How much are shutters compared to blinds?

As many window treatments are a one-time investment that adds value to your home interior, you might need to compare the cost of shutters and blinds. It depends on various factors including the material, fabric, and design style. As you go through the article below, pick one method that serves your interests better.

Blinds cost

Blinds last 7 to 8 years and have a lower price tag, unlike shutters ( With proper care and maintenance, shutters can last 25 years or more. Shutters are more energy-efficient than blinds and more sustainable.

Blinds cost a minimum of $80 each and take 30 minutes to install for each window. An average installation for blinds costs $700 for a home. Shutters cost four times the cost of a blind and take longer to install. That makes blinds more affordable than window coverings with roller blinds.

Blinds offer a versatile window solution that is widely available and affordable. Good quality and trusted blinds companies are much more accessible than a good quality shutter stockist, making blinds a convenient choice.

When using blinds, you have a variety of styles, designs, and colors to match the decor of any home. They are made from a good selection of materials to suit any environment. Blinds offer a softer aesthetic than shutters, and they are affordable.

They can be adjusted to offer varying levels of light and shade. You have options for blackout or insulation, thereby improving the conditions in your home. However, blinds also have some drawbacks. 

They are less robust than shutters, and they require more maintenance and cleaning. The fabrics of some blinds can become damaged by UV rays or too much moisture. Blinds have a shorter lifespan than shutters, meaning they need replacement more frequently. 

Blinds open


The difference between shutters and blinds is how they fit into the window. Blinds are attached to the inside or above the window recess, whilst shutters are attached to the window frame for a sturdy structure.

They have a unique structure that adds value to your home. No cords or chains are needed for installation, making it a child-safe method. It features excellent insulators that maintain coolness inside your room even when hot. Heat control is one of its qualities ( 

One of the advantages of using shutters is the low maintenance. You do not need much to keep them going. Its attractiveness makes it suit any home style. It is available in multiple materials like wood, PVC, and faux wood. Its separate operation of each section gives excellent light control and ventilation.

Their only drawback is that they take up more window space than blinds as they are fitted to the window frame rather than in the window recess. Since they are heavy, you cannot use them for some window styles.

It is one of the sturdiest options of all window coverings, easier to dust and clean. Both shutters and blinds work on the same principle but are easy to bend and break. Blinds are elegant. 

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How much can you spend on shutters?

You can spend a total of 2,903 on shutters for the windows, depending on the material and size you are getting. Wood is the most used material but at a cost. Composite or faux wood and vinyl shutters can be more affordable than wood. However, they are more resistant to humidity and bring lighter options. 

If you are working on the cheapest end of the budget, you can pick up prefabricated shutters at hardware stores for 150 a set. No matter the price, you can still give your windows an upgrade. If you are looking for long-lasting, custom wood shutters, try a specialty store for a reliable and affordable product. Expect to spend 20 to 45 per square foot for a custom job. Wood shutters will run on 200 to 350 per window, while composite shutters cost 80 to 200.

If you have smaller windows or a few windows, you can still go for wood, depending on how much you value it. Wood easily blends with any furniture and makes your home beautiful. You are saved from changing some of your properties to match your shutters. 

If you want them professionally installed, it will run you about 100 an hour. That sounds a lot, but it is worth it because they can be harder to hang than standard ones. When installing, shutters require knowledge of the capacity of the window treatment.

Note the cost of shutters is an investment. Avoid picking the DIY card when installing them. It cannot be one of your crafting projects unless you have a drill and know the proper anchor bolts for your type of walls.

Pay close attention to all dimensions of the windows you want them for, giving room for shrinking and expanding due to moisture and temperature. For maintenance, take your shutters to places where you buy shutters and offer installation. 

How much can you spend on blinds?

The range is 210 to 1,226, with an average of 706. The cost of installing blinds includes labor, materials,  number, size, and type of blinds.

There are several different styles of blinds to choose from, including simple one-inch blinds that cost $10 or less and specialty faux wood blinds that can cost as much as $80-$100 per set. Materials are the expense when it comes to window blind installation. Labor costs are minimal. An average handyman charges 10-20 per window to install blinds. 

The materials available for blinds determine what you pay for them. Aluminum blinds are more affordable than custom wooden blinds. Motorized blinds are available at a premium cost. Use individual motors at all windows, which cost 30 to 80 each.

If you are installing blinds on more windows, consider buying in bulk might give discounts on large purchases. You may also get discounts for a full-home install from the supplier. You may be able to install blinds on your own, only with the right tools. 

Get a measuring tape, level, screwdriver, and a power drill with bits. If you have unusually shaped windows, consider professional installation to spend less. 

Shutters vs Blinds

Window shutters are on a higher end than blinds, due to the cost of the materials. Shutters might sometimes be the more costly option, but their versatility means they provide better value than blinds. They offer privacy, light control, efficiency, and durability, making them a better window dressing option. If it is satisfied, you might want to consider installing shutters with blinds.


Choose and spend what you can afford for a high-quality item that matches your style preference. If you are running under a slim budget, you may choose blinds. When it comes to quality and efficiency, shutters are in the lead. No matter which option you pick, opt for a high-quality product with a long-lasting and beautiful result.

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