How Long Do Motorized Blinds Last?

Consumers have turned to motorized blinds because of their modern and stylish functionality. These window covers have become popular; however, many consumers are still determining the lifespan of these products. It is difficult to estimate how long motorized blinds will last. These mechanical tools require consistent maintenance and sober use. Inexperienced users and children can significantly shorten their lifespans. Durability often depends on numerous factors. Some of these factors include window size, usage, and maintenance rate. 

When a consumer uses their motorized blinds as the manufacturer prescribes, the lifespan is almost two years. Under optimal usage conditions, manufacturers estimate their blinds will last between 12 to 18 months. This figure is dependent on the quality and craftsmanship employed by the manufacturer. It should be helpful to consumers seeking to increase their motorized blinds’ lifespan. In this article, we will look into the key factors influencing motorized blinds’ durability.

Motorized blinds have become common in households because they are perceived to be luxurious. This modern way of covering windows allows people to adjust their covers accurately through a remote control or wall switch. They offer convenience to homeowners and are not difficult to install in the home. Practically, they solve the challenge of windows or skylights that are high up. These can be difficult and dangerous to reach with a step ladder.

Size of the Window

More enormous windows will require more blinds. When a set of blinds covers a large window, these require more maintenance. Durability is significantly affected by the size of the window due to the strength needed for the motor. g. Therefore, covering a large, broad window in motorized blinds will decrease its durability. Ideally, it is best to cover smaller windows in motorized blinds to improve their durability. There are, however, differences in quality that affect durability. Using more robust materials and motors could enhance the durability of motorized blinds, even on large windows.


Manufacturers design motors to last a certain number of hours. Over-usage of motorized blinds can severely impact their durability. Ensuring that your use of blinded engines is reasonable is an essential factor in their durability. Unnecessarily using motorized blinds more often will decrease their lifespan. It is crucial to avoid letting children play with the remotes or wall switches that control the motors. Alternatively, low-moderate use is vital to achieving an improved lifespan. Many consumers choose to automate their blinds entirely as a means of reducing their usage. 

Conditions of Usage

The motors and blinds used to cover windows can be sensitive. It is advised to use it in the prescribed environmental conditions. A favorable and optimal operating environment will allow for a greater lifespan. It is essential to set it up in a well-ventilated area and protected from harmful sun rays. It is also vital to ensure the wires are out of sight from children and pets. Humid or wet regions will cause the blinds to fade and the motor to shut down more quickly. 

Estimated Durability

Motorized blinds are often operated through motors controlled electronically via remote or a wall switch. Despite this, various models come with the ability to be operated manually. This feature is inbuilt to function as a safeguard in case of motor failure. Motor failure can occur for many reasons. Some common causes are a power outage, depleted remote batteries, or an electrical malfunction. These are often more durable because they revert to manual. The durability is often extended through lower usage, and a manual option allows the motor to break. Brands not offering the manual feature often get stuck open or closed while the engine is down. After two years, your motorized blinds will need to be replaced at the prescribed usage rate in the correct environment. The blinds will need to be replaced; however, the motor should still be running. 

The batteries in motorized blinds often recharge with electricity. After continued usage, these batteries can lose power quickly, even when fully charged. The different motorized blinds often have batteries for the motor and remote control. Other types of batteries will have different lifespans. The internal battery lifespan will be mainly based on how heavy the motorized blinds are. The weight of these window covers and the size of the window will determine how long the batteries will last. More oversized windows and heavier blinds need more force to move. This factor, combined with heavy usage, can deplete batteries every three months. Rechargeable lithium batteries are often recommended because they are more durable. They are usually built with layers to protect them from harmful UV rays. Traditional lithium batteries last up to four times more than regular ones. When you place lithium batteries in the remote control, they should stay with the consumer for nearly five years. This lifespan is based on an estimate of the blinds being used twice daily. 

If the motor for the blinds is going to be installed in an area that is difficult to access, it is recommended to use a D.C. power supply instead of a battery. An electrician can easily do this process. It would help ensure that the motor does not require an internal battery change. The disadvantage of this option is that the engine will be non-functional if power is lost. Many consumers still opt for this, as motorized blinds can last a lifetime if you keep them mechanically sound. Manufacturers often provide a lifetime warranty on their motors. This benefit excludes the batteries, however. 

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