How to decorate a small narrow living room

Are you lucky enough to have a spacious living room? If so, congratulations! Being surrounded by a huge space is a great feeling. But, if you’re like most homeowners, your living room is more often than not, the cosiest room in your home. If you’re having trouble finding just the right furniture or décor to match your room’s size, don’t worry. There are a few secrets you can use to design a small living room that’s as cosy as it is beautiful.

If you live in a small apartment, chances are you already know that decorating small rooms can be tricky. Because of the space constraints, you can wind up with a few pieces of furniture that just don’t work well together. Living rooms often have many windows. You’ll likely want to add a lot of natural light into the space, but it’s impossible to fill a small living room with many windows.

Small narrow living room idea with a tv

Multifunctional TV Rooms

There is not much space available. Therefore the TV room must be able to serve more than one purpose. Modern living rooms that are small and narrow must try to master this design. It is optimal for people who live and work in the same space. University students are a prime example of consumers whom this style would help. They will be able to design this room so that it blends a library, dinner table, and a well-positioned TV for entertainment. You will need a minimum 3-seater sofa that can fit the room’s length. This product is great for cuddling and enjoying dinner with a partner. 

Contemporary wall-mounted TV set

These are the future of modern décor and sleek entertainment units. It works wonders to turn small cozy rooms into a zone that feels like a home theater. With the addition of a lovely sectional sofa, you can have more guests join you on the seating. Built-in cupboards and banquette seating is the optimum method to gain additional space. 

Lighting and color design

It is much easier on the eye to have a narrow TV room darker in color. This option is best because it presents a moody and calming ambiance to enjoy the room in. It is recommended to select colors like black, dark gray, and deep violet. These colors are optimal if the room is secluded from an area of productivity like a home office. If it is close to a place of productivity, then choose lighter colors that promote happiness and productivity. 

How to decorate a long room

  • To decorate a long room, you will want to put your sofa on the longest wall. This action will reduce the perception of the room length, making it feel cozier.
  • Make sure you have your side tables and lamps covering the remaining space left behind on either side of the couch.
  • You will need to purchase a narrow console table. This move will work well to cover the space parallel to the sofa wall if you aren’t using it for something else.
  • The next stage to decorating is for you to add small side stools around the table/couch. These will come in handy to station any food/drinks you may be consuming while you enjoy your entertainment.
  • If there is wall space behind you, it is an excellent idea to fill it with a built-in bookcase. If you want a cheaper alternative, you can purchase some artwork or decorative tables.  

Narrow rectangle living room ideas

  • Create separate zones by ensuring that all your furniture is on one side of the long living room. This move will ensure all the flat angles are hidden from your perception. This action will also make the room feel more welcoming.
  • Alternate your furniture groupings for traffic flow in the room to take on an ‘S’ shape. This benefit can be gained by ensuring the middle of the room is sufficiently filled. Using this shape will make the room look more inviting to hang out in.

Long narrow living room layout ideas

Circular Pieces

The goal here will be to trick the human eye into not seeing horizontal lines. This move works by making use of decorations that have round edges.

  • Decorators will often choose a coffee table or ottoman that is circular in design. 
  • Find matching side tables that you can place next to the chairs. 
  • When choosing the lighting for the room, use rounded lights.
  • Choosing a round mirror will distract the eye from seeing straight lines. If you wish to add to this design, you can also choose round artwork.

Straight Walkway Layout Ideas

This style is the most straightforward option that you can try. It involves designing the room in a way that promotes traffic flow. It is more intimate than the other options. Place a sofa against the wall and put two chairs close by. Make sure these two chairs are facing the couch. This action will direct people to walk behind the chairs because you have created a small seating area.

Curved Walkway Layout Ideas

Adding curves to the road in the room is a clever way to break up a lengthy space. Making use of this method will allow you to divide your space efficiently. You create a visual image that appears as though you have two separate seating areas. It is a visual distraction that can easily be performed to provide a curved flow.

First Zone: Add a couch to the reverse section of the room. Make sure it sits parallel to the sides of the long wall. Ensure that your chair is directed at an angle to face the couch.

Second Zone: Place two chairs in the corner section of the room. Station them at an angle perpendicular to the couch

The room will feel much more versatile and less like a tunnel in doing so. This method is a great way to use the narrow space available efficiently.

Pull Furniture Away from the Walls

Pulling furniture off the walls is crucial if you wish to protect your walls. All your furniture should be at least 12 inches from the wall. This distance will make the room cozier and protect the paint on the wall. 

Staying clutter-free

Staying clutter-free is imperative to have a good room design. It is essential to create a light path when designing a healthier lifestyle. Staying clutter-free is known to have fantastic feng shui benefits. Many people seek this out because it helps live a Zen lifestyle.

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