Harrington Classic Victorian-inspired Chesterfield Linen Sofa

What we have here is a classic and Victorian styled Chesterfield sofa that will add a gust of freshness and elegance into your home or office or even your studio. This sofa can only be described by positive terms such as pretty, beautiful, artistic, and aesthetic and trust me on this. 

You can never regret having such a sofa in your home. Do you ever feel like maybe you just need that sofa that you can cozy up to with your lover or pet late at night binging on that series you’ve been wanting to finish for the longest now?

Harrington Classic Victorian-Inspired Chesterfield Linen Sofa

Or do you ever just miss suddenly knocking off after a cup of tea? Well, this is the sofa that could help you achieve all those dreams. Don’t doubt it because apart from its looks, this sofa will really make an impression on you. 

As I said before this Harrington sofa Is a classic and Victorian styler Chesterfield Sofa. It comes to you with these plush, amazing, and beautiful scroll arms that will have you napping within seconds. 

It even has dainty nailhead trim details on the arms and the base giving it more style than any other chesterfield out there. It is upholstered in a finely-crafted, durable and made to last linen, and will bring a truly sophisticated breeze of fresh air into your home, office, or studio.


  • Is very comfortable to sit or take a nap on
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Come in different colors which you can choose from


  • Is not waterproof or stain resistant
  • Is not resistant when it comes to sharp objects either



Like any Chesterfield sofa out there, this sofa was designed with your comfort as well as aesthetics in mind. It is a visually stunning sofa that will have you, your pets, and even your neighbors drooling over it.

It comes in four different colors, that is, two shades of grey, beige, and a slight teal blue shade. This makes any sofa you get quite capable of blending in with your surrounding furniture. 

Its style comes mixed as you can see that it is a modern sofa but because if its Victorian class label, it can work in almost any situation. 

Harrington Classic Victorian-Inspired Chesterfield Linen Sofa

From contemporary, transitional to even traditional setups, with the right decorative accents this sofa could make your home something else. Now it has these plush and amazing scroll arms that look and feel fluffy. 

The arms and backrest come at equal heights just like any regular Chesterfield sofa but it has four back cushions that will give you that comfortable support that you will need.



When it comes to size this Chesterfield sofa is not the largest in the room but it is also not the smallest to exist. We can tag it as a regular sofa that may as well fit in almost any room. However, its crowd limit will depend on the size of the room you put it in. 

You will find that it is suitable for medium-sized rooms and apartments and can even make a great addition to your bedroom or tea room. It would also make a great addition in large rooms as a secondary sofa or an aesthetic piece. 

You will find it at a dimension set at 35H x 78W x 34D inches and as a two-seat sofa it can still allow for maybe three people tops to sit if you end up running out of options.


Comfort is not even a question when it comes to this sofa. When it comes to this Chesterfield, not only is it visually appealing and stunning, but that linen upholstery will have you daydreaming and sky walking in seconds. 

Unlike other sofas, you will find this sofa to be slightly firm and slightly soft at the same time. The first days may be hard but that’s with all sofa you just have to give them time to break. 

Also, it comes with a strong wooden frame and legs that give the whole sofa the steadiness and sturdiness we all need once in a while. On top of that, you never have to worry about the sofa toppling down when you take a huge force to sit on it.


Well as we all know linen may not be the strongest fabric out there but it is however one of the stubborn ones that will not give in easily to wear and tear. You can count on this sofa upholstery alone to last you more than 15 years. 

When it comes to cleaning the sofa that all depends on the manufacturer’s directions but it would be wise to consider looking up some methods before you jump in with a bleaching agent as that could really leave a deep stain. 

The frame is made from wood, and a few nails and glue of course, and with careful use and just the right amount of care this sofa could have you sitting and napping in it for the longest.


All good things come at a high price. However with this specific sofa here that might have changed. This is a good sofa that comes with the right feel and look and yet it is affordable. It may not come off as a cheap sofa but if you are going to buy something worth your money then this sofa definitely qualifies to be on your list. 


Now all good things must come to an end, and we have come to the end of our journey. This Harrington classic sofa is the perfect sofa if you are looking to move into your first-time apartment. 

It is both visually appealing and reliable and when and if you do decide to move into a bigger home it can always play a part still. I’d highly recommend this sofa if you’re looking for something that can last at the same time give you the right amount of comfort. 

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