How to make a sleeper sofa more comfortable

How to make sleeper sofa more comfortable

Mattress Topper

Adding a mattress topper is a simple and practical option to consider when adding comfort. It works by adding a layer that puts some distance between you and the rigid frame. The topper will help make your sofa feel more comfortable by making it thicker. The different types of mattress toppers are made from foam, microfiber, cotton, or gel-infused foam. Memory foam is one of the better options to consider because it won’t lose shape over time. Select a mattress topper with a minimum thickness of 2 inches. If you choose one lower than this, the comfort levels are severely limited. 

Extra Pillows

Pillows can improve a sofa’s comfortability because they provide delicate balance. Pillows’ additional cushioning will allow you to make up for any hard points in the sleeper sofa. It is best to select very fluffy pillows. These can slip into the intricate crevices on the bed. Pillows are often used as an at-home alternative to improve spine and back health during sleep. 

Flip the Mattress

You can flip the mattress to use the side which is less deformed. If you are out of time and have guests coming over soon, you can use this method for a quick comfort boost. After many years of sleeping on the same side, a mattress loses shape, typically at the top. After this time, the bottom of the mattress will be a better choice for comfort. 


A high-quality duvet will be able to increase the thickness of your sleeper sofa. This product is an excellent alternative to using a mattress topper. You will not directly feel the sofa’s frame anymore with this option. It will compensate for a hard sofa top, but you will need an additional duvet to cover yourself with.

How to make a sleeper sofa mattress more comfortable

Sofa Topper

This move is a rudimentary and fundamental fix to the problem of comfort. This addition provides the consumer with an affordable alternative to improve their sleep. You can commonly find these in almost all styles making it easy to shop for when you need one. Generally, these products are around 2 inches thick, but you can buy thicker variants for some extra money. It is vital to note the quality of your underlying mattress. This knowledge is essential because the mattress may be too damaged to support a topper. 

Bed Bar Shield

A bed bar shield will go a long way in providing additional comfort to the sleeper. It works when you are closely feeling the steel support section of the sofa. When this happens, you will likely need shielding from the structure of the frame, which may poke your spine while you sleep. This bar can add a ¼ of thickness to the mattress, making it firmer. 

New Mattress

If the mattress has gained many years of mileage, it might be best to replace it. You will appreciate one of the modern mattresses and the comfort levels. If your mattress is in decent shape, you might be able to get some money to balance the costs of a new mattress. 

Sleeper sofa hacks

Clean Sheets

Clean sheets will help to improve the experience of a sleeper sofa. It is warm and comforting to rest on dry, freshly laundered linens. If you use good quality sheets, you will get similar benefits to using a topper. The sheets will likely negate some of the harshness surrounding the sleeper sofa. 

Use sleep accessories

If you cannot make the sofa sleeper more comfortable, you can try setting the mood for quality sleep. Your brain can only go into a deep sleep when the environment is peaceful. Factors such as lighting, temperature, and humidity can work wonders to improve sleeping on the sofa. You can purchase gently scented oil diffusers that promote peace and tranquility. You can also look towards lower and warmer lighting to help trigger sleepiness. The last thing you can consider is setting the proper temperatures to ensure you’re not too hot or too cold. 

Keep mattress clean 

When a sofa bed is not well maintained, it can be a very disheartening place to sleep on. A dirty sofa bed mattress will cause discomfort to sleep on. The discomfort comes because of unpleasant odors and stains. 

How to reinforce a sofa bed

Using Plywood

  • It is crucial to measure ¼ inches of plywood to be used on the sofa bed. Usually, it is best to cut out about 2 or 3 small pieces of this length. It will be helpful when fitting them into the sofa bed frame.
  • Investigate the required level of plywood that will need to be replaced by opening up the frame. Look for bent pieces and check that your parts fit well into the frame as replacements. 
  • Using standard zip ties or wires, you can place the pieces of plywood you cut on the frame and tie them together. Try to fit the wood as precisely as possible. Be prepared to fail because it is unlikely to happen on the first try.

Using a sofa bed mattress topper

At first glance, a mattress topper might not seem like a viable option, but it can make a substantial difference to your sleeping experience. The extra layer will provide you with additional cushioning against the rigid frame of the bed. These toppers are often 1.5 to 2 inches thick and can be made from various materials. These materials include microfiber, cotton, or gel-infused foam. If you select a high-quality option, you will be able to use the topper for at least five years, depending on mattress traffic.

Other tips


To preserve the life of your sofa bed, it is essential to do regular maintenance. Issues like cleaning and lubricating joints do a tremendous amount of good to the life of the sofa bed. Make sure to flip the sofa over and clean it with a good home solution made from vinegar. You can plan to do sofa bed maintenance once every six months. 

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