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Looking for a high back sofa? We have searched through the market and found an incredible one.  

Rivert Hawthorne Modern Tufted Loveseat

If you’re looking for something that is contemporary and transitional styled then have a look at this armless loveseat from Changjie. Coming to you in two different colors it’s the perfect addition for any household. 

Rivert Hawthorne Modern Tufted Loveseat

Its light silver and caviar colors give it a neutral and calm setting, giving it the ability to blend in and fit in with the rest of your furniture pieces. Its overall view is a rectangular shape with curved ends giving it both the classic elegance you will love as well as the chic simplicity to blend in with literally anything. 


  • Is strong with sturdy construction 
  • Will last you a long time
  • Is stain resistant 
  • Is very comfortable and stylish


  • Is not resistant to other harmful elements such as fire and sharp objects


This high back here is your modern classic loveseat that is designed to bring not only a contemporary style but a modern etiquette to your room as well. Take it from me, this loveseat here will brighten up even the gloomiest of rooms; the silver and caviar colors set it up real nice and cozy in any room you put it in. 

Its high back assures that whoever finds themselves in that seat are well comfortable and supported head to toe. The angular legs give it a much more modern look that makes it seem more comfortable and stylish than any regular loveseat out there.

If you are looking for something that will add that shine of comfort and warmth to a room then this loveseat is a perfect idea.

From its look you can just imagine the feel it will have in your home. Lastly looking at its shape you can see that it has low armrests that make the perfect angle for you to relax properly and not strain your back, plus the tufted back just makes it all the better.

Now I’m not a physiotherapist but I‘m sure even the best one would recommend this type of loveseat especially if you have trouble with your back and posture. 


So this high back loveseat is in settee size. The perfect etiquette for luxury and comfort. Spacious enough for two people and comfortable enough for one. You’ll find that it sits at a dimension of 57.1L, 34.7W, and lastly 41.7H. It’s the perfect size for any room. It would fit perfectly well in a small room as an extra sofa and at the same time, it would make an exquisite addition in a large room for aesthetic purposes. 


Looking at the feel of this sofa, we all know how soft and tangible polyester is, which is exactly what this sofa is made from. You’ll find it upholstered in soft polyester fabric, underneath having thick and plush fibers that make the sofa quite firm and comfortable at the same time. Relaxing on this sofa will be the best part of your day after a long day at work and trust me when I say you will not regret any moment of it. 

Even though this sofa is comfortable and inviting, I wouldn’t advise that you make it your napping sofa. The design on it now makes it quite impeccable. However, if you want to sit and enjoy yourself a cup of tea, then definitely this is the go-to. 


So this fashionable high back loveseat not only comes with style and looks, but it has unimaginable comfort as well. It is made from polyester fabric that is stain resistant and to make things better, the legs are made from unbreachable solid wood. Together this sofa will last you a lifetime. 

It has a sturdy hardwood construction meaning that it can stand the harshest and heaviest of duties without even budging. You’ll be shocked to find that for such a small sofa, this loveseat can overtake some of the largest sofas out there. 

However though the sofa is stain resistant, this won’t mean that it is resistant to other hazardous cases such as sharp objects, pets, smells, fire, and so forth. Even though it is made from sturdy solid wood and the polyester fabric is strong, abusing the sofa could obviously lead to a shortened life. It’s not a super sofa. 


If you are on a budget then good for you because this sofa is as beautifully affordable as it is beautifully aesthetic. On a good day, you will find this sofa going for approximately $295 for the one in Caviar, as for the one in silver it could be well over $500- $595.

I know that the difference in pricing is a bit shocking, but once you see how the silver completely blends in with your home you will clearly understand. You find that normal loveseats are cheaper than this one, but that is obviously because normal loveseats do not have a high rise back at the same time they are not designed to be this strong or this durable. 

Most loveseats copy the French etiquette whereas this particular loveseat has adopted more of the western designs and has managed to mix it with a settee etiquette. If that doesn’t make it worth the price to you, trust me on this, it is worth it still. 


From the looks of things, you’re probably wondering if this sofa is worth the price. Well as I said before it is as beautifully affordable as it is beautifully aesthetic. It’s quite pricey for a loveseat, but as I have tried to explain before. This loveseat is not any regular loveseat. It complements two different worlds into one. 

The high back gives it more of a luxury look that the basic loveseat. So if you are looking for an extraordinary loveseat piece to add to your home then yes this is definitely worth the price. 

However, if you just want something basic and you don’t really mind about the aesthetics and the construction then this piece will obviously seem pricey to you. I’d recommend you get a regular loveseat, as you might not find the purpose of such a price. 

I’d highly recommend this sofa if you have a large room that you feel needs an extra piece of furniture, that won’t be too loud or too dull. So think it through and enjoy your shopping.  

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