How to buy a sofa

What to look for when buying a couch?

Sofa Design

The first thing you do must decide what type of sofa you require for your home. There are many different types, but they often fall into general categories. The most common sofa types that exist today are:

Traditional: This sofa is found in homes across the world. It has three seats and is horizontally long. It is the standard sofa.

Sectional: This sofa has different sections which need to be connected. Consumers appreciate these options because you can arrange them to match the design of your space.

Sleeper: A sleeper sofa is one of the most versatile options you can buy today. It is considered a workhorse because it can cater to consumers’ needs 24/7. This sofa is made with mechanisms that help it to convert. It’s optimal for a guest room or bedroom.

Loveseat: This is a very cuddly and snug sofa choice. It works well to conserve space while increasing intimacy. It can comfortably seat two people, making it ideal for couples. You can also enjoy this space with your beloved little pet. 

Essential tip: You should know the amount of space available for the sofa. Make sure you have added extra inches to the space allocated to the couch.

Zinus Classic Loveseat Sofa

Sofa Traffic

When you know the type of sofa you want, it becomes essential to ask yourself how the couch will be used. The amount of daily use the couch will be subjected to will help you decide.

  • What kind of people will spend a lot of time on the sofa?
  • Are you interested in a snug and comfortable sofa for personal use and tv viewing?
  • Are your pets going to be allowed on the couch?
  • Do you have minor children who will be playing or studying on the sofa?

You can find the crucial answers to these questions in the daily Lifestyle of your current sofa. The solutions will assist you greatly in deciding the sofa’s design, firmness, and height. If it is your first sofa, then you need to think hard. For a more prudent investment, you need to go a step further and factor in the intended long-term usage of the sofa. This plan will also affect the quality of fabrics optimal for your home.

Available funds

Take a hard look at your budget and set a price range you can afford. This price range should try to fit in with various brands and retailers. This budget range will help find the perfect piece. Sometimes, you will find that you can get something better with a little bit of extra savings. You can also wait for festive periods in the year when it is likely that there will be promo codes and flash sales. When drafting the budget, try and see if you can account for the extra cost involved. It would help if you also planned costs like white-glove delivery fees and sofa maintenance products. 

You can consider choosing a vintage sofa for consumers who have a smaller budget. These will perform the task and often be around 80% cheaper than buying brand new. These second-hand options can provide a wide range of character, uniqueness, and style benefits.

Common mistakes when buying a sofa

  1. Wrong Material and Colour

 Make the decision for material based on the traffic it will experience and where it is placed.

  1. Poor Quality: 

Ensure you perform rigorous physical checks on the sofa to determine the comfort of the padding and frame sturdiness.

  1. Wrong Size: 

Buying a sofa that is too small or too big is expected when the decision is rushed. It would help if you avoided impulse buying—plan the sofa purchase process for at least one month.

How to check sofa quality

  1. Unzip seat cushions. Ensure that the seat cushions have a functional, high-quality zip enclosed in muslin.
  2. Knead the frame along the back, rail, corners, and arms. Do this to check for any sharp edges. If the structure has sharp edges, there is likely not enough padding.
  3. Check the padding to make sure that there are no lumps. Lumps will begin to crack relatively quickly.
  4. Look at the inside of your cushions after unzipping them. You want to look at the material and note whether it is stitched into compartments. This stitching is vital if you’re going to minimize settling.
  5. Reversible cushions help fabric, and filling will help provide an extended lifetime.


  1. Sit on the sofa to check if the weight is even. You shouldn’t be feeling like you are sinking in one direction when you sit down. There is an uneven weight distribution if you do, and springs probably aren’t centered.
  2. Make sure that there are no squeaks when you sit or move around on the sofa.

How to choose a sofa

  1. Think hard about the daily traffic and your Lifestyle
  2. Draw on a piece of paper how you want your sofa to be oriented
  3. Measure with a reliable instrument, and double-check measurements.
  4. Think carefully about matching your Upholstery Fabric/Leather Type with the design of the space.
  5. Choose colors for a reason and not based on emotions. Find options that work with the space available.
  6. Test the sofa cushions to ensure there is sufficient padding.

How to buy a sectional sofa?

  1. You will need to decide on how you plan to set it up. This means you will need to have the room dimensions well measured.
  2. Decide on whether the room requires angles/curves. Angles can make the room look smaller, while curves imitate a bigger space.
  3. Make sure you direct the room traffic well by choosing the correct sectional type. Avoid creating a frustrating flow of traffic.
  4. Choose from leather, microfiber, and polyester fabrics. You can also look into the high-performance materials that offer excellent protection against everyday accidents.

Where can I buy a sofa?

This store has over 241 different sofas that you can purchase. Their prices start at around $120, but when on special can be as low as $43. The premium sofas they sell can go up to $2260. Delivery is around two days after purchase.

Where to buy a leather sofa?

This store has over 88 different leather sofas. The prices range from $270 and $3700. You can expect delivery within 1 to 3 days.

Where can I buy sofa covers?

Amazon has a wide range of sofa covers available. There are almost 1000 different types to choose from. The prices start as low as $5 and go up to $1500. Delivery is expected to be in 1 day after purchase.

Where to buy a good sofa?

This brand has hundreds of different sofas available that can be customized in thousands of variations. Delivery for these items can be around 8- 10 weeks. The brand has the most high-quality sofas on the market, with their most expensive options going for about $25 000.

Where to buy a quality sofa?

This brand has over 150 different quality sofas available. They are pretty pricey, with sofas ranging from $1200 to over $12000.

Where to buy a sofa online?

You can shop over 1000 sofas online from Walmart. They have next-day delivery available, and their prices range from as low as $50 to $2500. 

Where to buy a chesterfield sofa?

Chesterfield sofas will set you back a minimum of $1000. Their most expensive chairs can go as high as $20 000. The delivery will take about six weeks, depending on the location. 

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