chance your dog will jump on the couch because you are not there to discourage it. Adding bulky items on the sofa while away will teach the dog that this location is not for sitting. You can use things like chairs, books or baskets. You can also lock the room where the couch is stored to prevent your dog from enjoying the sofa in your absence. This action is essential to avoid inconsistent reinforcement of what you are trying to teach the dog.

Keep the couch away from the scenery.

Windows are beautiful to dogs. They often use sofas to daydream about going outside. It provides them with a scope of the outside surroundings, which can be mesmerizing for a dog. Moving your sofa to a dull and secluded area in the lounge can put the dog off jumping on the couch because nothing is exciting to see. 

Using aluminum foil

The noise associated with sitting on the aluminum foil can frustrate your dog. This annoying sound will prevent them from sitting on the couch. This truth is for most household pets and not just dogs. An excellent way to train dogs against this is to leave the foil on the couch for three days. This hindrance will negatively reinforce your message about not sitting on the couch.

Woman Lying on Sofa While Feeding a Dog

Keep crumbs off surfaces.

Dogs like to find treasures on the sofa. People often drop items of food when sitting and eating on their couches. Dogs have very powerful noses and will often be attracted by crumbs that sink into the sofa. Keeping your sofa clean and sanitary will reduce the temptation for your dog to jump on the couch. 

Provide a comfortable alternative

Buying your dog their bed/couch will help fend off the need for the sofa. When searching for warmth and comfort, they will have their own fully accessible alternative. This feeling of coziness will prevent your dog from disobeying rules to find it. 

Setting firm boundaries

If your dog is still a puppy, you should raise them with this rule from the beginning of their life. You should be firm on this decision and avoid any inconsistencies. If you falter and let your puppy sleep on the couch with you, it won’t be easy to train it out of them when the dog is older. 

Rewarding positive behavior

It is essential to use positive reinforcement. If you find your dog in the room by itself, sitting on the floor, reward them with a treat. Similarly, if your dog self corrects their behavior of sitting on the couch when you come in the room, you can also reward that rather than punishing them for being there in the first place. People use these techniques to train their dogs while still puppies because they are highly effective. 

Training using commands

Use specific training commands that your dog can apply to any situation. They must learn how to understand permission. The concept of permission should be fully transferable in any scenario. Therefore, when your dog gets on the couch and gives them a specific command, they should fully understand they have done something terrible.

Consider alternative placement for the couch

Moving the sofa away from the window or TV will undoubtedly reduce the fun associated with it. Making the couch uninteresting will make your dog less excited to sit on the couch. If your dog wants to see the outside and the sofa is close to the window, they might not be able to resist jumping on it regardless of your instruction. This problem is especially true for some of the less intelligent dogs. 

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