Havertys vs Lazy Boy

Overview of Havertys

Havertys has been serving middle-income families since 1885. They do the middle to high-end consumers who want to buy purchase. They are a genuine brand with a well-established tradition of offering high-quality, honestly priced furniture. The brand has several chain stores across the southern and central US to sell their furniture. The value provided by the company and the price you pay for their products are well matched. The shopping assistance service they provide to their customers is world-class. It helps shoppers find their next well-designed item for their home project, thereby controlling their home design. The general satisfaction levels among customers are high. There are, however, some qualms surrounding the durability, delivery, and customer service in some instances.

Where to buy

This brand has hundreds of stores across 16 states in the United States. If you visit their website, you can access the store locator to find the closest one to you. 

Overview of Lazy Boy

This company has been around for a long time and provides excellent quality furniture. The brand was initially started in 1927 and has gained over 90 years of research experience. Their successful history makes the company a severe competitor globally, with the enterprise being world-renowned. It has its origins in a garage in Monroe, Michigan. This location is where the original designs for the Lazyboy recliner were brought to life. Since this period, La-Z-Boy has worked wonders to produce high-quality, comfortable furniture that their consumers enjoy. The furniture they make is primarily designed and manufactured in the USA. They then deliver the finished goods to homes all over the globe. In addition to its high-quality furniture, this brand also prides itself in providing a customer-centered delivery. Their delivery service is well managed and highly reputable.

Where to buy

You can purchase La-Z-Boy furniture online or from your local furniture retailer. Depending on location, you will be charged a delivery fee of between $105-$183. This payment means you will have to wait for the shipping, which takes 8-10 weeks. You can expect this timeline to be based on location and local retailers.

Product Range

La-Z-boy is renowned for having such an extensive selection available to its consumers. They offer the market a wide range of furniture ranging from recliners, sectionals, ottomans, settees, and other home furnishings. These are modern and durable designs that even include leather loungers. You should also purchase various chairs from them, such as gliders, swivels, and rocker recliners. You can find these in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs, giving your inner designer a free roam. This creative freedom is mainly why consumers are willing to pay a higher fee for this brand’s products. 

Havertys mainly specialize in comfortable sleeping furniture. Their recliners are better-selling products that bridge the gap between sofas and beds. Their collection of durable furniture is a valuable investment for years to come as these will likely not go out of style. Their resale value will often remain honest, so you will find a place for it even if you want to change up your décor. Over time you will find that their product range is extensive and worth the cost as you won’t find yourself buying new products every couple of years or less so that they can keep up with current fashion trends.

Price Comparison

Lazy Boy furniture comes with a very high-quality standard of product. Many consumers choose this brand because they prioritize using premium-grade raw materials. This excellent material is found in almost all their products, so this brand costs more than most. Their strict and high-quality standards help to ensure customers get durable and long-lasting effects. The materials involved in production are only used if they are made from fine grades of foam cushioning. You will find the average densities between 35-55 pounds per cubic foot depending on the product model being made, plus plush fabrics from reputed mills worldwide, including some in Spain, Scotland, and China.

Havertys is a comfortable seating choice. Their price range spans 50+ different models of recliners. You can expect to pay between $400 to $3,400+ for one of their items. The more expensive options have a higher fabric count and typically come in more softened tones. If you have extra money available, you can choose some color customization options on the premium models. Many consumers worldwide are satisfied with their recliner styles vs the price paid. The main issues around cost with this brand stem from the delivery process. People have mixed feelings about this as well as the durability. Chairs are known to start squeaking after 1-2 years. This defect reduces the long-term value of the recliners.  

Quality Comparison

The difference between LazyBoy and other brands is that every single detail counts when it comes to the design of your home. The brand has consistently set high standards in terms of its quality. You can completely control the customization process because of their in-house manufacturing. They make most of their mechanisms and can incorporate even the tiniest aspect of your request. This extra gives the product owner a feeling of ownership over the quality and unique features of the recliner. 

Shoppers appreciate the range of products available at Haverty’s. Consumers are generally happy with the quality of the furniture they offer. This is good given that the products are on the pricey side of life. They do provide mid-range quality items that are affordable. These are still nice in terms of material quality. Unfortunately, they often start to show wear and tear with the low-end options. These recliners begin to lose comfort much sooner than expected.

Warranty Comparison

Havertys offers a standard manufacturer warranty on their products. This warranty includes any free parts and labor for 1-year from your delivery date.

La-Z-Boy brand gives a lifetime warranty. This protection covers their frames and most of the mechanisms on the recliners. The labor costs to fix any of their products are not included in their standard warranty.

Shipping costs and times

Lazy calls their delivery service “white glove,” which will cost their consumers $99. It is one of the premium delivery services in the industry and will take about 7 – 14 days to reach you

Havertys has developed a few shipping routes to reach its consumers. Trails for delivery are located in areas they service, including free in-store pick-up, FedEx, and a Top Drawer Delivery service that starts around $100 per order.

Which is better

For a custom design that you have in mind, you are better off choosing La-Z-Boy. They offer their consumers a premium service from production to delivery. You will likely go for this option if you have the available budget.

Havertys is the cheaper option that can mimic the standard of quality La-Z-Boy provides. Their items are budget-friendly and more generic. 

Is Havertys natural furniture wood

Havertys produces furniture that contains natural wood. This wood is a feature in almost all their furniture. 

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