How to chalk paint a dresser

Do you want to chalk paint your dresser but you just don’t know how? Well, stress and fuss not. I am going to show you the best way to chalk paint your dresser leaving it as smooth, as beautiful, and as amazing as you would want it to be. 

You ever lean against a wall and when you come off your outfit would have patches, well ladies and gentlemen that is what we are trying to make today. Chalk paint is annoying at first but it’s actually one of the best forms of paint out there. 

Considering that most furniture is wood I guess we will have to work with the fact that if you can chalk paint a dresser you can obviously chalk paint any furniture. So here today I’m going to give you a guide on how to chalk paint a dresser and how to get perfect results. It will not be easy but at the same time, it will not be hard as well. 

Now first you could buy your chalk paint from any local hardware shop. Find the best you can and be sure to follow the instructions. However, if you feel like doing it your own way then you can start off by making your own chalk paint with the following recipe: 

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup latex paint
  • 1 tablespoon cool water
  • 2 tablespoons unsanded grout
  • Mixing stick
  • Container

Part 1

So this is how it goes, first mic the unsanded grout with the water and make sure you remove all lumps. Hopefully you will get it to look almost like a paste, and i said almost not fully. Just make sure no lumps are available

Part 2

Mix with the paint until it is as smooth as it was before you poured in the mixture. Make sure there are no lumps as well as that could mess with the whole recipe and destroy the final look after painting. So mix it well up. If you are done the latex paint should look the same as it did before you poured in the mixture and don’t worry when it dries up on your piece it will show the distressed look of the normal chalk paint 

Painting Process

So Chalk paint has a beautiful matte finish that mostly used on furniture and decor and if that’s the look you are looking to have on your dresser then you will need the following:

  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Sander or sandpaper
  • Container
  • Paintbrush or foam roller
  • Floor covers
  • Sander 
  • Tack cloth

Stage 1: Make repairs and sand the furniture

Do not believe what they say when they tell you that sanding is not a must. If you want to make sure that your dresser comes out looking like a beautiful piece from the manufacturer then make all necessary repairs first. Clean it out, wipe off any dirt, and then sand it. 

Remove all that slippery laminate and sand it either using sandpaper or a sander. This is where the sander or your sandpaper comes in. You are just removing the smooth surface and making it a bit rough so that you paint has something to adhere to, otherwise, be careful to not actually strip or furniture and deform it. 

Stage 2: Clean up the residue

So when you are done sanding and you are perfectly satisfied with the job it’s best to move on to the second stand and remove any residue and lint before we get anywhere. Make sure that your surface is smooth and make sure you have your gloves on to prevent any splinters. 

Now I know that you may decide on using simple clothes but just be wise and use a tack cloth and safer for you and your furniture. Once done with the tack cloth check to make sure that there are no splinters and when you are done and you are certain that is it smooth enough we move on to the next stage. 

Stage 3: Prime your piece 

This is where the brush or mini foam roller comes in. Apply a primer to your dresser after sanding it. This will prevent bleed-through on very dark surfaces such as mahogany or dark stains. It will also help to cover wood knots and damaged areas such as water rings. 

Upon doing that follow the instructions of the primer that you would have gotten, let it dry as you are instructed. Make sure you coat the whole piece especially where you want to paint over and make sure that every inch you sanded is laminated. 

Stage 4: Paint all over your furniture piece

So here we are, the part and the time that we have all been waiting for. It’s time to paint that piece. So most people apparently say that it’s okay to use two coats but I say three. Three seals the deal trust me and you will not regret the results one bit. 

So get your paintbrush, or mini foam roller and use your semi-gloss latex paint. It is best to let it dry after each coat. Follow what they say on your paint if they say it is okay to paint over whilst still wet then do so. But normally I’d wait 4 to 6 hours then apply the second coat, wait another 4-6 hours and apply the last coat. 

Unlike latex or regular paint, chalk paint will dry off quicker and faster and so because of that painting should take less time than expected. Wait for at least 4 hours that way we are certain that the paint would have dried off completely. If you are unsure, find a hidden spot and check to see if it is dry. 

If so then congratulations you just chalk painted your dresser. Remember what I said at the beginning. If you can chalk paint a dresser like what you just did. You can now officially chalk paint any piece of furniture in your home. Either you buy your chalk paint or you get a recipe online. You’ll still get good results. If you are after something more specific, Best Chalk Paint for Furniture, this may help.

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