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What you have here is a sofa bed. The Holmsund sofa is basically a sofa that quickly and easily transforms into a spacious bed. The best part is that you can turn the living room into a bedroom in just a few minutes. So if you ever have unexpected guests, you don’t have to worry about giving up your bed or having to start from scratch to find them a place to sleep. 

Holmsund Ikea

The sofa comes with storage space under the seat which is very easy to access and has room for bedding, pillows, and a good selection of records, books, or even movies. The cover is made of extra durable polyester with a dense texture. It’s quite comfortable on your skin so don’t worry yourself too much about all that. 

So you will find the storage space under the chaise. The lid can stay open on its own so you can safely and easily take things in and out without having to worry about it snapping on your poor fingers.  The best thing about the Holmsund is that it has loose back cushions. 

You can even angle the loose back cushions any way you like, and adapt the seat depth and back support to suit your needs. The chaise which is the second-best thing comes with the best solution.

You can place the chaise section to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like. So literally you can explore that creative kind of yours. It comes with 5 back cushions all for your comfort. 


  • It is a very comfortable sofa
  • It comes with loose back cushions which you can easily adjust to suit your needs
  • It can easily convert to a bed


  • As it is a sofa bed, it requires more space and allowance



This sofa is generally an updated sofa bed that comes with extra throw pillows, wedged armrests and a higher price tag. It is almost like the Ikea Friheten and just like the Friheten sofa-bed, the Holmsund comes in two different configurations. So you will find it as a 3 seater sleeper sofa or as a sectional sofa-bed with a chaise of course. 

Each configuration comes with hidden storage space as well. So you will find that for the 3 seater, the storage will be located underneath the seats. As for the sectional sleeper, true storage will be located underneath the chaise. What’s mostly aesthetic about this sofa besides its cushions and classic manner is the chaise.  Fact that you can place it on either left or right of the sofa, and switch it anytime just makes it worthwhile. 


Like any other series, you find it in different shapes and sizes. With Holmsund you can find that whether You are looking at the three-seater or the sectional you will find that the sofas are not humongous at all. In fact, they all come at a reasonable size so that they can fit with any room size and room shape. 

Here we have a three-seat sectional that comes at the following measurements; Height including back cushions: 37 3/4 “, Backrest height: 26 “, Depth chaise: 59 1/2 “, Width: 90 1/2 “, Depth: 35 3/8 “, Seat depth, chaise lounge: 47 1/4 “, Seat depth: 23 5/8 “, Seat height: 17 3/8 “, Bed width: 55 1/8 “, Bed length: 80 3/8 “


So generally this sofa’s legs are quite short, giving the Holmsund sofa the impression of sitting on the floor itself. Which is unlike the Friheten sofa bed, which clearly shows off its legs proudly. The Holmsund is really deep. 

With throw pillows for a backrest, you could literally make a nest out of the sofa and so if you are very tall you will find this sofa to be very comfortable. The armrests were well-placed and comfortable, the again they are quite lean do sitting on them may be a big risk to you and the sofa. 

When it comes to comfort the Holmsund is rather a specialised taste. The padding is firm, without being hard. If you like sitting on your sofa and not on your sofa, this is probably not for you. The bed is a double or full size, not quite a queen-size bed. So I would advise you appropriately for your sheets if you use them.


When it comes to durability, Ikea is always ahead of you. Holmsund comes with a 10-year warranty for all its sofas. The covers are made to last at least 50 000 cycles while normal covers usually work for at least 15 000 cycles. 

The frame for the whole sofa is Made from Solid Wood, Plywood, Fiberboard, Particleboard, Polyurethane foam 1.2 lb/cu.ft., Non-woven polypropylene, Polyester wadding” and some steel. Different fabrics are made with different materials including polyester, polyester, cotton, and linen blend as well as a polyester cotton blend. 

The back cushions are made of polyester fiber balls. The seat cushions are constructed with high-resilience polyurethane foam. All this leads to the fact that if you sit on the sofa when you stand up it will retain its shape. 


Going for $799, I would like to say that the sofa is a bit pricey, then again I am someone who values content and quality and I have to say this sofa has certainly managed to convince me that it should actually be worth so much more. Considering that it is a sofa bed. In which case you will be getting a sofa and a bed for the price of either one of the two in some cases. So no, the price suits it perfectly well. 


When it comes to the Holmsund sofa, I think what matters the most is that your needs are met and you are comfortable with the sofa. I would highly recommend this sofa to anyone who would want a luxurious feel of comfort in their home. If you are to prepare a guest bedroom that offers a flare of elegance then this is truly the way to go. 

However, it isn’t a state of emergency nor is it a must. The price does come a bit too high and if it isn’t suitable for your budget then you should not stress yourself one bit.

If this isn’t quite what you are after, make sure you check out our review of the Simple Armless Chaise.

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