How much does it cost to replace blinds in an apartment

How to figure out the cost of replacing blinds in an apartment

When calculating the cost of replacing blinds in an apartment, consider the cost of blinds and the labor needed. Sometimes, the blinds require you to do the job. However, you should be good, so you will not waste the material and your time. 

The cost of blind installation ranges between 208 and 1,260. The average is 723. Each blind costs an average of 80 for a total of 640 to cover eight windows. Labor runs from 140 to 400 for an apartment. It all runs on 50 per window.

Add 140 to 400 to the budget for professional installation of the window treatments. If you are running single installations, pay up to 50 per set. You may have a project that requires the removal and disposal of the old window treatments, and you should add 100 to 200 to the total cost. Window treatment installers charge 35 to 100 per hour. The apartment takes around four hours to complete, and single windows take 30 minutes a piece.

The installation charges are prone to change if there are any complicating factors, such as custom-made window treatments, unusually shaped windows, or removal of the old window treatments. More than eight windows increase the labor rate due to the extra time. The cost for installation across the whole house is 700, ranging from 200 to 1,200. Installation of eight windows is at 80 a piece and four hours of labor at 35 to 100 per hour or 140 to 400.

a handyman installing blinds

How much does a handyman charge to hang blinds

It takes time to get blinds installed and start operating correctly. It happens when there are lots of windows in the house. That is why labor requires a portion of the cost. Labor ranges from 35 to 100 per hour. It takes between 140 and $40 for labor or around 50 per window. If you have eight windows that need blinds, installation takes about 4 hours to complete.

Installing window blinds involves variable costs. There are several different styles of blinds to choose from. One-inch blinds cost ten or less and specialty faux wood blinds. These are high-end blinds that cost 80-100 per set.

Materials are the main expense of a window blind installation, with minimal labor costs. An average handyman charges 10-20 per window to install blinds. If you want to do it yourself with professional help, get professional help to take measurements for you and give you all the required hardware and tools (

How much does lowes charge to install blinds?

The cost of your window treatment installation project depends on the type, size, and several window treatments you want. Also consider additional features and services you might need, such as removal and haul away of old blinds. These also attract an additional payment. 

Lowes sometimes runs promotions where they will install blinds in your whole house for 89. That is a better deal for someone with more windows. They even install up to 20 windows, each window costing around 5.

However, the 89 offer is for the whole house, but it covers the basic installation of blinds and shades. It is limited to basic installation and requires the purchase of 3 or more Special Order and In-Stock blinds and shades. 

The offer price does not include the cost of the products, and it is only for single-family residential properties. It does not cover multi-family or commercial properties. Expect additional charges for services not included in basic installation. You can choose extras or not, depending on what you want. Keep an eye on the offer for availability.

Blinds cost calculator

The blinds calculator allows you to customize any blinds of your choice. Start by choosing the color you would like your blinds to be and your type ( The fitting types are the inside mount and the outside mount.

If it is remote-controlled, choose which side you want the controller on and enter the measured dimensions as instructed in millimeters. Choose the total amount that you would like. Use the calculator to skip the home visit and use the website at your convenience. It covers all the steps you need to take to the outcome.

The cost of your material affects the cost of blinds, depending on what made the blinds. In the same way, a solid wooden blind like basswood blinds will cost more than plywood wood blinds.

Cost of blinds for your bedroom house

A 4-bedroom house with nine windows costs 1,439.44. The price depends on the measurement of blinds in the living areas, and washable roller blinds for the bathrooms and kitchens.

Home depot blind installation cost

The Home Depot offers basic installation starting at 119 for up to 10 blinds. There are also custom options available starting at 250 per window. The average cost to install window blinds depends on your home and room configuration.

There are extra costs that you are bound to meet, such as the removal of old blinds and which costs 5 per blind. Haul away is 10 per blind, trimming or shortening readymade blind 15, and in-store pickup by installer 30.

All these costs help you plan your budget for new window treatments. Total costs vary based on the materials you choose. When you have six to eight blinds installed, expect to spend 1,200 on products and labor.

Budget blinds cost per window

Budget Blinds means blinds for your budget. Buy what you afford. There is a blind for every budget. You are at liberty to select and sample products from multiple manufacturers, with different products and pricing options. No matter which one you pick, try not to compromise on quality or warranty. 

You can choose simple, modern, economical, or high-end blinds. Many factors determine the price of window coverings, including the number of windows to be covered, the sizing of the windows, the product selected, and color choice.

You may have to talk to your mortgage broker about building an allowance into the final cost to ensure they are financially prepared to complete the window coverings. Also, consult your builder directly for discount options or a package in their plan upgrades.

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