Homestretch vs lazy boy

Overview of Homestretch furniture

HomeStretch is a company that specializes in furniture manufacturing. They have a wide range of products available, mainly produced in Mississippi. You should be able to buy sofas, loveseats, recliners, lift chairs, sectionals, and leather products from them. The brand was initially established in 2010. Most of the furniture they sell is only available through licensed retailers. They offer affordable options that allow customers to balance price and comfort with their budget.

Product Advantages

  1. They do all their products in the USA, meaning they can monitor the quality of their products.
  2. They procure mostly high-quality components for all their furniture.
  3. They only have a standard shipping option that will charge you a flat rate on shipping.
  4. You have many retailers available to buy from. This retailer variety makes your shopping experience much more streamlined and convenient.

Product Disadvantages

  1. You will have to pay a relatively higher cost for most of their products.
  2. They have a short period available to handle any returns you wish the company to process for you.
  3. The warranty available on their products is a limited warranty. It often will not cover any problems related to normal usage.
  4. You will have to pay for your shipping. This is decided by the local retailer you choose to buy from, meaning there isn’t a standard shipping fee.

Overview of Lazy boy products

LazyBoy offers its consumers an extensive range of products. You should be able to find recliners, chairs, sofas, loveseats, sectionals, accents, bedroom furniture, and kitchen products for dining. La-Z-Boy has continuously produced high-quality, comfortable furniture for over 90 years. Their experience is vast, and the brand prides itself on being made in the USA. You will find LazyBoy products all over the world. The company’s development was successful because of its low domestic manufacturing costs. They have used this to their advantage and established a close-knit supply chain that is strong. This efficiency has turned La-Z-Boy into a company that Americans love. It is highly reputable and has made a solid commitment to improving its quality. 

Product Advantages

  1. You will be buying a brand with an excellent reputation for quality
  2. The different color and fabric options available span into the hundreds
  3. They have a vast distribution network that has numerous retailers available
  4. If you want to see the product before buying it, you can get assistance at any of their many showrooms throughout the USA
  5. You can get help with your home design. They have consultants available to guide you on home design.

Product Disadvantages

  1. There is no free shipping available regardless of the value of your purchase.
  2. If you are unhappy with the product, you will only have three days to exchange it. 
  3. The company doesn’t provide a trial period, even for costly furniture choices.
  4. Once you make a purchase, you will not perform a cash return.
  5. Depending on the type of shipping you choose and whether the product is in stock, there can be an extremely long shipping window.

Price comparison

When you decide to go with HomeStretch, you will have to choose between traditional and sectional reclining sofas. These come in an extensive range of styles and upholstery options that will set you back a minimum of $800. For those looking towards the higher end of the brand’s product spectrum, some of their pieces will cost you almost $4000.

La-Z-Boy sofas are known to start somewhere around $700. If you are interested in some of its signature recliners, then you will pay up to $3000 for these. Once you pay the purchase price for the product, you will also have to add a minimum of $99 for delivering the furniture.

Material comparison

Despite being a relatively new brand, Homestretch already has very modern products that use high-quality materials. They have recently released their Custom Comfort range. This premium product used innovative technology to give you a durable powered headrest and powered lumbar. These are often made from strengthened wood and steel. They are rare features to find at such an honest price point. Many of the materials used to design their products can be edited to your specifications. Parts like an LED-backlit cup holder or a USB charging port built show the level of craftsmanship put into the brand.

Having started over 90 years ago, they now have so much material for you to choose from. La-Z-Boy has sourced high-quality material to create over 200 different reclining designs. These include over 1000 fabrics and leathers. Their leather options are stylish and modern, boasting various mechanical and power mechanisms. To ensure excellence in manufacturing its materials, the brand manufactures most of its items domestically. To make some of their top-range recliners more unique, they have imported several components and fabrics from overseas.

Shipping costs and times

Homestretch is unable to provide you with a definite delivery timeline. This lack of information is because they have handed over delivery logistics to their product retailers. The licensed retailers estimate from the date of purchase; that it will take about six weeks minimum to arrive. In some cases, this could go up to 8 weeks.  

LazyBoy has a premium delivery service that will take up to 10 weeks to arrive. It is a white-glove service that includes assembly and instructions on best usage practices. This delivery will cost you between $105 to $183.

Customer Support

The customer support from Homestretch has received some negative reviews online. Some consumers have also complained about trouble scheduling an appropriate delivery time with the retailers.

LazyBoy has also received many negative reviews in terms of its customer service. The brand deals with many consumers daily, and some are left highly unsatisfied.


Homestretch: 1 year on frame components, limited lifetime warranty on reclining mechanisms.

LazyBoy: 1-year limited warranty that only covers labor costs.

Where is homestretch furniture made?

This brand makes its furniture in the United States.

Homestretch recliner vs lazy boy recliner

Buying a home stretch recliner will cost you a higher fee than buying from La-Z-Boy. It will also likely arrive in a shorter timeline than the Lazyboy option will. Many consumers would choose the LazyBoy if they sought greater variety in material and design. 

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