How to Clean Microfiber Couch: Tips and Recommended Products

Once you got your lavishing microfiber sofa now you would be worrying about getting rid of stains if appear so I will sort it out for you and give you really easily applicable procedures to remove the possible stains effortlessly

As you know that these couches are sturdy and make us very stress-free to clean so many of us prefer to keep those in our homes. There are several types of stain that are every so often seemed on the microfiber couches. I am conferring few of them to crack your cleaning glitches. People often ask me about how to clean microfiber couches. The procedure is discussed below.

Elimination of water stains:

After review, so many water stains complains, as home décor, I tried to figure out this issue by providing effective and comparatively easy solution for the stain over the microfiber recliner chair

For solution:

You are required to have

  • Distilled water
  • Rubbing alcohol

Cleaning tools:

You are required to have

  • Soft white bristle brush
  • Two spray bottles
  • Sponge (It is advisable to use white color or same color sponge)


Directions to apply:

I strongly endorse you to read the manual information about cleaning the fabric.

Furthermore, assess first on the very small portion to get assured that the color of the fabric is as good and before.

  • Fill the rubbing alcohol in one of the spray bottles. Spray substantial amount over the stained area evenly.
  • Now scrub vigorously with the bristle brush to get rid of dirt and blemish stain
  • Now use the sponge for further scrubbing if desired.
  • You will be noticing the dirt seeming on the sponge.
  • Now spray distilled water generously and evenly on the stained area.
  • Use a clean sponge to remove it effortlessly.

So, here you go! You will love the cleaned surface which as clean as new.

This is a perfectly impressive way to getting rid of water stain

Eradication of pen marks:

Do you have toddlers in the home? If yes, then you often got the stain marks of ballpoint or crayons.

Before getting worried about the easiest way to clean marks I have sort out the best possible solution. By having a quick look, you will easily sparkle your microfiber sofa

For solution:

  • Use rubbing alcohol
  • Cleaned water

Cleaning tool:

  • White bristle brush
  • Sponge (Prefer White color or same color of sponge to avoid discoloration)


Despite wasting your time with simply patting water to remove the stain, use rubbing alcohol.

You have to scrub it with firm hands. As removing pen mark is a little bit problematic. But using this technique you can easily cut the chase and renew your furnishing set.

People usually prefer a saturated solution with vigorously scrubbing to eradicate the pen marks. Follow the same method to revert back the charm of your classy microfiber couches.

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