How to declutter a small living room

It may be easier said than done, but decluttering a small living room is worth it. The living room can seem cramped and cluttered when it’s full of stuff. So, for clarity, a decluttered living room is one with a clear, open layout, where everything has a designated place.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by how much junk is accumulated over the years. It’s especially clear in a large living or family room. Taking small steps to declutter a small living room is easier than tackling a larger room, but it’s still not easy. I love the Marie Kondo method of decluttering. It is natural for humans to become attached to items. Marie teaches us to only hold on to things that bring us joy! Let’s look at how to declutter your small living room. Don’t see it as the end for the things you let go of. Look at it as creating room to enjoy and appreciate more meaningful items.

How to organize a small living room

Decide what to keep and what to throw away

It is essential to go through each item in your living room to evaluate its usefulness. Many hoarders start with this step, but only a few are successful. It mainly depends on how ruthless you can be when deciding what to keep. Beating the emotional attachment to these items will give you a fresh start. If you cannot get rid of it, you can consider moving it to another room. Things that can provide you with extra cash should be sold. Media storage devices such as DVDs or CDs are now widely available on the internet and do not need to be stored physically. If you find yourself holding onto media devices that can be found online, then there is a chance you’re being irrational.

Donate broken things

If you have had something in your living room that has been broken for longer than six months, then there is an 80% chance it won’t ever get repaired. Fortunately, many recycling centers will accept these items. This option is one of the ways your living room can become cluttered.

Get rid of old magazines & newspapers

It’s about time you get rid of those old magazines you’ve been keeping for the past five years. Everyone has read them, and they serve no purpose to anyone in your home. The modern home is phasing out magazines because it is unnecessary to hold onto them.

Living room organization ideas

Keep a bin/trash can at hand

You can choose to buy a trash bin with a lid and place it in the room. People often opt against it because of the potential for the bin to smell. You can get around this problem by ensuring the container is lined with scented trash bags. This action will encourage family members to dispose of their waste promptly. 

Ensure that flat surfaces are clean

Flat surfaces are the most likely to be disorganized because family members use them for everything, from playing board games to reading magazines. Once complete, people habit leaving these on flat surfaces in the living room. If they are not packed away properly, these items can accumulate. Try your best to clear all these surfaces whenever you find it necessary. If someone sees something placed on a flat surface, they will likely add clutter to it. 

Keep cables organized 

Tangled cables are hazardous and demoralizing to be around. The danger associated with these messy cables is doubled when they are in the living room. Children and pets play in this area and can accidentally cause a fire. Consumers have resorted to ensuring these wires are covered by trunking. This product is a plastic case that guides the cables to the power socket. By using this, the wires cannot get loose.

Living room storage ideas for small spaces

Use Mirrors

Mirrors placed behind a shelf do an excellent job of tricking the eye into seeing a small space. It gives the impression that the area is more significant than it is. If you have alcoves within the room, then a mirror can perceive that these are wider and brighter. It is a low-cost and straightforward method to use to make your shelves look more beautiful.  

Bespoke Shelving

This shelving method involves adding ensure units to your living room responsible for additional storage. Many consumers worldwide have turned towards this because of its immense practicality. It is an excellent option for creating space individually crafted to your storage requirements. You can add about 30% – 40% storage with this design. More critical items like TVs can be added to this shelving. 

Window Seats

Window seats offer an optimum way to improve the storage available in a small space. They offer the room a brilliant way to achieve hidden storage. This move works wonders for decluttering. Certain valuable items can be stored here without being seen by anyone else. Therefore, many people work to build these into the wall. You can extend the seating area available in the space and the storage. 

DIY Organizing Any Space in the House

Use Circular Pieces

Round furniture and rugs are excellent for calling the eye to the floor. It works well to get past any of the horizontal lines that exist around the room. It makes the room seem more abundant because it has multiple non-linear sections. Choosing items like circular coffee tables or rounded lights will go a long way in adding more storage to the room.  

Stop hoarding!

If you cannot afford to extend the space with built-in shelving, you will have to become a master at decluttering. You will need to be very firm on your purging of unnecessary items. Sort the things you no longer need into three categories. Discard, donate and keep. If you are very organized, you can use a label maker to designate each item to a location. You should remember the golden rule that 75% of things you often do not need. 

A decluttered environment is vital for a healthy mind. A good habit to maintain is to perform this task once a day. Keeping up with the process will help set you up for the future. If you struggle with a hoarding problem, it is best to have a friend help you. This is a good idea because they will often not be very sympathetic as they have no emotional attachment to discarded items. 

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