this is one of my first D. I. Y. videos and as you can see I am repulsed during furniture so I bought this couch set it was a hundred dollars for the love seat the book so far and the arm chair the couch itself was in very very good condition and was barely use actually I inspected and everything it was barely use I think it was just in some you know elderly person’s home and the barely sat on it and I’m happy that I was able to purchase it and bring it up to twenty seventeen so in this video I’m going to show you how I change the fabric and up to date this older.

Looking couch it has great bones it has a really nice shape the material is really great so I didn’t have to do much to kind of give it extra padding so you guys and see how I do this please keep on watching our two guys for this process you’re going to need a few tools are pliers a needle nose pliers and a staple remover and I always keep a butter knife with me it helps really get into those you know tight spaces to kind of pop things out it’s one of my favourite tools actually so don’t judge me all right but the staple remover removing tool really comes in handy so this is a speed tutorial but

I make sure that you guys could see everything so you can follow it okay so first things first this is Lucy, my fur baby, she’s a Bernese mountain dog and this was a while ago she’s not that small anymore but I’ll do a video about her very soon but the process took a while it took about two days for me to re upholstered the love seat by myself but you know I did it in parts because you know I am a mom I have three kids I have after school I have all kinds of things that I have to do so I did this when I had.

Free time and usually at late night okay so now you guys see me using the butter knife to kind of pry out that covered that was on the arm of the love seat and then I’m gonna use suppliers to take off those metal things are kind of like teeth like metal teeth that were holding it on there and then I’m gonna take the skirt off of the couch in this is going to instantly kind of bring it up to a more modern H. twenty seventeen okay if you like skirts

You can definitely keep the skirt I do not like the fabric I don’t not like flour and floor plans on furniture I could wear it but I don’t want to sit in it okay but the material itself was actually really good quality material really started it was no tears or anything and it was really clean and really nice looking you says I don’t like floral so I went out and got swayed upholstery fabric from Joanne’s which was not that expensive.

They have all these amazing sales so if you want to buy fabric definitely check them out all right this video by the way is probably part one of either two or three because remember it took me a little bit to do this so I’ll probably have another part or to auto parts we’ll see okay.

All right today so we’re going to start off by taking the skirt off the couch as you guys can see I’ve been doing well in the first part of the video and then I’m using the needle nose pliers to kind of twist them off for those of them that are a bit more stubborn and won’t come off okay but the staple removing tool is like the best thing ever it really gets under staples and pops them up makes it much easier to remove them.

So what I do the needle nose pliers I kinda grab the staple and twisted to kind of wrap it around the flyer and then lifted up and he comes right out so I’m removing the skirts I’m removing decide parts of the fabric I’m not removing all the fabric off the couch because like I said the fabric is in good condition it is a really clean couch you can look at it for yourself there’s.

No kind of we’re on this couch they didn’t use this couch so I just wanted to remove the side fabric and put my own fabric.

And I’m also removing the bottom piece that covers it the liner on the bottom all right.

And don’t mind the changes of clothing in the video remember I said it took me a few days or a couple of these are few days whatever it was because I did this a couple of months ago to get this done okay I only did this in the time that I had available and usually that time was late at night or a little bit in the morning like this part I did it in the morning so this is the back that

I’m popping up and I’m using the staple removing tool to pop open the back okay so I did miss eight piece of footage which was this part where I covered the backing or I guess or does seating part of the chair but if you guys want I have one more chair to do and I’ll just film that part for you if you want to see that but it’s super easy all you do is put the fabric over it and pull it out from under and over and staple it so I’m using the staple gun

I got it from Walmart this product I’m using is a poly fibre you can also get this from Walmart it’s just a very thin layer of kind of cushioning but you didn’t I didn’t need it you don’t need it but I added it because you know I wanted to cover the old fabric even though it’s in good condition okay I just wanted to cover it and have kind of like a fresh start and another reason why I didn’t take off the old fabric is because I didn’t want all the cushioning to come apart.

hich was going to cost too much work which I did not want to do so here I am putting on the fabric you do not want to cut your fabric to size right away you do not want to do that trust me I did it with the arm chair I cut my fabric to size and I had to redo the whole thing because the fabric was too small okay all right you guys so as you can see I’m smoothing out the fabric remembered do not cut it to size okay you’re not going to waste fabric by doing this iter I promise you you will not waste fabric but if you cut it to size you may not be able to use that.

The fabric okay so what I’m gonna do is put it on the arm smoothed out really nice the part of the fabric where I did kind of keep it to size was the front part of the army’s you guys could see a stapled it pulled it back to tie in it and then I started to attach it to the arm of the sofa with a loveseat.

Make sure it was nice and smooth and I also staple it underneath I’ll show you guys how I. concealed staples a little later in this video.

Here I’m just making the falls and I counted the folds before I made them so both sides have equal fulls that’s why I was looking over there to make sure I had the same model folds on the arm chair because it’s on the opposite side of the room and you also saw that I just cut the fabric because I already have that part steeple so now I can cut it off that piece that I cut off is going to end up being used for that area that doesn’t have fabric so you see what I mean you don’t end up wasting fabric.

This part right here can be really tricky but the first thing you want to do is kind of make a slight cut in between the fabric pull it.

In word right here pull it in and and staple it on.

If you guys want to you know if if you want to have a closer look I still have the couch to do I can re film this whole thing and give you a closer look at exactly where to do it okay but I think you guys will get the idea I think you can okay.

Says you guys could see this is where the fabric comes out by the arm.

Okay you see how small that is.

FX so now we’re gonna go ahead into the back.

And I accidentally staple down the back in part so I had to lift that back up steeple down the arm part in and go over that part to overlap it.

That’s the look that I was going for and also continue my fault and make sure you controversial olds and measure damn I eyeball measure and I use the I also use my sorry about that I also use my fingers to measure so I’ll use like the lines and you know in my fingers to measure make sure I have the right measurements on both sides so nothing looks off.

Here doing the other side.

Pretty much the same procedure.

I wanted to add some music to this video but I figured it would be annoying if you’re trying to watch and learn something so that’s why I’m just doing somewhat of a voice over and talking to you guys remember if you need any help just coming down below you know I’ll I’ll help you as best as they can in the comments section.

But you see I’m making those cuts right there I wish I had put the camera a bit closer but like I said if you want a closer look when I do the couch I’ll do it for you.

Most important thing is to get this fabric tight okay you guys get insights it’s really important you don’t want to take to a point where staples look like they’re ripping the fabric but you need to get it nice and firm in there okay.

As you guys this camp I keep pulling the fabric back and forth back and forth back and forth just sold that I don’t waste fabric in the front part so I pull it enough so I have enough fabric in the front to create my falls into staple and this way not to waste my fabric.

I’m gonna go ahead and make my folds like I did the first time.

You’ll see me look back and forth to make sure my folds are equal irate so here I’m using the same poly fiber and I’m using it over to areas where I took off that piece of fabric on the side parted the chair I wanted more cushioning around this part of the chair because it is a wood frame and I didn’t want you to be hard feeling like if you bump into it or anything you don’t need a lot of staples with a fiber be because I will be going over to act with the fabric that I’m using to cover to college.

So I’m wearing it up in the parts where does what the parts are because they are hard and I don’t want the kids to bump into it or dog or cat or whatever and hurt themselves some you just putting enough fiber there to cover that area and I’m actually using my cat’s bed to hold a couch up if you guys want to see a picture of this I’ll post it real quick so you can laugh.

Remember that piece so we cut up this is the peace so now we’re going to re use this piece okay I’m just cutting off a piece to make it a bit more even because it was a little rough and I’m just going to measure and I’m gonna show you how to create an invisible scene without sewing okay so what I do is I turn the fabric around the opposite way so this is the opposite way okay and I staple it down.

And then I just fold it over.

This is pretty much the same procedure that they use to make couches you guys.

You see how I stable that one down make sure you Paul very important to pull get that fabric nice and tight not too tight tight enough fold and staple.

You see it seem less.

I’m just gonna go ahead and finish this where you guys so you could see it.

Please be careful what staple guns do not leave them around your kids they’re not regular staple staplers I mean the you know their staple guns so please be careful do not leave them around your kids.

And when you’re using them.

Be careful with your face.

Did not want anyone to get hurt.

Renata staples as usual.

Okay I loaded back up and there I go.

Make sure you put enough staples there you do not want any gaps so all the staples are very close together there’s no gaps and this is how it looks it covers the staples that we used to put on the fabric on the arm and it also creates a seamless looks so that’s how it’s going to look you guys so as you guys could see it’s a super easy procedure a couple of cuts here and there make sure you get it nice and tight get your staple gun make sure you use your staple gun safely be careful please never look at your staple gun if something is stuck in there you know don’t have your hand on the trigger part and look into it okay just please be careful with that okay this is a super easy procedure for you guys to do so and save some money I was going to get a couch a beautiful college it was like a sectional for seventeen hundred dollars but that’s not the look that I wanted I’m I’m so over the sectional looking you know I feel as though it takes up too much space and doesn’t give me the look that I wanted I wanted something that came in three pieces that I could move around when I feel like I want to change the look of the room and I went and found this you know hundred dollars for three really good coaches and all I need to the was covered and I only spent so far a hundred and eighty dollars and fabric with coupons and all that good stuff so it’s still cheaper than buying a whole new couch okay and if I want to in a couple of years or in three four years and I’m tired of the fabric I’ll just take off the old and put on new fabric stat simple.

Says you guys because you could see the cathouse underneath the chair this is actually holding it up for me.

So I can get under dairy much doing this solo so this is going to be my helping hand the cat but alright so this part you’re going to cut you want the full this in word.

All it in this way you’re gonna get a nice seamless look.

You don’t want to have the raw end of the fabric sticking out or else is just going to get damaged it is going to ruin all the work that you did.

Make sure you get those staples as close as you can in word because parts of this area will be visible to people so just pay attention to that as well so this is the back part you see me in my big role of fabric I’m just gonna draped over the back okay I’m not cutting it or anything.

I drifted over I caught it but not to the with I cut it a little bit longer than the length of the actual couch so here I’m just gonna put it in place next my Jackie boy he was so cute little he’s still cute little he was much younger here.

 He clearly wants to help and once attention.

Okay and I promise you guys he’s not in any danger but as you guys could see I’m stapling in a circular shape I’m gonna get closer so you could see that.

It’s in the circular and she.

Then I’m gonna go ahead and start stapling along the back of the couch and I’m checking using my fingers to measure to make sure I have you know a good amount of space in between each staple and I’m actually spacing out the staples far before I go ahead and do them tied together so I just check make sure everything is spaced out really well I have enough space on the top and I have enough space in between each staple before I go into the full thing all right you guys we’re nearing the end of part one there will be a part two and three because the video is a bit long but there will be a part two and three I’ll try to get those up as soon as possible hope you guys enjoyed the first part will be kind of give you some inspiration to do this and save some money I love you guys and thank you.

Are you guys to continue on that day’s couch re upholstery this is part two I hope you guys are ready to see you know how to get to see this couch get closer to the finish line there is a lot more footage in part two that’s more you know towards detail and finishing so yes any supplies that I use that I know some of you may ask where I got them from involved a list and down below in the description box you can purchase them if you like this totally up to you but yeah I hope you guys enjoy it this tutorial on how to read a poster a couch this is part to make sure you subscribe and hit that notification button.

As you guys could see I’m trying to put the staples a certain distance apart and I keep looking back and forth to make sure that the shape the angle and everything is pretty close on both sides because I don’t want to look off once I flip this fabric over okay yes I keep checking so make sure if you do this you keep checking if it’s easier for you to do a straight line just do a straight line I could I went with a straight line but knowing me I wanted that curve that was in this beautiful couch to you know be able to have that same curve in this part of the fabric alright so I’m just using the staple to just give me the car by going along with the curve of the couch keep saying that but union you guys know what I mean.

All right.

So here what I’m pretty much doing when I did that just now kind of flattening it out I was just folding it to see if there was extra fabric okay that needed to be pinned down so that’s what I’m going to end up doing it with some sewing pans I’m just gonna pin down certain spots and staple those extra spots down so here I’m pinning them down.

And then I’m gonna use my stapler to go in and staple down those extra spots that have extra fabric just so I can have that perfect Kerr.

If you guys just heard that that was Lucy she just shook off some water.

 She was raining outside.

Rate so.

So you guys could see I have my pins in those little yellow dots does it depends hole in the fabric in place for me so I can get that perfect straight kinda angled her and this is the extra fabric that you can see right here it’s fine that has extra fabric I rather have extra into little and then be all upset that I have fabric cut to size and you can’t be use.

I really honestly think anyone can do this you just have to take your time have patience you know if you make a mistake it’s easy just check out the staples and start over I remember the most important thing do not cut your fabric to size unless you’re making a pillowcase or you’re making the seat cushion covers okay I did in that if you’re just covering the crowds just kinda always have a little bit of extra okay.

So here I am using the stapler on the inside part of the fabric so I’m kind of just kinda doing this blindly I’m not even looking at the state I’m just going by feel.

And making sure I stable in the right area so you see all that extra right there I had to sleep let down to get my curve that I wanted.

So this is how it’s going to look.

And if you guys enjoy in seeing something transform some of you might feel like this is therapeutic I really enjoy seeing this couch transform I still have one more like I said I have the big couch so can’t wait to do that one so here I’m adding some more of that probably fibre I got this from Walmart super cheap it was like a dollar a yard okay and I’m adding some of these to the inner part of the sea weird questions will go okay I I didn’t want to do it halfway so I just decided to cover the entire thing alright with fabric with the upholstery fabric instead of just doing the front part weird the floor fabric is I just wanted to cover the whole thing and just have my own fresh new start pretty much.

Please be careful when cutting okay you don’t accidentally cut your upholstery fabric or fabric you already set in place because then you’ll have to start over okay so I’m pretty much just put in the poly fiber all over cutting it a little extra not to measure cutting a little extra once I make my final folds and check my measurements then I cut off any unnecessary pieces that I do not need.

You don’t need the poly five fiber material by the number I’m adding it because I want just a little bit extra cushioning and for the couch to looks softer.

So here you go I saw that I put my roll over to couch to kind of do a rough.

Sizing estimate of how much fabric I’ll need and then I made my cut cutting extra of course and then here I’m just stapling down the front part which I’m falling in where to give me a seamless look.

The staple gun I got from Walmart seeker pretty much get the staple gun the staple removing tool and all of that stuff from Walmart if you can’t find in your Walmart all trying to find it on Amazon for you the some of the supplies that I use that that was sore and I’m done.

Some of the supplies that I use I did get from Amazon like decorative nails I got those from Amazon in bulk so I’ll link that down below if you guys need that information okay so you guys can see I do have a little bit extra here so I’m just gonna cut it to start talking in my fabric so I can get a nice seamless look.

And I’m also going to go ahead and attach this part of the couch.

In a full the fabric in words so I can get that like I said seamless looks folding it in we’ll give you that nice clean look without you know the raw edges of fabric sticking out.

This was just a temporary stable that I put there just to hold it in place so I can go ahead and make my staples in the area is there that I wanted and then I just came back to about that one stable and then finished it off.

I had to cut off a bit more because it was so much and full it folded inward and unstable that side down.

This will give you a really nice professional look and no one will ever know that you do this yourself I still have people coming in and looking at the couches in there like that couch was disconsolate yeah like how you did that time patience in on the fact that I don’t feel like spending a whole bunch of money on couches when I have three kids a dog well the puppy on two kittens in now.

So this is the other side I want to show you guys how I. steeple down this part so what I did was cut it and and staple it downward so please be careful when using the stapler okay watch your fingers no one in the going to the hospital fixing a cockroach.

So now I’m just gonna go ahead and shove in or push in the rest of the fabric there is a lot of extra fabric so you could see that there’s a lot of extra fabric with that all will be use.

I actually just cut it off the role so now I’m gonna go ahead and cut make my cuts think of all the extra.

Nothing is going to go to waste you’ll see that in part three.

So this is the back of the couch and this is where you pull the fabric through if you ever stuck your hand in a coach to look for change usually end up inside of the college where I would see the rip ribs are of the couch this is pretty much the inside of the couch so when I did the first part you staple it on to the frame so it stays in place.

So this is the backing that I just pull down and we’re going to go ahead and close that up since we already stable down the inner part of the seat cover.

Don’t make fun of my boxers you guys my husband’s boxes are my shorts your underwear to him but their shirts to me.

That should be universal law.

All right you guys are gonna go ahead and close off this section I know you guys are probably anxious to finish this couch I was anxious to but remember Haitians time don’t want to rush it okay I remember I only use whatever free time I had to do this okay so here I’m finishing it off getting closer to the end and I’m using a very small nail I’m not sure what you guys call these mails in America but it’s a very tiny nail it’s very skinny and tiny no one will ever notice it and I use that to hold the fabric in place.

A small one inch nail very tiny but it holds the fabric really nice and tight.

You can always go over that with a decorative nail if you don’t want that to show but you can’t even tell that it’s there when you look at the couch but there is another way that you can attach that part of the couch without losing another nail Noel nail and I’ll show you guys so for this part this is the I guess padding that was on the arm of the couch the front cover part so what we’re gonna uses a scrap piece of fabric remember now we see anything many use a hot glue gun and just go right over it at and start new like nothing happened this was never floral.

Okay please be careful with the hot glue gun okay the tape is hot so please be careful.

When using at.

You just want to do this and steps instead of just putting hot glue all over because how glue dries really quickly just do this and parts.

She pulled the fabric really tight.

Cover it really well you can even use your staple gun if you want to but I would suggest and I do that because sometimes the staples can come through that.

Which is actually cardboard dead sheep that they use is carport so here I’m just gonna use a mallet insists noctis back into place it had some of the older attaching metal hook things still on it so I just left those on there and I’m just going to use that to attach it back in place but I’m also going to use some nails to kind of give it more of a secure anchor to the arm and I’m only using about two nails you do not need a lot of them and they’re small enough for you to cover with decorative nails.

Make sure you clean the head of your hammer because of its rusty it’s going to dirty your fabric I had this happen with another hammer that I have that’s a bit rusty okay so make sure your hammer is iter Braniewo or clean do not use a rest the hammer on upholstery fabric it will damage your fabric or get it dirty and you’ll have to clean. Don’t miss our Tutorial on How To Reupholster A Chair.

All right so these decorative nails I got from Amazon I believe it was a hundred per container I’ll put the link down below in the description box you guys check them out if you want to purchase them totally up to you okay.

So here I’m just applying them and then you can use the hammer or a very very small hammer just the knock him in place that are nice and secure.

I think they really give discounts and very nice unique updated look and still given it a vintage kind of look but bringing it to a more modern time.

You know I feel like it really just gives it that glam look like you spend some money on this couch which you really did and because these nails are only like seven dollars or something so I hope you guys enjoyed.

If you decide that reupholstering is not for you, perhaps a rattan is the way to go? Here is a great article: Rattan Sofa: 5 Gorgeous Picks.

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