How to make a futon look classy

How to decorate a futon

One of the main functions to be completed when decorating a futon is to make sure it looks classy and seamlessly incorporated into your room’s interior. Futons are more than just furniture items, and they can improve the feeling of any space.

Adding a futon blanket

Blankets are always an excellent addition to a futon, especially when you also have cushions on them. Futon blankets are often made from wool and can make a futon more homely for the consumer. A futon blanket is different from a slipcover because it doesn’t hug the futon. Usually, a futon blanket is used to cover one side of the futon. The futon will look better if you fold the blanket to one side. If you or a guest feels chilly, they can then unravel the blanket and use it. Having this blanket available will make the futon more inviting. This positive atmosphere will help bring the area to life and make people feel more comfortable. The only thing you need to be careful with is choosing the blanket color. Make sure to get one that works well with the room’s color scheme.  

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Tips for using cushions

Throw pillows are a trendy addition for futon owners worldwide. Cushions are a piece of upholstery that work wonders when adding comfort to a futon. Choosing the correct throw pillow will surely make any futon more calming. It makes the futon appear more peaceful because you can rest on it. Many consumers appreciate this because pillows have Posturepedic benefits. Resting on the futon with pillows under your back can help improve your sleep posture. 

The key to decorating the futon with pillows is to find colors that compliment your room. These can be contrasting, but only if they are neutral. For example, light grey, white or black cushions can work in almost any color scheme. They blend with neutral rooms, but they can also make colorful futons pop in color. It would help if you also tried to maintain a ratio of 1 pillow per seat available on the futon. A futon with two seats available should ideally have two cushions on either side.

Rug placement ideas

If you have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind rug that you can use on the floor by the futon, then why not? Floor mats can make the space around the futon cozier. They are an excellent way to keep your shoes nearby while you cuddle up on the futon. The rug will help prevent you from stepping on the cold floor.

The good thing is that placement of this rug is quite simple. You can place it in front of the futon, giving the visual impression that the futon is oversized. Essentially the resting area is now greater. You can also have your pets nearby if the rug is near the futon. 

With a wide variety of colors, designs, patterns, and materials, you can easily pick an area rug well-fitted to your sofa bed or futon, adding a luxurious and cozy touch to the space.

How do you make a futon more comfortable to sit on?

A slipcover is an excellent piece of fabric that can be used to improve the sitting comfort of your futon. It is essentially a blanket that hugs the futon. This cover will create some distance between you and the futon. This distance can result in more comfort because of the additional padding. You can find a slipcover in almost every futon size. It is essential to ensure you get a slipcover that compliments the room where the futon is placed. 

Futon slipcovers are simple additions that can help change your futon’s style. Over time you will also benefit from the protection it provides to your futon. Your futon will likely live longer if you have a slipcover.

How to hide the back of a futon

Place it against a wall

Where you place your futon in the room can define the level of classiness it can deliver. Consumers who have futons placed in the corner often note that they may look cramped. The reason that people use corners and walls as placement for their futons is usually to cover the back of them. If the back section of the futon frame is exposed, you might want to hide it from view. This move will help to protect the aesthetic of the room color-wise.

If your futon has a no-arm style futon, it is best to use it as an open piece of furniture. Placing it against the wall will remove some of these benefits. However, the trick to getting around this is to keep it a few inches away from the wall.

This extra space around the futon will allow it to feel inviting and open without having people see the backside of the futon. 

It is advisable that when placing your futon, you try and give it some space on either side. Placement designs that are always classy involve space, light, and air. Where possible, always revert to these principles in your plans.

Other futon hacks


Natural light is an excellent way to make your futon look classier. This light will complement the natural colors of the room nicely. If you are in a room with less natural light, you can purchase a light and place it accordingly. A good option would be to get an overhanging warm lamp that will focus on the futon. 

Side Table 

It is a clever idea to add a table stool/side table. This stool is an item that can be regarded as helpful decor. It works to make the futon look more practical, especially if it doesn’t have an armrest. This option can bring joy to some consumers and make your futon seem classier. Placing a warm lamp or plant on the side table can help with the room’s feng shui. These items will often balance the aesthetic of the space well. 

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