How do I get rid of unwanted furniture UK?

UK fly-tipping laws

The government has many avenues to prosecute those found illegally disposing of waste. The UK has made fly-tipping a severe criminal offense that can land you in jail. Currently, the law states that courts will decide independently on your judgment. This means there is no minimum fine for this offense. The alternative crimes can involve fixed penalty notices and seizure of property. The average fine paid by offenders is £400. Read more about government guidelines

Why consider the environment

Being eco-friendly in your approach to getting rid of unwanted furniture will help defend the earth and its ecosystems. The UK currently disposes of over 300 000 tonnes of furniture per annum in usable shape. This furniture could be recycled and reused. Being wise in this decision will help save energy and prevent excess carbon emissions.

Can you take settees to the tip?

Yes, some recycling centers accept settees. They will often do their best to ensure the entire sofa can be reused. The tip will do this by stripping down the couch for material or through reupholstery. The center will come to your residence and collect the furniture in some cases. This action will often depend on your location and the value of the sofa.

Can you take a sofa to the tip uk?

Yes, the tip will allow you to leave your sofa with them. The tip will not charge you for dropping off any general household items that they can still use. Therefore, things like dining sets, mattresses, and cardboard can also be left in their possession. 

How much does it cost to dispose of a couch uk?

The price you can expect to pay to have your couch collected is £29. This price is the average cost around the UK. You can expect to pay a fee that ranges from £10 – £35. If you are currently receiving grants, social subsidies, or income support from the government, you will not pay any money. 

How do you get rid of old settees?


Not all charities will take furniture. This is because of the space that it takes. There are some charities that will accept it. Charity drives always appreciate donations of old settees. This appreciation is because they can reupholster them and auction them off for good money. In this case, the charity will receive the profits.

Charities that take furniture:

A Tip

A local recycling center will be glad to collect your settee. These places are often funded by environmental initiatives and look to get rid of waste in an eco-friendly manner.


The council will come and take your settee away if you phone them. On average you can expect to pay £29 for this service.

Paying local government to collect

The local government will come and collect your unwanted furniture if you are unable to drop it off yourself. You will be charged a fee of around £29 for this. Given the relatively cheap cost associated with the service, you can expect to wait up to 8 weeks. 

Could you take it to council recycling centers?

If you plan to take your unwanted furniture to a recycling center, you will not be required to pay any fee. You will also need to dismantle it if the item has loose drawers. The last item you will require is proof of residence.

Offer it to family or friends.

You might have some family and friends who could use some free furniture. A young university student who needs furnishing for their new place or a couple that just got their first home. This move is an excellent way to help someone in your close circle. 

Donating to charity

Charities will often gladly accept your unwanted furniture because it can be sold for cash. Some charities will auction off these goods and use the profits for the organization. The Salvation Army is one of the oldest and biggest charities globally. They offer a furniture donation pick-up service that can be done online. 

Donating to churches, shelters, or homes

A natural disaster can leave people in need of furniture urgently. Churches often donate furniture to people in the event of an emergency. Wayside Cross is an option that is very convenient to use. They offer four different methods to get rid of your furniture.

Using a registered waste removal company

Modern waste collection companies offer fast & straightforward services. This service will allow you to book online anytime for a one-hour slot that fits your schedule. They also take appliances, perform furniture strips, and are fully insured. People prefer this because the paperwork is entirely handled for them. For a top option, you can consider Any Junk.

Using Freecycle

Freecycle is a network of people who have teamed up to absorb excess furniture. They are a non-profit organization that operates to maximize the reuse of furniture. You do not have to pay to be a member of the group. Members also lend each other furniture on this site. It works well to keep necessary recyclable goods out of landfills.

Listing for Free on Facebook Market

Facebook market is a modern online method you can use to get rid of furniture. It is free and easy to navigate. It will also provide you with details of the person who wishes to buy. They will be able to contact you directly. The main disadvantage is that it may not be safe to link up with a stranger.

Listing for Free on Gumtree

Gumtree is a less invasive way of selling your products. This network is a website where buyers and sellers come together. The benefit of this option is that you can remain anonymous until it’s time to meet. The site keeps your details hidden from people. You can sell the furniture and use the money to replace it. 


Upcycling is the process of turning your old furniture into refurbished treasure. It is a process that anyone can do to improve the furniture’s value. This happens by improving the state of it and dealing with any imperfections. It involves thorough cleaning. Businesses are built on this method of dealing with unwanted furniture. 

Reupholstering instead of throwing away

Depending on the type of furniture you have, you can end up paying up to £800 for reupholstery. This method will restore/increase the value of the table. It is a cheaper alternative to replacing your furniture. 

Consider repairing

If your furniture requires repairing, then it may be a little bit reckless to give it away. 40% of furniture that is tipped is still reusable. Repairs often do not cost the value of the furniture. It might be worth it for you to repair the sofa rather than tip it. 

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