How to choose a comfortable office chair

How to find the right office chair?


Choosing the correct level of adjustability that you require will be important in your journey to find the right office chair. Certain chairs have a limited stroke range, and this means that if you are too short or too tall, you may not be able to achieve an ideal posture. The average range is between 4 to 6 inches up and down. 

Back Support

The amount of Posturepedic care that your chair takes of your back will be significant. Many people are required to sit in their office chairs for 8 hours a day, and therefore they need sufficient lumbar support. Chairs that can provide back support will reduce slouching. Slouching is prevalent amongst over 80% of office employees. This feature would help negate many back problems.

Style & Material

The chair you sit in should command some respect within the workplace. Choosing the appropriate material and style to match the other furniture in your office will be an essential consideration. The chair must be a good value for money to improve how you feel within your Work /Home Office. The maintenance involved with different materials makes it a critical choice.

How to choose an office chair for home?

Decent Seat Depth

20 – 21 inches is the standard seat depth you need to achieve comfort. The home office chair should be wide and thick enough to allow you space to be comfortable. Depending on your height, you will need more depth if you are on the tall side. To achieve this ratio, you will need approximately 2-4 inches between the back of your knees and the office chair’s seat. If you have this, then you should have a decent seat depth. 

Breathable Material

You should be feeling quite comfortable in your Home Office. This feeling is needed for people who sit on their chairs for many hours. Consumers are often dealing with the choice between fabric and leather. Leather is more expensive and durable, but fabric might be warmer in cold situations. Therefore, you must choose a material that allows your body to breathe.

Easy Movement

Chair mobility is an essential factor to consider when choosing an office home chair. It is crucial because poor chair mobility can damage your carpet/floor. Try to find a chair that comes with a swivel and casters. This benefit will make the chair more practical because you will rotate easily. Therefore, you would have access to various places in your work area for optimum productivity levels.

Are mesh office chairs comfortable?

Mesh chairs are breathable and offer the user a supportive and flexible experience. Consumers prefer this product because it can quickly adapt to how the body moves. The disadvantages of this chair are that it does not offer a lot of durabilities. The mesh, at times, can come loose and will require repairs. They’re also not conducive to long periods of productive working time. Fortunately, these can be repaired at home with simple items purchased from your hardware store. The refurbishment process for a mesh chair makes them worth the price in the long run.

Can office chairs be recycled?

Yes, office chairs can be recycled. First, minor tweaks and repairs must be performed to make the quality decent.

The first thing you can do is purchase new wheels to restore the original mobility of the chair. This purchase will help you be more productive because you will have full access to your desk and swivel comfortably.

The second thing one can do is to replace the gas cylinder. This move should provide you with a replenished stroke for the chair. This means that the range of height that the chair can reach is restored.

The final thing you can try is to reupholster the material on the office chair. You can consider doing this if the rest of the chair is in good condition, but the fabric has worn out. It will also give you an excellent opportunity to choose the material you want.

Are Ikea office chairs good?

IKEA chairs are designed for modern environments, making them an excellent option to consider for employers. The IKEA brand is well known for building durable products that have been tested multiple times. Therefore, they can provide you with consistent quality regardless of being used for many hours. You can expect a warranty on their most expensive products that extends from five years going up. This stamp of approval and trust from the manufacturer should help sway consumers who are on the fence about the quality of IKEA chairs.

Is it worth reupholstering an office chair?

If you look for an excellent alternative to replacing it, it will be substantially cheaper to reupholster your office chair. You can therefore match the chair to the rest of your office furniture. This should help you spend less money and give you a custom choice on which materials you wish to use.

Can a gaming chair be used as an office chair?

Gaming chairs have not been created to provide you with the consistency required to work for 8 hours. The ergonomics on these chairs are often not up to the same standards as regular office chairs.

Ergonomic chair specifications

Chair ​​Height

16” – 21” 

Tilt Control

95 – 110 degrees


20 – 30 cm


58 – 46 cm

Lumbar Support

0.6″ to 2.”

Seat Depth and Width

17” – 20” 


38 – 43 cm


360 degrees


35- 51 cm

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